Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Just the Way You Are (Wicked Wednesday #341)

Considering music often inspires my writing, this week's Wicked Wednesday "Song Title" prompt was right up my alley. There was a wealth of possibilities, but I finally settled on "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel. There's a video of him performing the song below.

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Ria ;)
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Warning: Contains really filthy dirty talk and name calling.

Just the Way You Are
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

Something was nudging my face. Something warm, and hard. That was what woke me up—or started to. I was nothing resembling a morning person, so waking up was a lengthy process. My eyes were still shut, but the insistent prodding of my forehead, cheek, and nose disturbed me enough to be aware of it.

Hoping for more sleep, I raised my hand to brush away whatever was bothering me, but something else grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the mattress beside my head. That definitely woke me up.

I opened my eyes and saw the cock I knew very well hovering above me, then lifted my gaze to its owner. He knelt beside my head, his eyelids hooded and his breathing heavy. He'd clearly been having some wicked fun while I slept, getting himself all worked up.

Murmuring my pleasant surprise, I nuzzled the underside of his cock, the warm weight of his balls on my cheek as the shaft grazed my forehead. His thatch of pubic hair tickled my nose as I breathed in his seductive musky scent.

Any hesitation he may have had about my reaction evaporated. The hand he'd used to restrain my wrist shifted to grip my hair, holding my head in place while his other hand guided his cock all over my face.

I wouldn't have thought I'd be so aroused by him just rubbing himself on me like that, but desire quickly sparked low in my abdomen. Everything about it appealed to my horny slut soul: my submissive position, his dominance, him using my body whenever and however he pleased.

Then there was the fact that I loved having his cock in me or on me any way I could get it. The feel of his hard, hot flesh moving across my skin, leaving a trail of pre-come in its wake, was exquisite. I pressed my thighs together to relieve the ache in my rapidly moistening sex.

When he reached my mouth, I opened for him and wrapped my pouty lips around the head of his cock. He hissed out a breath and gripped my hair tighter as I lightly sucked on him, teasing the underside with my tongue.

"Fuck, I'm going to come!"

I hummed around his cock, letting him know I eagerly anticipated a mouthful of his spunk.

But he yanked himself out of my mouth and harshly jerked his shaft in his fierce grip. Watching him beat off was something I never could resist, so I was transfixed by the erotic sight for several long moments—barely shutting my eyes before his thick seed rained down on my face.

Once his grunts and the warm splatters ceased, I used my fingers to wipe my eyelids so I could look at him again. Panting, he had one arm braced against the headboard as he gazed down at me.

I licked his salty essence from my fingers. "Mmmm, now that's the way to start the day."

The look on his face finally registered—like a small boy caught doing something naughty. It was really amusing on a grown man nearly ten years my senior.

I laughed. "What, do I have something on my face?"

Yes, even groggy, I was a smart-ass.

His dire expression slowly lightened and a brilliant smile spread across his face. "You're not mad?"

I rolled my eyes. "Of course not."

After all the time we'd spent together and all the kinks we'd explored, it amazed me that he still expected me to be so appalled by one of his urges that I'd reject him. I was a fairly open-minded girl, especially since I had my own deviant desires—most of which we shared. Even when I wasn't into something, I tried to indulge his fantasies in ways I could live with. Because turning him on was my favorite pastime. I thought I'd proved that time and time again.

I swiped some of his come from my forehead and painted it on my taut nipples. "You know I'm yours to use anytime in any wicked way you like."

His eyes gleamed with roguish intent. "What if I called you my filthy fucking come slut?"

"Would you mean it appreciatively?" I gasped as I pinched my nipples and jolts of pleasure shot straight to me clit.

"You know I would." He scooped a rope of come off my cheek.

"Then you know I love being your dirty little fuck whore."

He trailed his messy finger down the center of my body to my shaved pussy. "What if I said I wanted to sniff your nasty asshole and fuck it with my tongue?"

"My asshole is yours any time you want it."

Moaning, I arched against his fingers as they slid between my cunt lips and found my needy clit.

"But would it make you wet?"

"Fuck yeah!"

He pushed one long finger deep inside me and groaned. "God, you're fucking drenched."

"Always. Just for you."

Slipping another finger inside me, he curved them upwards to hit the spot he knew drove me insane. "What if I wanted to spank your ass while I fucked you so hard you felt it for days?"

"Yes, please!"

He leaned down, his warm breath fanning my ear as his thumb strummed my clit. "Come for me, little cunt."

The sensations and his dirty words were so overwhelming and all-consuming there was no way I could refuse. Intense pleasure tore through me as my orgasm peaked, wave after wave of pure bliss enrapturing me. I floated in the afterglow for some time, barely conscious of the bed shifting beside me.

Once I caught my breath, I looked over to see him sprawled out on his side facing me.

He reached over and brushed a lock of hair from my face. "You're amazing."

"When are you going to realize I love you just the way you are—in all your perverted glory?"

He smiled. "Maybe someday."

Until then, I'd just have to keep showing him.