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What If (Wicked Wednesday #417)

I’ve been working on this story for a while. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but I’ve decided to post it here. This has gone through several versions, because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted the story to play out, but the beginning and end have essentially remained the same. It’ll be the last short story I share for a while, because I’m going to focus on finishing one of the erotic romance manuscripts I’ve had on the backburner. Never fear, I’m sure I’ll be back.

In 2018, I reconnected with someone very special to me. Although I’d been writing, that renewed relationship gave me a fresh wave of inspiration and heralded my most productive period of erotic writing. I don’t know for sure, but I believe I do the same for him. My story “Eminent Domain,” which was published in The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Volume 3, wasn’t directly inspired by him, but I know our reconnection energized me to finish it. He was a big source of inspiration for “Elevator Confidential” (published in Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More), “Chained” (published in Best Bondage Erotica of the Year Volume 1), and just about every story posted on this blog since then – including the one below. I may not be able to share his name, but he knows who he is. That’s enough. So, I’d like to dedicate everything I’ve written in the last couple of years and everything I write in the future to him, the love of my life.

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Ria ;)
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What If
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All right reserved.

We all do it—ask ourselves “what if?” What if I took a different route to work? What if I smiled at the cute guy in the coffee shop? What if I accepted that job in another country?
Sometimes we take the plunge and satisfy our curiosity—good or bad. Other times, we only fantasize about the what-ifs.
One night a few weeks ago, Paul surprised me when he asked, “What if we go on a pilgrimage?”
We were curled up on the sofa watching a documentary about a small Catholic church in New Mexico. Its claim to fame was a room with a round pit containing “holy dirt.” Every year, thousands of pilgrims traveled there to heal whatever ailed them—either physically or spiritually.
When I thought about it, Paul’s suggestion wasn’t that strange. He’d been raised much more Catholic than me. I didn’t believe in organized religion and didn’t consider myself religious. I felt I was more spiritual.
However, I was always up for an adventure—especially when it involved a long road trip with my favorite guy.
Shortly after entering New Mexico, we stopped to fill up the car at an out-of-the-way gas station. I got out to stretch my legs and wandered over to the corner of the parking lot. An old woman had set up a small stand displaying hand-crafted silver jewelry.
She was chattering away in Spanish to someone on a cellphone. When I approached, she quickly ended the call and gave me a broad smile.
I smiled back. “Buenas tardes.”
Her eyes widened and she replied in rapid-fire Spanish. I could understand her surprise. With my pale skin and green eyes, I favored my Anglo mother more than my Colombian father. Still, I had to explain to her in rather stilted Spanish that I wasn’t all that fluent. Thankfully, she slowed down to something I could better understand.
I perused some of her jewelry and pointed to a cuff bracelet with turquoise set in a pretty floral pattern. She eagerly offered it to me and I tried it on. Deciding I liked it, I reached into my purse to pay for it.
“I’ve got it.” Paul appeared from behind me and handed the woman some cash.
I knew better than to argue, so I kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”
Que bonito!” the woman said. “Tu esposo es muy atento.”
I smiled. “No, es mi novio.”
She slapped a hand to her chest. “Ay, lo siento!”
No se preocupe.”
She looked Paul over speculatively, then started fanning herself. “Pero es muy guapo tambien, no?”
Si, es mi corazon.”
Her eyes lit up and she bid us an enthusiastic farewell.
As we walked back to the car, he asked, “What was all that about?”
I chuckled. “She thought you were my husband and said you were very attentive. When I explained that you’re my boyfriend, she apologized and said you were very handsome too. I agreed.”
He took hold of my hand, threading his long fingers between mine. “Maybe that’s something we should seriously consider.”
“Getting married.”
My heartbeat went into overdrive. His touch alone could do that, but this time it was the m-word that made my heart want to escape from my chest.
It wasn’t something he’d mentioned before, so I assumed he was teasing me and gave him one my trademark flippant replies. “You’d have to ask me first.”
He stopped at the passenger side door and looked down at me with a slight smile. “What if I did?”
 I grinned up at him. “What if I said I enjoyed living in sin?”
