Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bound (Masturbation Monday #268 & Friday Flash #70)

When I saw the Friday Flash prompt, I associated it with a bad dream I had recently. There was nothing sexual about it. Some kind of malevolent force was holding me immobile. I was frightened at first, but then I fought back and banished it, thereby freeing myself. So, ultimately, it was positive—although, not very pleasant. I decided to take a much different tone in this story.

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By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

There was a presence in the room with me. I couldn’t see anything, but I felt it. I sat up in bed and looked around the dark room—the moonlight seeping in the windows provided some ambient light. There didn’t appear to be anything unusual, but there was still…something.

My gaze settled on the lone chair in the corner and lingered there. I couldn’t explain it, but I kept staring at the empty space. I told myself I was being silly. There was nothing there. Still, as I lay back down, I continued watching the chair.

I was drifting off to sleep when I saw it—a shimmering outline of what I inherently knew was a male form. My heart pounding, I tried to bolt upright again, but I was frozen in place. Panic overtook me and I gasped for air.

Then, I heard it…a calm, rich, velvety voice…in my head.

Shhh, do not worry. I mean you no harm.

Warm affection washed over me and I relaxed, inexplicably surrendering to the invisible force that bound me.

Good girl.

As my breathing calmed, I felt something—a lot of somethings—softly caressing me from head to toe. It was like hundreds of fingers gently stroking my skin, making it highly sensitive. My heart rate quickened for a much more arousing reason. My nipples tightened into taut peaks and liquid desire flooded my sex.

Then the tingling started. It was everywhere initially, but as it grew stronger, it concentrated on my nipples. I moaned as the sensations reverberated throughout my body. I was humming with pleasure when something new added to my sweet torment.

A phantom mouth glided down the column of my neck, the unmistakable sensation of lips, tongue, and teeth teasing my skin. The tingling in my nipples turned into light pinching as my ghostly lover kissed and nibbled his way down to my drenched cunt.

I gasped, then whimpered as his tongue slid between my creamy folds and circled my clit. As he drove me wild by sucking my tender nub, there was a heavenly stretching, filling sensation in my cunt. He found the perfect spot deep inside me to focus his attention while the pressure on my nipples increased and he cleverly worked my clit until my pleasure built to a zenith.

Come for me, sweet thing.

The most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced tore through me, making me writhe in ecstasy, finally freeing me. My rapturous cries filled the room as I convulsed with one blissful jolt after another.

Thank you, my love. I promise to return…soon.

I was still trembling with the aftershocks when I sat up and looked around the room. Again, I couldn’t see anything. I also didn’t feel his presence anymore—only the lingering warm pleasure he’d created that left me practically glowing.

I didn’t know if it was real or just a figment of my wild imagination. But I knew I’d happily be bound to my dream lover for all eternity.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Adult Product Review: The C-King from Fondlove

I was intrigued and excited to try the product Fondlove offered me. The product description refers to it as a clitoral vibrator, but the name on the packaging is C-King, so that’s what I’m going to use. It looks like a small wand and I thought it might afford several pleasurable possibilities.

The C-King came in some rather impressive packaging. Along with a satin storage pouch, USB charging cable, and instructions, the C-King came in a plastic charging case. There’s a magnetic port at the end of the case that the charging cable attaches to and you can plug the other end into the USB port on your computer. It took a few hours to fully charge.

The C-King is very straightforward and uncomplicated to operate. Sometimes simple is best after all. There is one main button you press and hold for a couple of seconds to turn it on. It’s very quiet, but the initial vibrating speed is pretty powerfully. The C-King only offers a steady vibration, however, there are five different speeds. You can see the C-King in action in the brief demo video I made below. As always, it’s PG-13.

When it came time to try out the C-King, I was in the mood for some sensual porn, mostly featuring creampies, which I find very hot. If you’re curious about what I watched specifically, you can look here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I know those are a lot of videos, but I was also in the mood for a nice, long masturbation session. You know, one with a slow build-up, then edging over and over again. For those that don’t know, edging is bringing yourself—or someone else—almost to the point of orgasm, then back off just before you/they come.

As a warm-up, I tried the C-King on my nipples. To be honest, my nipples are not particularly sensitive. Sure, playing with them feels good, but even pinching them hard doesn’t produce much sensation down south. To my surprise and pleasure, the C-King not only felt amazing on my nipples, but it also created a sympathetic sensation in my clit. And that was only on the lowest setting.

The C-King was so strong that I didn’t go beyond the second vibrating speed. Actually, it might produce too much focused vibration for some users. When I eventually moved on from my nipples, I didn’t initially use it directly on my clit, because I thought it might be too strong. I circled around my clit and even tried using it vaginally. It really isn’t designed for internal G-spot stimulation, but it did feel very good that way too.

