Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Welcome to the Neighborhood (Wicked Wednesday #321)

Two stories in as many weeks. Shocking, I know, but I couldn't resist this week's Wicked Wednesday "Lust" prompt. The premise for this one came to me one morning when the sound of one of my neighbors mowing their yard woke me up. I've been playing with the idea for a while and actually started plotting it as a longer work—different from this version. Don't be surprised if you see this "through the glass" idea come up again sometime in the future. And no, sadly, there is no hunky neighbor. More's the pity.

I don't think this one needs a content warning. Please click on the badge below the story to see the other Wicked Wednesday offerings!

Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Welcome to the Neighborhood
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

I was a very bad girl. I really should be ashamed of myself. But as I stood in front of the sliding glass door, my steamy mug of coffee poised at my gaping mouth, I couldn't find enough remorse to look away from my hunky new neighbor.

He was mowing his side yard just beyond my small patio. Even this early, it was a brutally hot and humid summer day in Miami. He was clearly feeling it. His T-shirt was so damp with sweat it clung to him like a second skin, showing off his impressive physique. I could even see his sweat soaked into the waistband of his well-worn jeans, which molded to a firm ass I longed to sink my teeth into.

This was horrible. Objectifying this guy was wrong. I didn't know him from Adam and I was lusting after him like he was a piece of meat. When a guy did this kind of thing, women called him a pig, lech, or perv. Women were supposed to be more evolved, right?

For all I knew, he could be dumb as a rock. Or a smoker. We could have different political views. God, he might even like anchovies on his pizza. I shuddered at the thought, but none of those potential no-goes stopped the liquid heat that pooled between my thighs.

Then he sealed my voyeuristic fate. He stopped mowing just on the other side of my patio and pulled off his sopping T-shirt.

Ay mami!

He was even more beautiful than I'd imagined. He wasn't overly bulky, but an Adonis in blue jeans with finely sculpted muscles. I wanted to traced his impossibly chiseled abs with my tongue. In a lust-filled trance, I set my mug on the counter and moved closer to the glass door.

As I watched, practically drooling, he wiped his shirt over his face and dragged it through his drenched hair. It was so wet, it was hard to tell the exact shade, but it was the same dark color as the hair lightly covering his chest. The way it narrowed and disappeared into his waistband was ever so enticing.

He was tucking the end of his shirt in the back pocket of his jeans when he looked over in my direction. I froze like the proverbial deer in the headlights. He flashed an easy smile and raised his hand in a friendly wave. Then he became the living statue he resembled, his expression shifting to something unreadable.

After an endless moment, he shielded his eyes from the sun with his raised hand, presumably to get a better look at me. I became aware of a couple things as his gaze ran over my body. First, my knee-length silk robe was gaping open. Second, my hand was down inside my lacy panties, my fingers absently sliding up and down my dripping slit.

His eyes widened initially, then a slow, sexy smile spread across his face. He stalked over to me like a hungry jungle cat pursuing his next meal. He stopped just in front of me on the other side of the glass. Even with the barrier between us, having all that powerful, masculine hotness so close made my heartbeat quicken and my cunt clench with need.

"Havin' fun, darlin'?" His voice was muted by the glass, but I could hear the Southern twang in it.

I nodded my head, lost in his electric blue eyes.

He reached down to open the sliding glass door, but it was locked.

"Open the door."

I shook my head. I may have been brazenly rubbing my cunt in front of him, but I wasn't dumb enough to let a complete stranger into my house.

His nostrils flared, as if he could smell my horny cunt through the glass, and his eyes sparked with lascivious intent.

"Be a good girl and unlock the door so I can help you play with that pussy of yours."

Biting my lip, I shook my head again.

He braced his arm on the top part of the door frame and leaned closer. "You just want me to watch?"

Yes, I wanted him to watch me get off from just the sight of him. I nodded.

His expression was equal parts amused and delighted. "Okay, darlin', we'll play this your way."

My gaze roved over him, taking in the finer details I wasn't able to make out before, while I teased my clit. Moaning at the exquisite sensation, I closed my eyes, my breathing getting faster. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that he was looking at my still covered tits like a starving man.

I only hesitated briefly, then used my free hand to open my robe even more, baring my breasts to him. After all, I could see his chest. It only seemed right that he should see mine. I was egalitarian like that.

"Fuck, you have amazing tits."