His brow furrowed, he released my hand and walked around to the driver’s side—without opening my door for me.
That reaction was completely out of character, but I was a strong, independent woman. I was perfectly capable of opening my own door and did exactly that. I was settled in my seat, snapping my seatbelt into place, when he got in the car with an honest-to-God harrumph. Then he slammed his door shut, punctuating his displeasure.
Had he been serious about the whole marriage thing?
I honestly thought we were engaging in some playful banter, but he didn’t answer my smart-ass comment like I expected. He definitely seemed upset. I wasn’t sure how to fix the situation, so I took a wait and see approach. Maybe it would blow over.
We got back on the road and I left him alone while he silently brooded for several miles.
Eventually, he asked, “Is it the age difference?”
“What? Of course not! We both know you’re not much older than me.”
“But I look much older.” He raked his fingers roughly through his thick mane. “It’s this hair.”
I released my seatbelt and moved closer to him. “I love your hair.” I slid my fingers leisurely through the soft silver strands. “I think it’s sexy.”
He glanced at me with a slight smirk. “It doesn’t help that you look like you’re twelve.”
“I do not!” When he looked my way again, I raised an eyebrow. “And what would that say about you if I did?”
Finally, there was amusement twinkling in his blue eyes. “Are you implying that I’m a dirty old man?”
“Well, dirty and man are true enough.”
“Okay, maybe you look twenty-five.”
Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Maybe this whole pilgrimage was about more than him reconnecting with his religious roots. After all, it was a beautifully quaint little church in a very scenic locale. Maybe he’d been planning a romantic proposal and the woman’s innocent comment gave him an opportunity to feel me out.
My heart stopped for a couple of beats when I considered that he might have been planning a surprise wedding. However, I quickly dismissed that idea. That would require a lot more advanced warning.
What if he’d come up with some incredibly sweet way to propose and I ruined it with my smart-ass tendencies? Not only that, I also made him doubt his appeal and my feelings for him. I never imagined loving anyone as much as I loved him, so that idea didn’t sit well with me at all. Without knowing what was in his head, though, I didn’t know what to do.
We both sat in silence for a while as the miles flew by. He was probably worrying about his age while I wondered how to rescue the situation.
I spotted a sign for an upcoming service station and some wicked inspiration hit me.
“Take the next exit. I need a rest stop.”
Paul frowned at me. “Why didn’t you go when we got gas?”
I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t need to go then.”
He sighed, but took the exit.
When he parked near the station, I swiped the keys from the ignition. Since he decided to take the old Plymouth he inherited from his grandfather and lovingly restored, there was no trunk release button.
“What are you doing?”
“I need to grab something from my bag.”
He looked suspicious, but I didn’t give him the chance to ask any questions. I hopped out, opened the trunk, got what I wanted, and shoved it into my over-sized purse.
That done, I walked around to the driver’s side and tossed him the keys through the open car window. “Be right back.”
In the ladies’ room, I found an empty stall and exchanged my T-shirt and jeans for a flirty little blue sundress. I slipped off my bra and panties too for good measure. Then I went out to the sink area and rummaged in my bag for some lipstick and a couple of hair bands. Grinning at myself in the mirror, I put my long brown hair into two very girly pigtails. The last touch was a coating of bright red lipstick on my pouty lips.
“Oh yeah, you’re a Lolita look-alike alright,” I told my reflection.
If there was one thing I knew would cheer him up, it was some naughty roleplaying. Once he was in a better mood, I’d let him know just how much he meant to me. Hopefully, that would get us back on track.
As I walked through the convenience store area, I had another brilliant idea. I quickly found what I needed and went to the cashier. I plunked a lollipop and an obnoxious pair of Jackie O style sunglasses on the counter.
Moving as slow as molasses in January, the sleazy cashier—who was old enough to be my grandfather—gave me a long lecherous look as he rang up my purchases.
I gave him my best “no way in hell” look and paid him more than I needed to so I could get out of there. Walking out of the service station, I put on the sunglasses, tore off the wrapper on the lollipop, and popped it into my mouth.
As I approached the car, I saw Paul was too busy looking at his cell to see me, which was perfect.
Bracing my forearm on the driver’s side window, I noisily pulled the lollipop from my mouth and said, “Hey, mister, can I get a ride?”
