Friday, November 30, 2018

Te Amo (Friday Flash #33)

Yes, I know this week's Friday Flash "Amour" prompt is French. I'm not sure why that made me think dance, or tango, or developed into this. But it did, so I'm going with it. It's a small miracle I even managed to post twice in one week. "Te amo" is "I love you" in Spanish, by the way.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Te Amo
By Ria Restepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

We'd been doing the dance all night, a weird sort of tango with a room full of people separating us. His fiery gaze devoured my every movement as he barely spoke to this person or that person. They didn't seem to mind his lack of interest; they were just happy he paid them any attention at all.

Such was the effect of his devastating charisma. I was a victim of it too, of course. At least I tried to appear engaged with my conversation partner—smiling, nodding, ah-huh-ing when appropriate.

Every time I made eye contact with my temporary companion, I'd lose track of him. But I still felt the heat of him watching me, like fire licking my skin. When I looked up, he'd be closer. That was my cue to move on. I'd politely excuse myself and mingle in the opposite direction.

His eyes narrowed each time I put distance between us. He knew my game. Hunt and evade. Stalk and elude. There was a subtle rhythm to it—two steps closer, one step apart. He gradually got nearer, the predator tracking his prey.

The chase always thrilled me, made my heart beat faster, my sex slick and needy. He'd catch me eventually—because I'd let him. We both knew I'd willingly surrender; I craved his possession too much.

I'd intended to prolong it, even though my lacy panties were so saturated my wetness oozed down my thighs. However, a nice but chatty old lady was determined to bend my ear. I was stuck.

The back of my neck tingled right before his arm wrapped around my waist and I heard his deep voice for the first time since we arrived. "Would you excuse us?"

She blushed scarlet. "Certainly!"

He swiftly guided me out onto the terrace and into a dark, secluded corner. I welcomed the forceful way he shoved my back to the wall, his body dominating me, his blatant erection trapped between us.

"You were very naughty," he rasped in my ear. "Taunting me. Making me watch all those men drool over your tits."

"You picked the dress." A low-cut slinky black thing that clung to all my curves.

He growled before claiming my mouth in a fierce kiss. Desperate for him, I hitched my leg up around his hip, grinding my greedy cunt against his hardness. Just as eager, he ripped my panties away, freed his cock, then he was inside me, taking me hard and fast. Our passion was so impetuous and all-consuming we both came quickly.

Locked together, we held each other as our breathing calmed.

"Te amo."

It was the first time he'd said he loved me in any language.

My response was effortless and unwavering. "Te amo, tambiƩn."

I felt his lips curve into a smile against my neck.

"When we get home, I'm tying you to the bed so you're at my mercy for the rest of the night."

I moaned. "Just one of the many reasons I love you."