Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fire and Ice (Wicked Wednesday #369)

This story was inspired by the Wicked Wednesday "survive" prompt and true events. On the first day of summer, with the heat soaring into the 90's (the feels-like temps in the 100's), the air conditioning in my house died. Unfortunately, everything else in this story is a complete work of fiction. It's just a product of my vividly dirty imagination.

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Warning: Contains bondage and mild domination and submission.

Fire and Ice
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

"If this is how you're going to great me from now on, I like it."

I looked up to see him standing in the bedroom doorway. The sexy glimmer in his eyes would normally turn my ever-smoldering desire into a raging inferno, but I was already in a meltdown—and not in a good way.

"The air conditioning died and the repair guy can't come until tomorrow. I may not survive the night."

Of course, it was the hottest damn day of the year. Even so, I'd opened all the windows, hoping for an occasional breeze. But the air was completely still and thick with an oppressive blanket of humidity. I'd finally placed all the fans we had around the bed, stripped it down to just the fitted sheet, got naked, and lay down spread-eagle in the center. I wasn't exactly comfortable, but I was alive.

I noticed his gaze roving over my body, a speculative leer on his face that I knew all too well.

"Don't even think about it."

His eyebrows rose. "You're refusing?"

It was definitely a first, but my libido was passed out from heatstroke. "It's just…too…fucking…hot."

Suddenly, his face lit up. "I've got an idea." Then he disappeared.

I'd usually excitedly anticipate whatever was cooking in his filthy mind, but my rampant curiosity was comatose. Closing my eyes, I let my head fall back on the bed and took what little relief the fans offered.

A few minutes later, I heard him come back, shuffle around in the closet, then place something heavy on the night table. I could sense him standing over me and reluctantly opened my eyes.

Wearing a wicked grin, he held up two silk scarves I rarely used. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do," I said automatically.

"Wanna play?"

I looked from him, to the scarves, to what he'd put on the night table—a big bowl of ice cubes.

Much to my delight, my dormant libido showed some signs of life. Now, this looked promising.

I smiled for the first time all day. "Yes, please."

"Good girl."

Just those two words made the heat-induced lethargy slip away and my body sweat for a much different reason.

He used one of the scarves to tie my closest wrist to the bedpost. I watched as he stalked around to the opposite side of the best, then fastened my other wrist. It wasn't the first time he had me bound and completely at his mercy, but I found it as thrilling as ever. He'd used various things, but I imagined he thought the scarves would be the most comfortable implement given the circumstances. As usual, he was right.

When he came back around the bed, he picked up an ice cube. "Let's start cooling you down while I get undressed."

Leaning over me, he placed the ice cube on my navel. I sucked in a breath when the sudden cold made contact with my overheated flesh. It was a jolt to my system, shivers rippling throughout my body. My back arched and I involuntarily pulled at my restraints.

I realized then that he didn't just bind me to be kinky, but to help me withstand the shocking chill. As jarring as it was, it felt so fucking good. My inner muscles tightened in response and my cunt flooded with juices.

While I gradually became accustomed to the cold, I followed his every move as he peeled off his clothes. Seeing him naked increased my body temperature even more, especially when I saw his cock was already gloriously hard. I licked lips, wanting to lap up the pre-come from the glistening head.

"Want something to suck on?"

I nodded my head eagerly.

He knelt beside me on the bed—close but not close enough—then reached for another ice cube. With a smug look, he traced my lips, leaving behind a trail of cool wetness. I opened my mouth and he briefly teased my tongue with it before popping it into his own mouth. He bent down and kissed me, sharing the icy treat until it was gone.

By this time, the ice on my navel had also melted and rolled off either side of my waist, soaking into the sheet. I really didn't mind the wet sheet. Despite how hot and bothered he was making me sexually, his wicked game was working to give me some relief from the heat.

The next ice cube he traced down my chin and around to the back of my neck. That caused me to gasp again at the sudden cold, but he held it there in the palm of his hand as my body adjusted, his scintillating gaze never leaving mine.

"Feel good?"

"Yes, so good. Thank you."

The corner of his mouth lifted. "My pleasure."

Once that one was gone, he straddled me so his hard length rested on my belly, his scorching flesh a sharp juxtaposition to the ice that had been there previously. He got another cube and glided it down my chest to my nipple. It had pebbled from my arousal, but the biting cold made it painfully taut.

Gasping at the sensation, I pressed my thighs together, trying to ease the growing needy ache between my legs. I moaned when his hot mouth replaced the ice cube, sucking and lightly teasing my nipple with his teeth. Then the ice was back, followed by his mouth again.

Even with my hands bound and him on top of me, I couldn't help writhing beneath him as he treated my other nipple to the same sweet torment.

Hot and cold. Fire and ice. Pleasure and pain.

It all mixed and melded in my overwhelmed psyche until I couldn't take it anymore. "Please…"

"Please what, baby?"

"Please fuck me."

"Are you sure?" His eyes gleamed evilly. "You're not too hot?"

"Yes, but I still need you to fuck me."

"Mmm, let's see if you're really ready." He slid down, pushing my legs apart to make room for himself.

I gasped yet again when his ice-cooled fingers traced my cunt lips. He circled my throbbing clit all too briefly, then slipped his fingers inside me. The cold presence filling my overheated sex was just too much and cried out in exquisite agony.

"Oh yeah, you are so fucking ready."

Before I knew it, his fingers were gone and he was hovering over me, pushing his cock deep inside me—searing heat chasing away the unbearable cold. The sensations ripped through me, my pleasure building hard and fast as he moved inside me.

I was barely aware of him reaching for another ice cube. Then his hand was between us and I felt the harsh cold on my clit.

"Fuck!" My orgasm was devastating, my cunt muscles clamping down on him as I shattered from the inside out.

Cursing, he followed me over the edge into oblivion, his jerking cock and warm come prolonging and intensifying my ecstasy.

Completely spent, I just lay there, trying to get enough oxygen into my lungs.

After some minutes, he shifted off of me and untied my wrists.

When I opened my eyes, he smiled down at me, gave me a brief kiss, then hopped off the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"To get more ice." He grinned at me over his shoulder. "It's going to be a long night and I have lots of other ideas about how to keep you cool."

And that was just one of the many reasons I loved that man.


  1. I love the combination of hot and cold, and I do love some ice play (have done that before). Great story!

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh, my word! I'm certainly feeling very hot now myself. Anyone got any ice���� Really sexy, and very, erm, "effective" erotica!

  3. Goodness I think I love this man too! great story and I know there was ice in the tale but it was hot hot hot!