Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mistletoed (Masturbation Monday #222)

So, this is where my warped mind took the lovely Masturbation Monday picture from Molly Moore. Yes, I know I'm getting this in kind of late—and it's a little long. I'll happily take the spanking.

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By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

"I hate this time of year!" To emphasize the point, I slammed my purse down on my desk—but set the coffee carrier down gently.

"I didn't take you for a grinch."

Just my luck, my ridiculously hot boss picked that moment to appear. I looked up to see his blue eyes glittering with humor.

"It's not the holidays so much as the fucking mistletoe."

One of the many things I loved about my boss was that he didn't mind my occasionally salty language. It wasn't like he didn't throw around the f-bomb too sometimes.

His lips curved into the sexy lopsided smile I was all too familiar with. "What about it?"

"It's everywhere!"

"And that's a problem because..."

I sighed. "It gives people license to behave like idiots."

"For example…"

"The jackass down at the coffeeshop who mauled me as I came through the door and grabbed my ass."

His eyebrows slanted down as his expression turned fierce. "We'll go down there, you'll point him out, then I'll kick his ass."

I'm not going to lie, the whole macho instinct to defend my honor totally worked for me—even if it wasn't necessary.

"Although I appreciate the thought, I already took care of it." At his raised eyebrow, I explained, "I may have accidentally jammed my heel into his foot."

He looked down at my spiked heels. "Ouch."

"Yeah, I think he got the point."

"Serves him right for making all men look like scum."

"Oh, it's not just men. Debbie from accounting is walking around with a headband that dangles mistletoe over her head."

He scrunched up his nose. "To get guys to kiss her?"

"Not exactly."

Speaking of the devil, Debbie rounded the corner, spotted my hunky boss, and zeroed in on him like a laser-guided missile. Before he knew what was happening, she grabbed him by the lapels, scaled him like a lemur, and devoured his mouth like she hadn't eaten in years. The whole time, he stood there with his arms raised, clearly shell-shocked.

When Debbie finally released him, she sighed dreamily, then sauntered off with a jaunty, "Merry Christmas!"

It took him a few seconds to recover. "What. The. Hell. Was that!"

"You've been mistletoed."

His expression was priceless as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. "Mistletoed?"

"That's what she calls it."

He scrubbed his mouth to remove the Candy Kiss red lipstick Debbie left behind. "God, it was like being assaulted by a sucker fish."

I chuckled. "Want me to go kick her ass for you?"

He flashed me a wicked grin. "As much as I'd love to see that, it's probably not a good idea."

I rolled my eyes. What was it with guys and girl fights? Two girls making out, sure. But bitch-slapping and hair-pulling each other? I didn't get it.

"You know what really annoys me about the whole mistletoe thing?"


"It's a such a lame way to get someone's attention."

Shoving his handkerchief back in his pocket, he looked at me thoughtfully. "If you were interested in someone, how would you get their attention? Mine, for example?"

My heartrate sped up double-time and desire unfurled deep in my abdomen. Although we'd exchanged some heated looks and naughty innuendos, I never thought he'd actually go there with me. But since he was, I intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Pulling my shoulders back so my chest was even more prominent, I leaned on my desk so my short skirt slid up my thighs and sunk my teeth into my pouty lower lip. "You mean I don't have your attention already?"

He opened his mouth, closed it, then cleared his throat. "Well, I…ah…"

"I promise I won't report you to HR for sexual harassment. I'll even put it in triplicate, if you like."

His eyes blazed blue fire. "Those fucking sweaters are killing me."

Trailing a finger down between my tits, I batted my eyelashes. "Is that so?"

"Your cleavage is fucking endless."

"It's all about having the right support." I cupped them with my hands for effect.

"You can't imagine how hard I get picturing what they look like under those sweaters."

Hmmm, I would've given anything to see his hard cock. Just the thought of it made my sex slick with longing.

"I'll make you a deal."

His hooded eyes looked up from my tits. "What kind of deal?"

"We can have our own private Secret Santa exchange."

"Go on."

