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His Eyes Only (Kink of the Week & Masturbation Monday)

This past weekend I came down with something that absolutely leveled me. Usually, I'm able to suck it up and carry on, but this time I was fairly useless for a couple days. And yet, my dirty mind still came up with the general premise for this story and the title. I'd intended to write and post it earlier in the week, but then my brain decided to go MIA and I just couldn't focus on writing. I know Mercury in retrograde is supposedly not a real thing, but it damn sure feels like it sometimes.

I did manage to get my website updated, which had been long overdue, so yeah for that!

And although I wrote my responses to it a couple weeks ago, a discussion on writing erotica and gender appeared on Angora Shade's blog last Thursday, featuring yours truly, Sally Bend, Delilah Night, Reed James, M.S. Tarot, and Richard Bacula.

Of course, Angora Shade, Sally Bend, Delilah Night, and I are all contributors in the upcoming Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More anthology. I know we've been teasing it forever, but we finally have a release date and we will be announcing it very soon!

Anyway, I finally wrangled my muse into submission and wrote this filthy story, primarily for the Kink of the Week "love bites" prompt.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: contains dirty talk with name calling and anal sex.

His Eyes Only
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Standing naked in front of the bathroom sink, I looked into the mirror and noticed the purplish mark on my shoulder. I traced it with my finger, a surge of exhilaration renewing my previously sated desire.

I vaguely remembered feeling a slight sting as he sucked my skin the night before. I'd been so lost in the euphoria he created as he moved deep and hard inside me that I didn't realize he'd left a mark. His mark.

The thrill of seeing that physical evidence of his possession on my flesh was surprisingly intoxicating. Even though the pleasant ache of a thorough fucking lingered between my legs, my inner muscles tightened and I felt sure my come-stained thighs would soon be slick with fresh cunt cream.

He came up behind me—also naked—and met my gaze in the mirror. His eyes glanced down at the love bite I was still fingering. When he looked back up, a decidedly self-satisfied smile played on his lips. "Sorry, guess I got a little out of hand there."

I shrugged my shoulder. "I like it."

Realizing my reaction was something far different than the annoyance he'd assumed, his smile slipped and his gaze became more penetrating. "Do you?"

Nodding, I took a shuddering breath. "It's fucking hot."

Molten desire shimmering in his eyes, he moved closer, pressing his semi-hard cock against my backside. "Tell me why."

"Because it shows everyone I'm your naughty fuck slut."

Murmuring his approval, he fisted my long hair and used it to tilt my head to the side, exposing my unmarked shoulder. "Yes, all mine."

He trailed his lips down my neck, the tantalizing rasp of his stubble along my skin making me press my thighs together to ease the growing ache in my cunt.

It was becoming difficult to control my rapid breathing. "I wish I knew what you were doing last night. It would have made me come even harder."

He looked up from where he was nibbling along my collarbone. "Is that so."

"Knowing you were marking me? Claiming me? Fuck yeah."

His cock was now completely hard and nestled between my ass cheeks. "Want me to mark you again, dirty girl?"

"Yes," I hissed on a long, drawn-out breath.

Baring his teeth, he lightly scraped them over my skin. I gripped the vanity top in anticipation, but he barely sank his teeth in before releasing me completely and stepping back.

He grinned at me in the mirror. "Actually, there's somewhere else I've been dying to claim and leave my mark."

I licked my lips. "Anywhere."

"You sure?"

Nodding my head eagerly, I knew he already owned every part of me. "Yes."

He raised a challenging brow. "Bend over."

Oh! Evil man. I knew exactly what he had in mind. He wanted my ass.

We'd talked about it before, and I was open to the idea and curious—like I was about most things. He'd only used one or two fingers on me before, but it was enjoyable enough that I leaned over the vanity without hesitation.

My arms braced on either side of the sink, I maintained eye contact in the mirror until he looked away to leisurely take me in.

When his gaze landed on my ass, he moved closer and fondled one cheek. "Such a sweet ass."