As his eyes devoured me, I cupped my breast, fondling and squeezing it. His groan made my cunt gush even more juices over my exploring fingers. I pinched my nipple and slid a finger inside my tight sheath. Pain and pleasure combined perfectly to push me closer to nirvana.

He slid his hand down to cup the very obvious bulge in his jeans. As I eased a second finger inside me, he massaged his erection temptingly.

Licking my lips, I looked back up and met his burning blue gaze.

"Wanna see how fucking hard you made me?"

I so fucking did, so I nodded eagerly, pressing my tits against the glass. The coolness on my hard nipples nearly made me come, but I held off, wanting to see him in all his glory.

He yanked open his button-fly and shoved down his jeans and boxer briefs until his cock sprang free. It was just as impressive as the rest of him. I whimpered when he fisted himself and started stroking his cock in long, firm strokes.

"Show me that naughty pussy."

Fair was fair, right? Reluctantly, I stopped finger-fucking myself long enough to push my panties over my hips and let them slide down my legs to the floor. I spread my legs apart for him to see my glistening pink slit.

He groaned. "Christ."

His burning gaze watching my every move, I delved my fingers between my slick folds and circled my clit. I couldn't make up my mind where to look as I worked my clit hard and fast. My focus jumped from his strong hand jerking his cock to his intense, heavy-lidded eyes. Our movements synchronized as we got ourselves off, getting more purposeful as we got closer to coming.

"I'm going to fucking come for you, darlin'."

I couldn't look away as pained ecstasy transformed his handsome face into something unearthly. With a long, drawn-out groan, he shot thick, heavy ropes of come all over the glass. For a brief moment, I wished there hadn't been anything separating us and I could feel him marking my skin.

Unable to hold off any longer, I came on a strangled cry, the pleasure overtaking my body so intense I collapsed against the sliding door. When my breathing finally calmed, I opened my eyes to see his warm gaze and his hand pressed against the glass.

Lazily, I placed my own come-covered hand over his.

"What's your name?" he asked.

Smiling, I shook my head. Before I turned and walked away, I pressed my lips to the glass and said, "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Monday, July 16, 2018

His...Again (Masturbation Monday: Week 202)

This is my first Masturbation Monday offering. I know, it's an egregious oversight on my part. This week's prompt inspired me to write the short story below. As much as I love the image, it isn't Facebook friendly, so I made up my own appropriate meme using a free-use picture. Many thanks to the always awesome Kayla Lords for hosting Masturbation Monday and Kilted Wookie (Zen Nudist) for the beautiful picture, which you can see here. To read all the other Masturbation Monday offerings, just click on the badge below the story.

Happy reading,

Ria ;)
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Warning: if Daddy Dom / little girl roleplaying, D/s, and name calling offend you, please read no further.

By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

It was all so familiar, and yet different. The passage of time had made it more significant. The waiting was more profound, the anticipation more potent. I knelt as I always had for him: on the rug just inside the entryway, naked, my knees spread wide apart so my shaved pussy was in full view, and my arms folded behind my back, my tits jutting out, my nipples already taut and prominent.

The reason for our separation didn't matter anymore—just that he wanted me again. It was heady that he even remembered me after so long and sought me out. Of course, I never forgot him or our special connection, but sometimes life keeps us from what we want most.

Hearing the door open, I lowered my head, my heart stuttering in my chest. His presence was tangible even before I saw him, overwhelming me the same way it always did. There was the unmistakable sound of him setting down his guitar case, followed by another bag. He took a few long strides into the room then stopped.

His drawn-out sigh sounded relieved. "I forgot how amazing you are."

Filled with immeasurable warmth and elation, I wanted to look up at him so badly it hurt. But I held my position, awaiting his command, trying to keep my breathing slow and even.

After what seemed like an eternity, he walked towards me until the only thing I could see were his well-worn blue jeans and scuffed brown boots. He reached down, took my chin between his thumb and forefinger, and urged my head up.

Finally, I got to see the man who captivated my soul. His longish hair was more white than brown now and a few more lines enhanced his handsome face. He was the quintessential silver fox. And the fire in his blue eyes was even more mesmerizing than I remembered.

"Why are you here, babygirl?"

There was only one answer. "Because I missed you…Daddy."

He sucked in a breath, his gaze becoming more heated and intense. This was our favorite game. He was my fiercely dominant yet affectionate Daddy and I was his sweetly obedient but sometimes mischievous little girl.

