Monday, June 24, 2019

Crazy Love (Masturbation Monday #251 and Friday Flash #57)

I really don't have much to say about this one. Maybe I should plead insanity like my protagonist. I blame F. Leonora Solomon's Friday Flash prompt. Actually, I kind of picture her as the judge in this story. (wicked grin)

Although this stands on its own, it could be the same characters from "His Turn" and "The Stranger"—just at a different point in their storyline.

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Crazy Love
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

"How do you plead?"

"Not guilty, your honor. By reason of insanity."

The judge raised her eyebrow. "It says you impersonated a police officer—"

"It was a strip-o-gram costume."

"Hmmm, then you handcuffed and blindfolded a detective—"

"I'm not pressing charges, your honor."

She zeroed in on the silver-haired man standing just inside the gallery. "And you are?"

"Technically, the victim." He cleared his throat. "I was off duty, so no harm, no foul."

The prosecutor burst from her seat. "She stripped naked in front of a squad room, then performed…ah…sex acts—with this." She held up an evidence bag containing a giant purple dildo.

"It's all my fault, your honor."

The judge stared at him dreamily. "This I've got to hear."

"She was acting out, because I gave her mixed signals."

The judge frowned. "That's really very frustrating, you know."

"Yes, your honor, but there were extenuating circumstances."

"Such as?"

He looked around at the packed courtroom. "I'd rather not say in open court, your honor."

She crooked her finger at him. "Approach the bench. You can whisper it in my ear."

The judge leaned forward so he could speak in hushed tones. "Mmm-hmmm…uh-huh…oh my!"

Clucking her tongue, she waved him back, then banged her gavel. "Case dismissed."

The prosecutor turned beet red. "But your honor!"

"I said dismissed, counselor!" The judge gave her a sharp look, then left the bench.

With a huff, the prosecutor stormed out of the courtroom.

"That was lucky." The young public defender gathered up his files and said, "See ya!" He was gone in a flash.

The show being essentially over, everyone else filed out, leaving me with the man who drove me nuts on so many levels.

When I got up and turned around, he stood with his arms folded across his chest and a smug look plastered on his face. "Are you going to say thank you?"

I snorted. "No."

As I tried to walk past him, he grabbed my arm, sat on a wooden bench, and quickly had me over his knee.

"What the fuck?"

He slapped my ass cheek hard. "That's for being a brat."

"Ow! That hurt!"

"Good. That's only the beginning." The other cheek got the same treatment.

I knew he'd stop if I used my safe word, but I had it coming. He spanked me harder than previous teasing, sexy punishments, but my traitorous body responded as usual, getting wet and achy as he rattled off my offences.

"Tell me why you did something so crazy?"

"Because I love you."

He froze, then someone cleared their throat.

We both looked up to see the judge smirking from the bench. "Maybe you two should work this out in private."

"Yes, your honor," we said in unison.

As he dragged me out of the courtroom, I asked, "Where are we going?"

"My place, so I can show you how crazy in love I am with you too."

That turned out to be the best day ever.