For quite a while, I primarily used it around and on my clit. The vibrations were so strong that I only briefly touched my clit directly—especially since I was edging for a long time. Eventually, I got to the point that I just gave in, and my orgasm was intense and prolonged. I felt that one for a while afterward.

Overall, the Fondlove C-King offered a highly enjoyable experience. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10, because it’s powerful and does exactly what it’s designed to do. However, it might be even better with a few more vibrating options.

Fondlove was kind enough to provide a promo code for 15% off! Just use: EG64I9CH

You can buy your own Fondlove C-King here.

You can explore Fondlove’s other great products here.

And if you’d like to sign up for their sex toy tester program, you can click here.

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Adult Product Review: The DiGiT from Hot Octopuss

I was thrilled when Hot Octopuss asked me to review their latest toy. It is aptly named the DiGiT, because it’s a finger vibrator. I love their tagline, which is “show bad sex the finger.”

As you can see in the picture below, it slides over your finger—either your index or middle finger, whichever you prefer. While I think many users will enjoy the DiGiT for self-pleasure, it could also be used by a partner to heighten their lover’s pleasure.

The DiGiT is 100% waterproof and is USB rechargeable. It comes with a lovely travel pouch, a charging cable, and an instruction booklet. It only takes a few hours to fully charge and lasts for quite a while. I didn’t test how long it would hold a charge, but I used it for about an hour without any problems.

Its compact size and convenient travel pouch make the DiGiT ideal for carrying in a purse. And if the mood and opportunity strike you, it’s certainly quiet enough to use just about anywhere—as long as it’s legal! I made a brief demo video (PG-13) of the DiGiT in action, which you can watch below.

As the video shows, the DiGiT is extremely quiet. On one side, there is the port for the charging cable and the power button. Once you press and hold the power button for several seconds, the DiGiT comes alive at a steady vibration. Even on the lowest speed, it is quite impressive on those oh-so-sensitive areas.

There are five vibrating modes and five speeds. You can adjust the speed with the two buttons on the other side of the DiGiT. The top button increases the speed and the lower button decreases it. I actually found it easier to experiment with the various functions by not having my fingers in the plastic rings at the base, but your mileage may vary.

The silicone skin on the DiGiT is super soft and has an irresistible feel to it. The DiGiT is also the perfect size and shape for clitoral stimulation. I believe it would be perfect for most body types. While I was playing around with it, I slipped it a little lower to tease the entrance of my vagina. It felt extremely good—so much so that I slide it inside as far as it would go. Although it’s not as effective as other toys for vaginal stimulation, it definitely enhanced my play session. The DiGiT felt amazing against my nipples, too.

When I eventually did come, my orgasm was intense. Instead of taking the DiGiT away immediately, I continued teasing my clit lightly for a little bit, enjoying one delicious aftershock after another.

I usually enjoy some porn while I’m playing with a sex toy, but this time I decided to do something a little different—use my vivid imagination. The story below is a fictionized account of my experience, because I couldn’t exactly write it down as it happened.

His Voice
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Late one night, I lay in my bed, settling in for some alone time with my new toy. I turned on the buzzing finger and held it in my hand for a moment, getting acquainted with the feel of it. As I trailed it down my neck to my breast, I closed my eyes and thought about the most arousing thing I could conjure…his voice.

Tits, not breasts.

I smiled that he was instructing me even in my imagination and continued down to my nipple.

Get your nipples nice and hard for me, dirty girl.

I circled my wide areola, getting closer and closer to my nipple. The vibrations felt good, but weren’t quite enough. I turned the vibrator up a notch and returned it to my nipple. I hummed as the sensations rippled through my body, my nipples tightening into taut peaks.

I want to suck and bite those fat nipples until you beg for mercy.

Mmmmm, how I missed his smooth rich voice and his dirty words. I gave my other nipple the same treatment while I lightly pinched the one I’d abandoned.

It isn’t enough, is it, greedy girl?

No, I needed more, craved more. I lowered the vibrator to my smoothly shaved sex, just caressing the outside at first, then sliding it between my already slick folds. I didn’t go directly to my clit, although the vibrations were strong enough to feel it there. I went a bit lower and teased the entrance of my cunt. Groaning at the sensation, I held it there for a moment.

Keep going. You know you want to.

Of course, he knew my curiosity would demand I push it into my tight hole to see what it felt like. So, naturally, I did. It was small and only went in a couple of inches, but it felt oh so good.

Bet you wish it was my cock fucking you right now, don’t you?

Fuck, yeah. Even though the vibrator felt incredible, I longed to feel his hard cock stretching and filling me.

Show me what you want, babygirl.

In my mind, I pictured him coming home and finding me sprawled naked on the couch, playing with my new toy. His blue eyes burning, he’d tell me to keep going while he quickly stripped out of his clothes. Then he’d grab me and push me over the arm of the sofa.

