Monday, November 26, 2018

I Touch Myself (Masturbation Monday #221 & Wicked Wednesday #339)

Sometimes music and my writing go hand in hand. In fact, my story for Chemical [se]X Volume 2 was inspired by an Aerosmith song. While I was mulling over this week's Wicked Wednesday "Playful" prompt and the Masturbation Monday prompt, I came up with this idea. Very quickly, I knew the perfect song for it, the Divinyls "I Touch Myself," which is also the title. You can see the video for the song here:

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Warning: Brief reference to Daddy Dom/little girl role-playing towards the end.

I Touch Myself
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

Normally, I'm pretty even-tempered with occasional bouts of playfulness that are downright mischievous. What inspired my wickedness that day I can't really say. I should have been editing my most recent story, but it's often tedious work. My mind wandered off to where it usually goes if given half a chance—dirty daydreams of him.

I was reliving our latest filthy adventure, getting more turned on my the second. Of course, he was at work and unavailable to satisfy my lustful urges. Being horny without the object of my desires around was usually a recipe for trouble. When left to my own devices, I can express my creativity in devious ways.

It occurred to me that I shouldn't be the only one aroused and a very naughty plan formed in my hormone fueled brain. I knew there'd be retribution later, but that only encouraged me.

Grinning like a fiend, I skipped off to our bedroom and stripped out of my clothes. In the closet, I found his discarded work shirt from the day before. His intoxicating scent still clung to it and I took a moment to breathe him in. Then I put it on, only buttoning it enough to cover the essentials.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I decided I needed something else. I immediately knew the perfect thing. I grabbed a pair of blue thigh-high stockings that matched his shirt and leisurely slid them on.

Wardrobe change complete, I went to the stereo, selected the perfect song, and grabbed the remote. I could feel my juices already flooding my cunt as I set up my laptop on the nearby kitchen table. Finally, I pulled one of the kitchen chairs a few feet away from the table and turned it around so the low-profile ladder back faced the computer.

Standing out of the laptop camera's line of sight, I started it recording, then hit play on the remote. My heart pounded with excitement as the music started. I tossed the remote aside and sashayed into the frame, mouthing the lyrics to the song.

I love myself, I want you to love me…

Hips swaying, I danced around the chair until I was standing in front of it. I pulled the clip from my hair, freeing it, so brown waves cascaded down around my shoulders. Then I slowly unbuttoned the shirt, but only let it fall open enough to display a narrow strip of pale skin between my tits all the way to my shaved pussy.

Holding the shirt over my breasts, I spun around the chair and sat down facing away from the laptop. Over my shoulder, I looked back at the camera just in time for the next line, trailing my hand down my neck.

When I think about you, I touch myself…

I twirled around to face the camera, straddling the chair. His shirt was completely open now, revealing my tits and my very slick sex. The back of the chair was low enough that I could lean forward so my breasts hung over the edge. I took both of them in my hands and fondled my ample flesh. Letting my head fall back, I moaned in pleasure.

Looking at the camera, I took my nipples between my fingers and squeezed them hard, gasping as jolts of sensation ripped through me. My aching clit demanded attention and I couldn't resist any longer. While one hand continued tormenting my nipple, I slid the other hand down my body to my drenched slit.

I close my eyes and see you before me…

My eyes were open, but I did imagine him sitting where the computer was, his eyes incandescent. I only rubbed my clit briefly, then went lower, coating my fingers in cunt cream. Ever so slowly, I brought them up to my mouth and licked them, savoring my tangy flavor.

When they were clean, I got them messy again so I could paint my slickness all over my impossibly hard nipple. I knew how much he loved that. I could easily picture his nostrils flaring with lust as I repeated the enticing show on the other nipple.

A fool could see just how much I adore you…

That was so fucking true. Only for him would I make such a display—push aside all my inhibitions and dare to be bold. I trusted him more than I had anyone else.

I'd had enough teasing and delved my fingers between my wet cunt lips. Circling my clit again and again, I panted, my breathing getting heavier as my pleasure built. In my head, I saw him stroking his cock as he watched me. I loved watching him pleasure himself, seeing his hard shaft in his firm grip as he worked it from base to tip. 

I don't want anybody else…

Crying out, I came so fucking hard, my orgasm tearing through me so violently I barely remained in the chair.

When I came back to earth, I got up, sauntered over to the laptop, and stopped the recording.

Before I could reconsider, I sent him the video with the heading, "Watch me."

For five long minutes, I worried my lower lip as I waited for his response. Finally, it came:

You made me fucking hard.

I couldn't stop the wide grin from spreading across my face.

Right before a meeting!


Later I'll show you what happens to naughty girls that tease Daddy at work.

I was useless for the rest of the day, imagining how he'd make good on his delicious threat. With him, the possibilities were endless. I knew I'd be begging before the night was over and I couldn't wait.


  1. Wow that sounds so hot - i want to see the recording of her now!

    1. Thanks! That's why I included the music video. lol ;)

  2. Mmmm this is so damn sexy!

    Rebel xox

  3. You're the second person to have gotten that song in my head tonight, lol

    1. I just saw that! I hadn't read any of the other MM posts until today. I'm not surprised, though. That song sort of lends itself to erotic inspiration. lol ;)