Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Sign (Friday Flash #55 & Masturbation Monday #249 )

The Friday Flash prompt was more challenging than it might seem. I kept going to obvious ideas, which I really like to avoid. Then the title of the prompt, "Billboard," made me think "sign." That turned into "The Sign," which I knew would be the title of my story, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I began thinking about alternate meanings for "sign" and this story emerged.

Although it's a completely different story and written in first person, it has the same feel as "The Forbidden Dance" and "Sapphire Rose."

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Ria ;)
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The Sign
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

They said it was a sign. A bad omen. Blood on the moon meant death and destruction.

The villagers gathered in the town square, kneeling as they prayed for the Lord's mercy. Some were so distraught they rocked, baying as crimson slowly engulfed the moon.

Standing there, surrounded by fear and anguish, I felt nothing but wonder as I witnessed the heavenly spectacle. No growing sense of doom. No overwhelming feeling of dread.

Was something wrong with me? Should I humble myself before God and beg like the others? Should I plead forgiveness for all my unspoken desires, all my secretly sinful ways?

A wild wind whipped through my hair and sent tumbleweeds skittering across the cobblestone. The townsfolk grew more agitated, taking it as further evidence of His displeasure. Their chanting escalated.

Again, I didn't share their distress and found it invigorating. My heart pounded, raw excitement surging through my veins. I felt inexplicably drawn to follow it into the desert. The thrill of the unknown beckoned me.

It was easier than it should have been, turning away from my people, leaving everything I'd ever known behind.

As I walked upon the hard-packed earth, the wind guided me along a meandering path, past cacti, sagebrush, and creosote. It wasn't long before I heard the lilting sound of a mandolin. The enticing melody urged me on until I came to a clearing.

Beneath the now entirely red moon, I found the source of the seductive song. The drifter who sometimes wandered through town, and the villagers shunned for being an outsider, sat on a tattered blanket, playing to no one.

He watched as I moved closer, but didn't stop. The sweet notes drifted in the air, enchanting me. I closed my eyes, letting it overtake me, swaying and writhing to his music.

Transfixed, I only realized he stopped playing when I felt him press his body against my back. He stroked my check, then brushed my hair away from my shoulder. I tilted my head back as he placed a soft kiss on my neck.

Moaning, I surrendered, giving myself to him utterly. He slipped off my dress and lay me on the blanket. His lips captured a nipple, his tongue teasing it, while his skilled fingers explored my slick sex.

We found each other there, bathed in scarlet moonlight, joined in a timeless dance. He filled me completely, my body moving with him, following his lead. Pleasure flowed through me, swelling until it eclipsed all my doubts and fears, and I was lost in divine passion.

He held me as ecstasy broke me open, releasing all the desire I'd kept locked deep inside, his body shuddering right along with mine.

His honeyed voice teased my ear for the first time. "Come away with me."

I knew then that he was the sign, but one of good fortune. In loving him, I let my wildest fantasies unwind from the dark place I kept them hidden…and was forever joyous and free.


  1. Just wonderfully told - such a picture you have painted - and yes what a great "sign" he was x

  2. I loved this. From the first line you pulled me in.

  3. Fantastic imagery and a beautiful piece of writing :)

  4. Holy hell this is beautifully done. At the end, I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

    1. Wow, that's an amazing compliment! Thank you! ;)