Insinuating his foot between mine, he nudged them aside. "Spread your legs for me."

I moved them apart, but he said, "Wider."

This went on a couple more times until my legs were a little more than shoulder-width apart.

He made an appreciative noise and I knew he could see my glistening cunt lips and my slick thighs. "Lovely."

Then he disappeared out of my sightline as he bent down behind me. His warm breath teasing my lower back, he took the globes of my ass in his strong hands and manipulated them for a moment.

One hand moved away and my heart pounded as I wondered what he'd do next.

That question was quickly answered when he eased a finger in my messy cunt—both from last night and this morning. Moaning, I struggled to keep still as he gently stroked the still tender walls of my sex.

He slipped another finger inside me, and although he kept his touch light—avoiding that sweet spot that would quickly send me over the edge—my inner muscles were already tightening around him, the ripples of sensation building deliciously.

Then his mouth was on my ass cheek, sucking and softly biting my flesh. The pressure built as he drew me harder and harder against his teeth, the slight pain mingling and melding with the pleasure of his fingers moving in me, pushing me ever closer.

I was on the brink of coming all over his fingers when he withdrew them and ceased his oral assault. Whimpering, I pushed my horny cunt back, begging him to finish what he started.

"Not yet, greedy girl."

His slick fingers circling my asshole, he released my other cheek and reached into the vanity drawer. I knew he was retrieving the lube we kept there. As I listened to the unmistakable sounds of him opening the bottle and squirting out the slick substance, I tried relaxing my body, even letting my head fall forward into the sink. Was he coating his fingers? His cock?

Once again, I soon found out when he slowly pushed a wet finger into my asshole. I focused on staying unclenched, letting him in that most forbidden of places. Just like before, it felt different, but good, really good.

He moaned. "So hot, so tight, so fucking nasty."

As another finger worked its way past that taut muscle, he sucked on my unmarred cheek, placing his mark there too. It was all so overwhelming, the feel of his fingers carefully preparing my asshole for his cock, the faint sting of his teeth on my flesh, and knowing he was laying claim to me in such a primal way.

Even without him touching my cunt or my throbbing clit, I could feel the orgasm welling up, getting closer and closer. But yet again, he withdrew his fingers and mouth, pulling me back from the edge.


He chuckled, then I heard him get more lube. Before I could complain any further, the head of his cock was nudging my asshole. I pushed back against him, desperately craving his final possession.

Fisting my hair, he pulled my head up. "Look at me. I want to see your face as I take your slut asshole."

Meeting his fiery gaze in the mirror, I watched as he reached down and pushed his cock past my anal whorl, filling and stretching me like never before. We both groaned at the intense sensation. It seemed he had as much trouble keeping his eyes opened as I did.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but as I relaxed more and allowed him deeper and deeper, the pleasure quickly returned. Leisurely, he moved himself in and out, slowly building speed and I started rocking my hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Once he'd established a steady pace, he released my hair and leaned forward, covering me. One arm braced next to mine, he reached down with the other and found my clit. I moaned as he circled the nub in counterpoint to his fucking strokes.

The irresistible waves grew and grew, flooding my body with the most decadent of pleasures. I was so impossibly close to what I knew was going to be the mother of all orgasms. And then he sunk his teeth into my pristine shoulder and sucked hard.

That was it. A strangled cry tore from my throat as I shattered beneath him. Ecstasy still rippling throughout my body, I was barely aware of him coming with a final thrust, his cock jerking as he filled me with his warm seed.

I don't know how long we stayed there locked together as our bodies calmed. But eventually, he placed a lazy kiss on my shoulder, then gently lifted himself off of me and out of me. My body didn't really want to cooperate, but somehow I managed to push myself up from the vanity.

He smacked my ass as he turned towards the shower. "Wear something off the shoulder today, so everyone can see you're my wanton little slut."

Smirking, I twisted around to see the marks he left on my backside. "Shall I wear something assless, too? So everyone can see you own that, as well?"