“Such a filthy, naughty, wanton little girl,” he’d growl as he filled me with his hard cock.

By now, I’d shifted the vibrator to my clit, circling and circling it. I turned up the vibrations another notch and increased the pressure on my clit as I imagined him fucking me from behind.

I could almost feel the warmth of his body covering mine and hear the litany of dirty talk he rasped in my ear as he claimed me. I especially loved the filthy names he called me. In my fantasy, I still held the vibrator against my clit while he rammed me impossibly deep. The pleasure built hard and fast. I was so close to coming. Thankfully, he didn’t make me wait.

Come for me. Show me what a dirty girl you are.

I surrendered to the sensations crashing over me and let the orgasm overtake me. My body convulsed as one jolt of pleasure after another ripped through me. I eased up on my clit but didn’t completely remove the vibrator as I relished the aftershocks.

“Good girl,” I imagined him grunting as he joined me and filled me with his come.

I couldn’t wait until the next time I heard his voice…for real this time.

*     *     *

Needless to say, I had a very enjoyable experience with the DiGiT. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The versatile and powerful DiGiT packs a mind-blowing punch. For that reason, and because it does exactly what it’s designed to do, I’m giving the DiGiT a 10 out of 10.

As luck would have it, I received an extra DiGiT from Hot Octopuss, so I’ll be holding a giveaway in the very near future. Be on the lookout for it—probably sometime in November.

If you don’t want to wait for a chance to win a DiGiT, you can buy your own here.

And for Hot Octopuss's other great products, you can look here.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Adult Product Review: Paloqueth Rotating Bunny Vibrator

I was excited when Paloqueth asked me to review another product for them. They let me pick whatever I was interested in from their website and I gave them a list of three possibilities. They generously gave me my first choice, which was a rotating rabbit vibrator with an anal stimulator. They’re calling it the Rotating Bunny Vibrator with Clit Stimulator.

Like the other rotating rabbit I reviewed, this one came in a beautiful box with a lovely storage bag. It also included an instruction booklet and a USB charging cable you can use with your computer. According to the instructions, it is completely waterproof, but I didn’t try it out in the shower or bath. The Rotating Bunny only took a few hours to fully charge and didn’t run out of juice the entire time I was using it, which was about half an hour.

The picture above is a close-up of the Rotating Bunny’s key appendages: the rabbit vibrator and the anal teaser, which resembles anal beads. This might be surprising, but I’ve never used any type of anal sex toy before, so I was curious and eager to try the Rotating Bunny. The little bit of anal play I’ve experienced, I found enjoyable, so I had high hopes.

You can see the Rotating Bunny Vibrator in action in the demo video (PG-13) I made below.

As you can tell in the video, it’s very quiet and easy to operate. While using the Rotating Bunny, I didn’t have an issue managing the controls by touch alone. You can also see that there are seven different vibrating modes that control the rabbit and anal stimulator simultaneously. The rotating shaft has three speeds.

Before trying out the Rotating Bunny, I spent some time warming up while watching some very dirty movies of the anal sex variety. I thought the theme was appropriate considering the toy I planned to use. If you’re curious about what I picked to watch, you can look here, here, and here.

When I was ready to use the Rotating Bunny, I made sure to lube it up very well, especially the anal teaser. It was a bit tricky inserting the rotating shaft and getting the anal teaser and rabbit in place, but I managed it.

Once I had everything situated, I turned it on and started it vibrating on the first setting. It felt incredibly good and I played around with the various modes. After a while, I settled on the third vibrating option, which is the fastest steady vibration. Then I turned on the rotating shaft.

After my first experience with a rotating rabbit, I was expecting fireworks, but didn’t get much of anything. I increased the speed, and increased it again, but still, I wasn’t feeling much vaginally. Perhaps I was too distracted by the vibrations on my clit and in my anus to register the shaft moving. However, I’m pretty sure this vibrator doesn’t rotate as much or as vigorously as the other Paloqueth rotating rabbit I tried. So that feature was rather disappointing.

To be honest, I was so focused on using the Rotating Bunny that I wasn’t paying any attention to the porn. I tried moving the vibrator in and out, but found it better to leave it all the way in and shift it around. After trying various angles, I eventually found the one that gave my G-spot excellent attention. Finally achieving the triple stimulation, it didn’t take long to have a powerful orgasm.

Overall, the Paloqueth Rotating Bunny is a very enjoyable toy and I’m sure with more practice it’ll get better and better. Probably even more so with a second set of hands. So, I’m giving the Rotating Bunny an 8 out of 10, mainly because I think the rotating feature could be more powerful.

If you would like to try the Rotating Bunny or any other product Paloqueth has to offer, they were generous enough to make a special promo code for me. If you enter Ria, you get 15% off your entire order!

Paloqueth’s Website: https://www.paloqueth.com

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Ria ;)
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