Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My Reward (Masturbation Monday #226)

I've been thinking about writing this since the Kink of the Week prompt about men in panties. As intriguing as it was seeing all those pictures of cocks straining against silk and lace, I still prefer men in snug boxer briefs. So, I wrote this ode to celebrate the New Year—and my undying love of men in boxer briefs.

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Hope you enjoy,
Ria ;)
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My Reward
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Pick your reward.

I always loved those words—particularly because they were a rare treat. Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy however he chose to reward—or punish—me, but him ceding control in this way meant I'd especially pleased him. Submissive as I was, pleasing him thrilled me beyond measure and was a reward in and of itself.

Looking up from the card he'd presented me with as part of our private New Year's celebration, I found his gleaming blue eyes. "Really?"

"Absolutely." His seductive mouth spread into a wide grin. "You've been a very good dirty girl this year."

There were so many possibilities, but there was one wicked indulgence I revered above all others.

Kneeling naked at his feet, I licked my lips in anticipation. "Boxer briefs."

Still smiling, his eyes narrowed slightly as he reached for the hem of his T-shirt, then pulled it over his head. Watching him strip out of his clothes never ceased to make my heart beat faster and my cunt flood with cream. I had to maintain my position with my knees wide apart until he released me, so I couldn't ease the growing ache in my sex.

When his jeans joined his T-shirt on the floor, he held out his arms and slowly turned around, letting me peruse him in all his glory. The gray boxer briefs clung to him like a second skin, molding to his muscular thighs, firm ass, and the tempting bulge at his groin.

Facing me again, he raised an eyebrow. "Where do you want me?"

I nodded towards the nearby sofa. "Over there, please."

He took his time sprawling out in the center, his legs spread open so I'd have complete access to what I craved.

One arm resting along the back of the sofa, he lifted his other arm and crooked his finger at me. "I'm all yours, naughty girl."

That was music to my slut ears.

Holding his gaze, I leisurely crawled over to him, my big tits swaying in counterpoint to the pronounced swing of my hips. By the time I was between his legs, his eyelids were heavy and I could see his erection forming in his briefs.

As much as I lived to make him hard, I was a bit rueful about it now. I loved nuzzling his soft cock and feeling it firming up against my cheek. Usually, I only got to experience that while he was sleeping—right before he woke up and fucked me senseless.

I trailed my hands up his legs, his wiry hair tickling my palms as I reached the hem of his boxers. Biting my lower lip, I toyed with the edge, just slipping my fingers underneath and then withdrawing them.

Smirking, he lowered his brows. "You know turnabout is fair play, right?"

I nodded.

Oh yes, I knew. As much as I taunted him now, he'd pay me back twofold later in a sensual assault that would surely have me begging for mercy as the clock struck midnight. That was part of the beauty of this particular reward. The other was that I got to take my time having my wicked way with him. He'd let me do as a pleased, seeing how long he could hold off until he came. Then all bets were off.

Carefully, I adjusted his cock up against his lower abdomen, then buried my nose in the soft cotton at the base of his shaft. Breathing in his irresistible manly musk, I rubbed the warm weight of his balls with my cheek.

He groaned and threaded his fingers in my hair, gripping it lightly but not urging me in any way. I welcomed him possessively holding my head as my lips explored the shape of his sac through the fabric. My hand barely teasing the length of his cock, I took one of his balls in my mouth and softly sucked him.

I delighted in the sound of him pulling in a harsh breath. Knowing, hearing, feeling his arousal always created a sympathetic reaction within me until we were in perfect harmony. My breathing quickened right along with his, my heart beat in time with the pulse I could feel beneath my fingertips, and my thighs became slick with my juices as his soaked through his boxer briefs.

Once I'd thoroughly dampened the material with my saliva, I gave the other side the same treatment. His fingers twitched in my hair and I knew he was struggling not to fist it. His steely control was slipping and that made my cunt ache even more.

As much as I relished savoring him in this way, part of me wanted to build his lust to such a crescendo that he'd snap, tackling me to the floor and taking me hard and fast. So far that hadn't happened, but a fuck slut can dream.

Moving on, I nibbled my way up his shaft until I reached the drenched head. He smelled and tasted so fucking good as I wrapped my lips around him and lapped up his salty essence. Fondling his balls in my hand, I lightly scraped the head with my teeth through the soaked fabric.

"Fuck…ah, just like…damn…"

Taking the tip of his cock into my mouth, boxer briefs and all, I looked up and met his barely open blue eyes. "Hmmmmm?"

"Christ…I, ah…never mind!" His chest heaving, he squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back.

That I'd reduced my libidinous lyricist of dirty talk to incoherent utterances made my cunt muscles clench painfully with longing.

Knowing he was close to coming, I released him long enough to fish his cock out of the opening in his boxer briefs, removing any barriers between us. Flesh met flesh as I sucked him deep into my mouth, my tongue stroking the ridge along the underside.

This time he did fist my hair. "I'm going to fucking come."

Humming my assent, I sucked him harder. The vibrations I created pushed him over the edge. In a sweet symphony of grunts and groans, he filled my mouth with his thick, abundant seed. I swallowed every drop and lovingly licked him clean.

When he'd caught his breath, he looked down at me with a devilish glint in his eyes. "My turn."