He winked at me over his shoulder. "No, that's for my eyes only."

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The Forbidden Dance (Friday Flash #45)

Stories come to me many different ways. When I saw the exquisite picture Mischa Eliot provided for Friday Flash, the title "The Forbidden Dance" immediately came to mind. I know it's a little a different for me, but this is the story that emerged.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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The Forbidden Dance
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Wearing her scarlet dress, she held her head high as she sashayed into the town square, daring anyone to meet her defiant gaze. None did, choosing to look away, muttering amongst themselves contemptuously.

She refused to let their judgement ruin her fun. The Desperados were in town, her favorite band. It was her rite of spring to banish the winter doldrums. She never missed it.

The crowd gave her a wide berth as she made her way to the edge of the stage—lest a single touch sully their righteous souls. The lead singer gave her a knowing smile and a nod in greeting.

Closing her eyes, she let the music wash over her and through her. Her body started moving to the seductive beat, swaying to the lyrical guitars. She twirled around with abandon, unconcerned about hitting anyone, because she knew no one would be near her.

The prim ladies looked on with revulsion while their respectable husbands only chanced furtive lustful glances for fear they'd be denied the comfort of their own bed.

When she opened her eyes, only one met her gaze with warm appreciation—the new preacher. The one all the women fawned over. The one they said looked like Jesus.

Unable to look away, she went to him and offered her hand. He accepted eagerly, leading her in an even more scandalous dance.

As their bodies moved together, she whispered words of sin in his ear and he pulled her closer—gently, but ardently. He didn't grab her arrogantly or otherwise degrade her—like so many others had.

She fell under his spell as much as he did hers. His lips caressed her jaw as his strong thigh slid between her legs and pressed against her needy sex. Moaning, she ground herself against him, craving more, desiring him unlike anyone she ever had before.

Later, she bared herself to him on the altar, spreading her legs so he could see her glistening cunt. She showed him her dark secrets—how she pleasured herself.

His azure eyes fervent, he shed his clothes and took her there in the forbidden dance. They consecrated their passion beneath the cross, in the house of God, moonlight through the stained-glass windows painting their skin in vibrant hues.

The townsfolk would surely rail against their debauchery, disgusted that yet another had succumbed to the temptress in red and her bawdy dance.

Why hadn't they run her out long ago?

She was a test, you see, for their men of God. None had passed. The search for a truly virtuous man to deliver their sermons would start anew in the morning.

Mesmerized by his guileless eyes, she came on his cock, pushing him over the edge until he filled her with his seed.

Maybe she'd open her heart to this one, and they could run away to someplace they could be wild and free. And maybe, just maybe, they could save each other—in neither darkness, nor light, but in the twilight.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dreaming of You (Wicked Wednesday #354)

The first story I posted for Wicked Wednesday was for another "Dream" prompt, so I couldn't resist writing a story for this one. If you want to read the story that started it all, have a gander at "Only in My Dreams."

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: Contains really filthy dirty talk with name calling, bondage, and domination and submission.

Dreaming of You
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.

They all started and ended the same way—with him, always him.

This time, we were at the end of a long pier extending into a lake rimmed in green mountains, the still water reflecting the endless blue sky. It was a living Ansel Adams photograph in vivid color.

Naked, I lay on a beach towel covering the weathered planks. My wrists were bound together above my head with coarse rope and secured to a boat cleat. He stood above me, magnificently nude, backlit by the midday sun, his cock hard and proud.

He gripped the base of his shaft—something that never failed to make my cunt clench with longing. "You know, everyone can see you. Laid out like a wanton slut, completely at my mercy."

My heart pounding for an entirely different reason, I lifted my head as much as I could, straining my neck as I looked around. It was a secluded area and I couldn't see anyone, but that didn't mean someone wouldn't come along. Or there might've been someone watching from the tree line out of site.

Surprisingly, I wasn't anxious or embarrassed by the idea. I was excited. The neediness in my cunt only increased and I could feel my juices oozing from my pussy lips down between my ass cheeks.