The scintillating chemistry was still there, more powerful than ever. The air could've crackled with the sexual tension arching between us.

He dragged his thumb over my lower lip. "Show me how much."

Not taking my eyes off his, I slowly leaned forward and pressed my lips to the obvious bulge in his jeans. As I turned my head and rubbed my cheek against his already firm erection, he slid his fingers through my long tresses and gathered a handful at the back of my neck. He just held me like that while I nuzzled his covered cock, putting as much need and longing into the gesture as I felt. His other hand caressed my cheek with so much tender forgiveness that my heart leapt with joy.

Unable to have anything separating us any longer, I unfastened his fly and pulled his jeans down far enough to reveal his blatant arousal outlined in his boxer briefs. A wet spot emerged at the head of his cock and I put my mouth there, lightly sucking him through the soft cotton. His grip on my hair tightening, he released a deep groan that was the sweetest music, even more alluring than the songs he sang.

My lips and tongue traced his length down until I got to the warm softness of his balls and placed another kiss there. Breathing deeply, I filled my lungs with his intoxicating scent. Looking up at him again, I met his heavy-lidded gaze and nibbled my way back up. When I got to the head, I carefully grazed it with my exposed teeth.

Hissing out a breath, he tugged on my hair, pulling my head back and away from him.

"No more teasing, naughty girl." His eyes glimmered with hunger and amusement. "Or I won't let you come."

He knew that was the only threat that held any weight. I was too much of a pain slut to make the promise of a spanking an effective deterrent.

A gave him my prettiest pout. "I'll be good, Daddy. I promise."

He raised an eyebrow, but relaxed his hold on my hair a bit.

Slowly, I pulled his boxer briefs down, freeing his cock so it fell towards me. It was long, hard, and perfect because it was his. The tip glistened with pre-come and I couldn't resist licking him there, savoring his salty essence. His moan made my cunt tighten in sympathetic reaction. I was wet the moment he came into the room. But now I could feel my juices sliding past my cunt lips, sure to drip down onto the rug beneath me.

Wrapping my lips around him, I took him into my mouth, my tongue caressing the underside of his shaft. His hand tightened in my hair again, but he let me take him at my own pace. I leisurely devoured his length until he nudged the back of my throat. Wanting to take all of him, I relaxed into it, ignoring the urge to gag, and swallowed him until my nose brushed his thatch of hair.

"Fuck, babygirl. So good."

Proud that I remembered just how to please him, I lost myself in sucking his cock in long strokes. His breathing got harder and faster with my movements up and down his shaft. When I fondled his balls with my hand, he groaned. I looked up to see his eyes closed and his head thrown back.

His obvious pleasure made my cunt throb harder with impatience. I was already so close. It wouldn't have been the first time I came from just sucking him off. But I had to hold off and wait for his permission.

As I watched him, he looked down with a burning intensity. "Do you want my come?"

"Mmm-hmmmm," I moaned around his cock.

"Beg me."

I released him, panting for breath. "Please, Daddy, make me your filthy little come slut again."

It thrilled me being called dirty names, but I was only ever his slut and I always knew he appreciated my selective sluttiness.

When he fisted his cock and began stroking purposefully, I knew what to expect. This was his favorite way to give me his come and I couldn't wait for him to christen me. I relished the tortured ecstasy on his face as he gave a final few strong jerks—just closing my eyes before a warm heavy shot landed across my face. He grunted as several more long ropes painted my cheek, neck, and tits.

Keeping my eyes closed, I wiped away a glob of come from the corner of my eye, then opened them to meet his gaze. As he watched, I coated my lips with his come and sucked my finger clean. Banked desire burning in his eyes, he watched my every movement as I smeared his seed all over my face, neck, tits, and stomach like the eager little come whore I always was for him. I'd bathe in his come if I could.

Just as I reached my pussy, he said, "Come for me, dirty girl."

Only too happy to finally ease the ache between my legs, I slid my come-coated fingers between my slick cunt lips, gasping as I touched my swollen clit. Under his ardent gaze, I circled my tender nub hard and fast. It didn't take long for me to go flying over the edge. I maintained eye contact the whole time by body writhed in bliss, showing him my intense pleasure and utter submission, giving him everything I had to give.

He smiled down at me. "Good girl."

And I was his…again.