Startled, Paul dropped his phone. He glanced at me and did a double-take, then his lips spread into a slow sexy smile. “And who might you be?”
I was tempted to say Lolita, but I looked down at my bracelet and said, “Daisy.”
“Sure. Hop in, Daisy.”
Sucking away on the lollipop, I made sure to put some extra swing in my hips as I sashayed around the front of the car—knowing full well that the dress barely covered my ass. I tossed my bag into the back seat, then made a big display of getting settled in the passenger seat, causing my dress to slide up to my hips. There was no way he could miss that I wasn’t wearing panties.
He cleared his throat, started the car, and got back on the road.
“So, ah, Daisy, where are you heading?”
I waved the lollipop in the air with a flourish. “Anywhere. As far away from my shitty little hometown as I can get.”
“That bad, huh?”
“Oh yeah. My father is a preacher.” Daisy was rather flamboyant about talking with her hands. “A real fire and brimstone type. And he’s got the whole town brainwashed. They don’t even allow dancing! Can you believe that?”
He flashed me a grin, but didn’t call me out on blatantly stealing the plot to Footloose. “That sounds awful.”
“And he’s so mean, and strict, and wouldn’t let me have any fun!”
“That’s rough.”
Sucking on my lolly, I lowered my sunglasses and stared at his profile for a long moment.
He glanced over at me. “What?”
“I bet you’d be really sweet to me.”
I tossed the sunglasses onto the dashboard and sidled up to him, my tits pressing against his arm, then traced his ear with my finger. “Yeah, I can tell you’d be kind, thoughtful, and take good care of me.”
“Ah, well…”
Getting even closer, I whispered in his ear, “In return, I’d be your naughty girl.” I grazed his earlobe with my teeth and slid my hand up his thigh.
“I can be so dirty. Just for you.” I traced his growing erection through his jeans.
Paul groaned. “How dirty?”
“Want me to show you?”
“Yes,” he hissed.
He might have thought I’d pull his cock out right then and there, but I had another idea. Moving away from him, I turned and started climbing into the back. The cool air teasing my skin meant he was getting a good view of my bare ass.
I was halfway over the seat when the car swerved. “Shit! What are you doing?”
Tumbling into the backseat, I giggled. “I’m showing you what a dirty girl I am.”
“From back there?” He sounded quite put out.
“Uh-huh.” I sat up and made sure he could see me clearly in the rearview mirror.
When his gaze met mine, I made a big show of enjoying the lollipop the way I loved worshiping his cock. Then I spread my legs wide apart, revealing my shaved pussy. Heat flared in his blue eyes, but then he looked back at the road.
This wicked game already had me hot and wet. When he was watching again, I slid my finger along my damp slit, moaning at the delicious contact. I delved between my folds and got my finger nice and slick. After another glance at the road, I traded my lollipop for my messy finger and sucked it clean while he watched.
“Mmmm, salty and sweet.”
He groaned, but had to look away again.
His eyes on me, I lowered one strap on my sundress until my large tit spilled out. I brought the sticky lollipop to my taut nipple and painted it candy red.
“Fuck!” The car swerved again. “I can’t watch your naughty show and drive at the same time.”
“Then you better pull over, because it only gets dirtier from here.”
I waited while he pulled off onto a service road. When we were safely concealed behind some scrub trees, he parked the car and gave me his undivided attention.
The lollipop back in my mouth, I leaned back and spread my legs even further apart, bracing one foot up on the seat. I traced my puffy pussy lips again, but then gave my clit some much-needed attention. I dipped my fingers into my gushing cunt, relishing having something—anything—in my aching emptiness. My gaze never leaving his in the mirror, I smeared my wetness all over my clit, circling and circling it. Exquisite sensations shivered through my body and my breathing quickened.
I was tempted to keep going until I came, but I wasn’t done teasing him yet. I got my fingers slick again, then smeared my juices over my sticky nipple. I pulled down the other strap of my dress and freed my other tit. I repeated the process on my pristine nipple, coating the hard, fat bud with the sticky sweetness from the lollipop, followed by a generous application of pussy juice.
“I wonder what cherry and cunt flavored nipples taste like.”
His nostrils flared in the rearview. “Maybe you should find out.”
Never one to refuse a challenge, I took one of my heavy tits in my hand, pushed it up as far as I could, then bent enough to lick my nipple. Before I could comment, I heard a rumbling from low in his throat and the sound of the car door being thrown open.
When I looked up, he was out of the car and yanking the driver’s seat forward so he could join me in the back seat.
I squealed when he grabbed my leg and pulled towards him so I fell back along the seat. He climbed in on top of me until he was straddling my chest. A thrill of excitement coursed through me at the dangerous look in his eyes.