When I looked back at him, he was grinning like a fiend, his eyes gleaming devilishly. In that moment I really didn't care if anyone could see. Actually, I hoped someone was watching me submit to him in every way I could.

Relaxing, I spread my legs open so he could see how wet I was. "Let them watch."

His grin slowly vanished as his gaze traveled down the length of my body and focused on my dripping snatch. Licking his lips, he squeezed his cock from base to tip, drawing out a long line of pre-come that went over the head and dripped onto my thigh.

Instinctively, I tilted my hips, trying to guide it towards my needy sex, craving even that little bit of contact. But it didn't quite make it before rolling down towards the towel, much to my disappointment.

Seemingly taking pity on me, he knelt over me, straddling my hips. I thought he'd move forward to fuck my tits like he had so many times before, but he rested his hot, heavy cock on my belly and cupped my breasts in his hands.

As much as I loved feeling him touching me in any way, he was careful to avoid contact with my nipples and I needed so much more. I tried twisting my torso to force the issue, but he evaded my greedy ways.

"Who do you belong to, dirty girl?"


"And what can I do with you?"

"Anything you like."

"So be a good little slut and stay still or I'll spank your tits."

I debated that for half a second before acquiescing and relaxing my body with a pathetic whine. Knowing him, even if I did enjoy him spanking my tits, he would do it a way that gave me no satisfaction. And I really wanted to come. Hard.

"Good girl."

Sliding forward, he released one breast to take hold of his cock. I struggled to control my excited breathing, but my tits still quivered as he pushed the drooling head of his cock to my nipple and circled the fleshy bud. It felt so incredibly good, but wasn't nearly enough. He repeated the tantalizing process on the other nipple so they were both slick.

A wild and warm summer breeze whipped through the valley and teased my wet nipples into stiff peaks. He grasped them between his fingers, squeezing and twisting lightly at first. Then with more and more force until I was writhing beneath him and uttered a plaintive, "Please."

"Please, what?"

"Please, fuck me."

"Not yet, little cunt."

He moved forward even more so his dick was almost touching my lips. I wanted to lift my head and take his glistening cock in my mouth, but I knew I had to wait. I glanced up to see him looking down at me with heavy-lidded eyes.

The corner of his mouth quirked upward as he fisted his cock again and slid his hand along his shaft, milking out more pre-come. It drooled down onto my lips, then he spread it around with the head of his cock.

Unable to resist any longer, I snaked my tongue out and licked his salty essence from my mouth, moaning at the taste of him. He didn't move away, so I captured the tip between my lips and lightly sucked, gliding my tongue along the sensitive underside.

Groaning, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back. "Fuck!"

Encouraged by his reaction, I sucked him deeper. Worshiping his cock always made me hornier and this time was no different. My clit throbbed in time with my pounding heart, demanding attention. Without meaning to, my hips were lifting with each sucking motion, silently begging for relief.

When he got to the back of my throat, I hummed around his cock, nearly pushing him over the edge.

Growling, he gripped my hair and eased my mouth off his cock. "Naughty little slut."

I was afraid he'd prolong my torment—more so than of someone watching me be his filthy fucktoy—but apparently, he'd had enough teasing.

In several quick motions, he got off me, flipped me onto my stomach, and yanked my knees up under me so my backside was raised higher than my head. He sharply spanked one ass cheek and then the other, the stringing jolt making my inner muscle tighten deliciously.

Lifting my ass, I invited more sweet punishment, but he got behind me and thrust hard and deep inside my eager sex. I groaned at the feel of him stretching and filling me completely. Braced on my forearms, I gripped the cleat in my hands as he started moving along my tight sheath.

He leaned over me, resting one arm near mine while the other hand wrapped around the front of my neck, gently squeezing. It wasn't enough to cut off my air, but enough for me to know he was in complete control. He was everywhere—over me, around me, inside me. I almost came right then, but somehow managed to hold off.