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours."

He groaned. "My office. Now."

Grinning, I straightened and sashayed into his office, swinging my hips with everything I had.

By the time he followed me and locked his office door behind us, I was perched on his desk, my skirt up around my hips. I pushed his chair out with my foot so it was a few feet away from his desk.

"Have a seat, Bossman."

With a determined stride, he stalked closer, stripping off his jacket, tie, and shirt as he went.

I licked my lips as I took in the glorious sight of him. Hiding that chiseled body under those expensive suits was a crime. A needy ache developed between my legs and my panties became wetter by the second.

He sat back in his chair, legs carelessly thrown apart, his hand resting on his thigh teasingly. A naughty smile spread across his handsome face. "Your turn."

Always up for a challenge like that, I slowly pealed off my sweater and tossed it aside, revealing my lacy black bra.

"Fuck." The rise and fall of his chest was notably faster. "Bra too."

Reaching back, I unhooked it, then let it flutter down onto the floor.

"Christ, I love your big beautiful tits." He stroked his obvious erection through his slacks.

My own breathing quickening, I fondled my breasts and squeezed them together. "Your turn."

He deftly unfastened his slacks, yanked down the zipper, then lifted his hips enough to shove his pants and boxer briefs down his legs.

When he sat back again, I saw his magnificent cock, impossibly hard and already drooling pre-come. Moaning, I pressed my thighs together, trying to give my needy cunt some relief. Then he did something that always drove me wild. He took his dick in his firm grip and stroked it just once from base to tip.

"Watching you stroke your cock makes my cunt gush."

His fiery gaze locked on to my panty-covered crotch. "Let me see."

I reached one hand down and pulled aside my panties so he could clearly see my glistening pussy lips. I couldn't resist sliding my fingers between my slick folds and lightly circling my protruding clit.

"Fuck yeah." His scorching gaze met mine. "Play with your horny cunt while I jack off."

Fair was fair, after all, and I was too aroused to pretend that wasn't exactly what I wanted him to say. I slid my fingers lower to coat them with my abundant cunt cream, then purposefully began rubbing my clit.

As my pleasure built, I barely managed to keep my eyes open, refusing to miss the sight of him working his cock in long, sure strokes. The sound of our heavy breathing and the musky smell of sex filled the room. As I tormented my taut nipple with one hand and showed my clit no mercy with the other, the sensations rippled through my body, surging higher and higher until I came crashing over the edge.

His deep growl broke through my orgasmic haze, making me look at him again. "I want to come all over your tits."

"How about I fuck you with my tits."

"God yes."

I used my messy fingers to slather my juices between my tits, then got down on my knees between his legs. He watched my every move with ardent interest, only releasing his cock long enough for me to engulf it in my generous cleavage.

The feel of his hard, hot, throbbing flesh between mine was indescribably good. My greedy cunt was begging for attention again, but this was all about him. And seeing and hearing his pleasure as I fucked his cock with my tits as beyond thrilling.

His eyes were almost slits as he watched his dick emerge from my cleavage again and again. He clearly didn't want to miss the erotic sight just as much I as didn't earlier. I looked down as the head of his cock invitingly appeared between my tits. Instinctively, I leaned down and sucked it into my mouth.

Panting, he tightly gripped the chair. "I'm going to fucking come!"

I lifted my head in time for the first burst of come to forcefully hit the underside of my chin. Then shot after shot of his thick, milky seed painted my neck and chest.

Cooing with pleasure, I rubbed his come all over my tits.

He moaned. "Man, that was…mind-blowingly hot."

"See, who needs fucking mistletoe?"


  1. This was incredibly hot, I was absolutely riveted the whole way through :)

  2. Oh my goodness- I love office sex stories and this had it all - fabulous!

  3. Oh this was DELICIOUS! And also, I wish I'd had a boss like that...though, JB and I do work together now, and he IS the boss...yeah, we could definitely make this work, lol

    1. Having your Dom as your boss at work too would definitely make for an interesting work environment! So glad you enjoyed it! ;)