“You like sucking on things?”
I nodded my head eagerly.
“Good.” He snagged the lollipop from me and tossed it out of the open door. “I have something better for you to suck on.”
Panting in anticipation, I watched as he unzipped his jeans and freed his cock in all its fully aroused glory. He wrapped his hand around the hard length and stroked it from base to tip for a few slow passes.
Watching him jerk off was always so fucking hot I whimpered with longing. My cunt flooded with a fresh wave cream and I ground my thighs together in a vain attempted to ease the neediness only he could satisfy.
He leaned forward and traced the head of his cock along my parted lips. I stuck my tongue out, licking it, savoring the essence drooling out that was all him. Craving more, I craned my neck so I could take him into my mouth, sucking him softly at first then harder. My gaze traveled up his heaving chest as I took him deeper. He hit the back of my throat as I meet his heavy-lidded blue eyes. Holding his gaze, I swallowed around his cock.
“Fuck!” He grabbed my pigtails and eased himself out of my mouth. “Not so fast, dirty girl.”
He moved down my body, pushing my legs apart to make room for himself. Bracing his arms on the car seat, he hovered over me, his cock teasing my thigh.
“I want to sample those nipples myself.”
He took one taut nipple in his mouth, lapping and sucking on it until I was hyperventilating. “Mmmm, delicious.”
Once he cleaned one nipple, he moved on to the other one and gave it the same sweet torture. I swear I almost came when he lightly grazed it with his teeth, but it wasn’t quite enough. With him keeping my legs apart and avoiding any direct contact with my cunt, I was desperate and about to beg for some relief.
 Sensing my agitated stated, he released my nipple and smirked at me. “As much as I enjoy your cherry-cunt flavored nipples, I’d rather taste it from the source.”
In a few swift movements, he moved back as far he could, grabbed my ass, then had my legs draped over his shoulder and his face buried in my cunt. He dragged his tongue up the length of my drenched slit before focusing his lavish ministrations on my clit.
Moaning at the brilliant sensations he created, I dug my nails into the leather seat and writhed uncontrollably beneath him. He ravished me with his expertise and pleasure built hard and fast. I couldn’t stop the intense orgasm that tore through me even if I wanted to.
I was still quivering with the aftershocks when he shifted again and pushed his hard cock deep inside me. We both groaned at the feel of him filling my tight, rippling cunt. His arms supporting him on either side of my head, he covered me completely. He was everywhere and I loved it.
As he started moving inside me, fucking me in long slow strokes, his face was right above mine, his mouth glistening with my juices and his gaze locked me. “You’re mine.”
“I’ll always be yours.”
The fire in his eyes burned even hotter and he took my mouth in a fierce kiss. I kissed him back just as enthusiastically, my tongue dancing with his, savoring my own unique flavor on him. His thrusts became faster and more powerful as we claimed each other body and soul.
My pleasure built slower this time, but it was decadently languorous. He kissed his way down my neck, sucking and nibbling the tender flesh as he pounded my cunt, his cock hitting the sweet spot deep inside me over and over again. I knew I was going to feel his possession for a long time afterwards, but that was the way I liked it.
The sensations grew stronger and stronger until I was a breath away from coming all over his cock.
Reading me like the open book I always was for him, he rasped in my ear, “Come for me dirty girl.”
Letting the pleasure overtake me, I came for him, my body rocked by an even more devastating orgasm than before. Convulsing with waves of bliss, I cried out and gripped him tightly. He slammed into me a few more times before coming deep inside with a strangled groan.
We stayed locked together like that for some time, my inner muscles trembling around his jerking cock, his warm breath fanning the side of my neck. Gradually, our bodies calmed and he gently lifted his weight off of me.
He kissed the side of my neck. “We should get back on the road.”
“Give me a lifetime. You blew all my circuits.”
He chuckled. “Not bad for an old man, huh?”
“Age is a state of mind.”
He pulled back enough for me to see his face. “With you around, who needs a fountain of youth.”
“Stick with me, big boy, and I’ll keep you forever young.”
Paul blessed me with one of his heart-melting smiles. “I’m stuck like glue, sweet thing.”
I traced his lips with my finger. “Good, because I’m madly in love with you. Always and forever.”
His expression turned serious. “Marry me.”
Grinning, I loved him even more for not making it a question. I’d only ever take that particular adventure with him—my lover, my best friend. For him, I’d always say yes, because he was the answer to all my what-ifs.