"You're mine." His warm breath caressed my ear as he trusted into me again and again. "You will always be mine."

"Yes. Always," I panted.

His chest hair tickled my back as he claimed my greedy cunt, the syncopated slapping of his hips against my ass overwhelming the soft lapping of the water against the pier. The intoxicating scent of sex mixed with the clean mountain air filling my lungs with each gasping breath. The rough rope rubbed against my wrists with every push and pull, surely leaving marks I'd cherish later.

Along with the intense sensations of his cock pounding that mind-blowing spot deep inside me—and the lingering idea that someone might be watching—I was barely keeping myself from coming all over him.

"Come for me, little fuck whore." Then he sunk his teeth into my shoulder and that was it.

My orgasm tore through me, wrenching my muscles in pained ecstasy, my strangled cry filling the air.

He slammed into me a few more times as my cunt rippled around him, then froze as his cock jerked and pulsed, filling me with his warm come.

Suddenly, a train horn jarred me back to reality and I realized the car was stopped at a railroad crossing.

Looking over at the man in the driver's seat, I saw him smiling at me, sunlight gilding his brown hair in golden highlights. "What was going on in that dirty mind of yours?"

I grinned back at him. "Just dreaming of you."

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Wicked Games (Masturbation Monday #235 & Wicked Wednesday #353)

This was primarily written for the Wicked Wednesday "Parallel" prompt with a little Masturbation Monday thrown in. Actually, there are a lot of parallels between this story and my story "Elevator Confidential" for the upcoming Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More anthology. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I won't say how.

I know it's long, but I just couldn't resist. I debated splitting it into two posts, but I thought that would ruin the flow. I'll happily take the spanking if you think I deserve it.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: Features an older man/younger woman pairing, dirty talk, and name calling.

Wicked Games
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

"What is it with guys and fucking mind games!" I groused to no one in particular, tossing my phone onto the grass beside me.

"Something wrong?"

I looked up from the chaise where I was lounging by the pool. In my annoyance, I failed to notice the guy next door doing yard work nearby, which was a crying shame. He'd taken off his T-shirt and had it stuffed in the back pocket of his worn jeans. His bare chest glistened in the afternoon sunlight and his silvering brown hair was damp with sweat.

"Guy trouble." I shrugged, trying not to imagine what it would be like to lap up the bead of perspiration trailing down his neck—and failing miserably.

Chuckling, he grabbed his shirt and swiftly wiped his face and chest. "Come on over for some iced tea and we'll talk about it."

"That's okay. I don't want to bore you with my crap."

"You are never boring." His earnestness took me by surprise. "Besides, I need to cool down and would love some company."

Spend quality time with the man I'd been fantasizing about for ages or continue stewing while trying to remember the Spanish equivalent for dickface? It was a no-brainer really.

After picking up my phone, I followed him over to his house. As he held the back door open for me, I couldn't help breathing in his clean, musky scent. It really wasn't fair that he should smell so good. Of course, my dirty mind wondered if he'd smell the same way after a good hard fuck.

"Make yourself comfortable in the living room while I get a clean T-shirt."

I wanted to tell him not to bother, but thought better of it.

Having been in his house many times before, I easily found my way and sat on the sofa. On the coffee table, there was an open box filled with his latest novel. I picked up a copy, turned it over, and ogled his headshot. Like always, I got lost in his brilliant blue eyes.

"I can autograph a copy for you, if you like." He'd come back wearing a T-shirt and bearing two glasses of iced tea.

"I'd love that." I put the book back and took the drink he offered me. "Actually, I already read it on my Kindle. It's fantastic."

His eyes widened. "Thank you."

"I've read all your books."

"Really? Why?" He seemed genuinely perplexed.

"At first, because I was curious. But I really loved your writing. You're a great storyteller."

Smiling, he took a seat on the opposite side of the couch. "That means a lot coming from you."

I was sure he was only being polite. I knew for a fact he got rave reviews from much more influential people than a recent high school graduate.

"So, tell me about this guy trouble."

"Since my father is out of town, I invited this guy over that I've been seeing." I bit my lip, realizing what I'd just admitted.

He laughed. "Don't worry, I won't tell your father."

Looking down at my drink, I shrugged. "I'm an adult, so it's really none of his business."

"And what? The idiot stood you up?"

I nodded. "One minute he acts like he can't live without me. The next he totally ghosts."

"Maybe something happened beyond his control."

Shaking my head, I used my free hand to turn on my cellphone and showed it to him. "A girlfriend sent me this pic of him at a party hanging all over some other girl."

He looked at me sympathetically. "Let me guess, this happened after you two had sex."

"Well, not after the first time, so I guess he gets some credit for that." I put my phone on the coffee table. "I knew it wasn't going to last since he's going to college in the fall on the other coast. But at least he could have told me it was over instead of disappearing like that."

"I apologize for my gender."

"I know all guys aren't like that. Just seems like most my age are. All the more reason to find someone more mature."

His forehead crinkled. "More mature?"

"Yeah, like you." I took a sip of my drink, then lifted my head to press the cold glass against my neck.

"But I'm thirty-eight."

"I know." The coolness felt so good against my warm skin I dragged the glass across my neck to the other side.

"And you're eighteen."

"So?" Some of the condensation from the glass ran down my chest between my cleavage, soaking into my bikini top. The chill made me shiver and my nipples harden.

"That's a twenty-year age difference."

"I aced AP Calc, so simple arithmetic isn't a problem for me."

When I looked at him, I noticed his gazed was fixed on my tits. Following his sightline, I saw that my lacy cover-up couldn't conceal my taut nipples. I should have been embarrassed, but his obvious prurient interest sent a surge of adrenaline racing through my veins. This was the first time I'd ever seen him react to me in anything other than a friendly, neighborly way and I found it absolutely thrilling.

I lifted my gaze in enough time to watch him gulp down his drink and put his empty glass on the coffee table. "That kind of age difference doesn't bother you?"

"No, my first sexual fantasies were about a much older guy." Him, to be specific. "Actually, there are a lot of parallels between me and the character Jess in your last book."

He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. "You think?"

"An only child who was always more comfortable with adults than kids her own age. Mother dying when she was young. An emotionally distant father. Craving affection and guidance from older men." It was very Lolita-esque, but in a much less scandalous way.

His scintillating blue gaze held mine and, in that moment, I knew. Jess was me. The synapses in my brain went into overdrive, making connections I hadn't seen before. All the pieces were falling into place and the picture that was forming was beyond my wildest dreams.

"I especially enjoyed the protagonist watching her from his bedroom window every night. Watching her undress. Watching her playing with herself."

He didn't say anything, but his pupils were noticeably larger and his breathing was heavier.

"Then only to learn that she knew he was watching all along. That she'd been performing for him. Trying to arouse him to the point that he'd finally make a move. That he'd finally take her, claim her as his own."

Talk about parallels and life mirroring art. That was exactly what I was doing now—pushing him to admit that he wanted me and hoping he'd make all my wildest fantasies come true.

"You didn't think he was a pig?" His voice was low and rough.

I shook my head. "He gave her what she always wanted. Nothing wrong with that."

"Many others would disagree."

I really didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought. "Can I make a confession?"

"Of course."

"Remember the last time you asked me to housesit while you were on your book tour?"

He nodded.

"Well, I had a wicked fight with my father and needed to get away, so I hung out here for a while."

"You're always welcome whenever you need it."

"Thank you, but that's not the part I need to confess."

His eyebrows rose. "Go on."

"I thought I'd watch a movie and found your porn stash."


"I particularly enjoyed the barely legal schoolgirls getting fucked by older men."

"Did you?" His eyes were scorching blue fire, burning me from the inside out.

I'd been getting progressively wetter since I saw him outside, but talking to him like that, telling him all my filthy secrets, made me gush a fresh wave of juices that soaked my bikini bottoms.

"Especially the compilation of horny sluts getting doused in come. And all the dirty talk. So. Fucking. Hot."

His large hand rubbed the straining bulge in his jeans. "Did you play with yourself?"

Nodding, I caressed the cushion beside me. "Right here. I fingered my cunt until I came so fucking hard. And do you know what I was thinking about?"

"Tell me."

"I imagined you coming home and finding me like that. Telling what I dirty girl I was. Then pushing me over the arm of the sofa and fucking me hard and fast until you shot your come all over my ass."


"I've never come harder than while thinking about being your filthy little slut."

That apparently pushed him over the edge, because his expression turned steely. "Show me your tits."

Biting the inside of my lip to stop myself from grinning, I put aside my glass. Slowly, I lowered one strap of my cover-up, then the other. I pushed it down over my breasts.

His eyes tracked my every movement, his hand idly tugging his erection through his jeans. Licking my lips, I desperately wanted to see his cock, my inner muscles clenching in anticipation.

Reaching behind my neck, I unfastened the bikini strap and let it fall down, releasing my full, heavy tits. I unhooked it from my back, then tossed it aside, completely exposing myself to him.

He groaned. "I love your big tits."

As he watched, I fondled them in my hands, grasping my nipples between my fingers. "I love playing with them. Especially pinching my fat nipples. Makes my cunt so wet."

His nostrils flared. "Show me."

I got up, bunched the cover-up to my midriff, and slipped off my bikini bottoms. Throwing them onto to the floor with my top, I stood upright and spread my legs slightly so he got a good look.

"You shave." His chest was heaving now.

"I love the way it feels." I stroked my bare pussy, trailing my fingers over my slick cunt lips, shivering at the decadent sensation. "It's so much more sensitive."

He got up and yanked off his T-shirt. "I want to eat that sweet little cunt while I fuck your tits."

My knees almost gave out on me right then and there. "Yes, please."

He motioned toward the sofa. "Lie down, dirty girl."

Not hesitating, I sprawled out on the couch so one leg was bent up against the back while the other was on the floor, leaving myself wide open for him.

Feasting on the sight of me, he opened his fly, then pulled off his sneakers and jeans. He was glorious to behold, standing there completely naked. His cock was only the second I'd seen in the flesh. It was long, thick, and perfect—because it was his.

He took his shaft in his hand and stroked it once from base to tip, making me mewl with longing. Thankfully, he was just as impatient as I was. He climbed on top of me, straddling my neck with his ass in my face.

I couldn't resist reaching up and groping his firm backside as he laid his heavy cock between my tits. He was liberally drooling pre-come on my breastbone, but he added his saliva to the mix for good measure. The dirty nastiness of it made my cunt clench even harder.

Pressing my tits together, he enveloped his cock in my ample fresh, then rocked his hips back and forth. Feeling his hard, hot flesh moving between my cleavage was unlike anything I'd ever experienced and was immediately addicted to it.

The sight of his ass cheeks clenching and his balls swinging as he fucked my tits spiked my arousal so much I uncontrollably lifted my hips, silently begging for his touch.

"Hold your tits together so I can eat your cunt."

That wasn't something I needed to be told twice. Once I took over creating a tight titty cunt for him to fuck, he bent over and buried his face in my sopping slit. I moaned when his tongue easily found my clit and teased it mercilessly. Clearly, maturity and experience had their benefits.

I was already on the verge of coming when he slid one finger inside me, then another, finding a sweet spot that pushed me over the edge. A cataclysmic orgasm ripped through me and I knew I'd never be the same.

As I was still quaking with pleasure, he pulled back, panting. "I'm going to come all over your slut tits."

"Fuck yeah."

He rose up, gripped his cock, and jerked it furiously until he shot several thick ropes of come all over my tits and belly.

Basking in the hedonism, I knew one thing for certain—I'd take wicked games like that over mind games any day.