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Dance for You (Masturbation Monday #285)

I’d originally planned to call this “Dedicated to the One I Love,” but “Dance for You” seemed more appropriate. For your musical enjoyment, there’s a video after the story featuring the BeyoncĂ© song I imagined accompanying this Valentine’s Day surprise.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: some light spanking.

Dance for You
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved.

My heart was doing the lambada in my chest while I waited for my guy—which was appropriate. We were supposed to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, but I had a special surprise for him. I’d been secretly taking pole dancing classes and wanted to give him a private performance.

Headlights flashed across the front window and my heartbeat went into triple time—from both nerves and excitement. It had to be him, because no one else was supposed to be there that time of night. Sure enough, he got out of the car and walked up to the door. He was breathtaking in his gray slacks and a dress shirt the same color as his blue eyes.

I let him in, then shut and locked the door behind him.

When I turned around, he was taking in my slinky red wrap dress and killer heels. His gaze slowly traveled up my body and finally meet my eyes. “Why did you text me to meet you here when are reservations are across town?”

His slight smile let me know he was more curious than annoyed.

“I have a pre-dinner surprise for you.”

He grinned. “Is that so?”


I took his hand and led him to one of the back studios without windows. There were a dozen stripper poles at one end of the room. I’d set up a chair a few feet in front of my pole of choice. I motioned to it. “Please, sit here.”

He chuckled. “Okay.”

Once he was seated, I dimmed the lights, then started my song and put it on repeat. As the music began, I sashayed over to the pole. For a moment, I just let the music infuse my soul, unleashing my innate sensuality, and my body started to move.

With one hand on the pole, I circled it, swaying my hips to the slow, sultry beat. Facing him again, I saw that his smile was gone and I had his full ardent attention—which I loved. I hooked my leg around the pole and performed the simplest spin I’d learned.

Surrendering to the music, I relaxed a little more with every move—so much so that I felt myself getting aroused. It was thrilling performing for him like that, being his private exotic dancer. I wanted to sexy for him. I wanted to be naughty for him. Just him.

After a couple of circuits, I stood in front of the pole, still moving my body to the music, and unfastened the tie on my dress. Opening it, I revealed the red lace teddy I wore underneath. Even in the low lightening, I could see the heat flaring in his eyes, which made me even hotter.

I shrugged off my dress and tossed it aside. Then I turned around and grabbed the pole with both hands. Bending forward, I let him get a good look at the narrow strip in back that exposed more of my round ass than it covered. I rocked my hips from side to side and heard him groan.

Getting lost in an erotic fugue state, I continued my seductive dance, doing more elaborate spins. The aching need in my sex got stronger and stronger. My wetness soaked the crotch of my lacy teddy. At one point, I ground myself against the pole, giving myself some relief, but not enough. Raw desire was a wildfire surging through my veins.

Jumping up, I grabbed the pole higher up and did the most difficult move in my repertoire. Flipping upside down, I did a split in the air, held it for a moment, then wrapped a leg around the pole again and managed to get right-side-up again without falling. Then I spun down onto the floor.

Writhing with the pole between my legs, I arched my back while I squeezed my tits. I turned my head in his direction and he crooked his finger at me. I’d pretty much finished my dance, so I eagerly obeyed his command. Rolling onto my hands and knees, I crawled to him like the horny pussy I was.

When I reached him, I slid my hands up his legs and traced the obvious erection in his slacks. “Want a lap dance, Mister?”

“Fuck yes. And to see that sweet ass up close.”

Getting on my feet, I turned around, bent over, and rocked my hips from side to side.

He smacked one cheek, making me gasp with delicious pleasure-pain. “Back that ass up, dirty girl.”

Straddling his legs, I braced my hands on his knees and twerked right in this face.

“Fuck that’s hot.” He smacked the other cheek, making me moan and thrust my ass back even more.

“Dancing for me got you all hot and bothered, did it?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

His fingers traced the strip of lace between my ass cheeks down to the drenched crotch—and found the snaps there. “Mmmm, that’s convenient.”

He unsnapped the teddy and slid his fingers along my slick slit.

Moaning, I quivered when he found my clit and massaged the tender bud. I greedily worked my hips faster, grinding myself against his fingers.

Before I could get close to coming, he pulled back and painted my asshole with my juices. “Such a pretty little asshole.”

Even though his touch felt oh so good there, I craved his cock in my cunt and hoped he wasn’t thinking about fucking my ass.

He smacked my ass again. “Come on, naughty girl. Turn around and give me that lap dance while you fuck my cock.”

One of the many things I loved about the man was his ability to read my dirty mind. I couldn’t obey him fast enough. When I was facing him again, he already had his cock out and in his strong hand. As much as I loved the sight, I was too aroused to take time to properly admire it.

Straddling is lap again, I braced one hand on his shoulder and slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, whimpering at the sweet sensation of him filling me so perfectly.

He groaned. “Fuck, you always feel so good, baby.”

My breathing quickening, I rocked my hips so my clit got much-needed attention. “I was thinking exactly the same thing.”

His lips curved into a sexy smile. “Let’s see how well you work this pole.”

Never one to resist a challenge, I lifted my hips and eased back down, moaning at the exquisite feeling of him moving inside me. As the music played on, I repeated the motion again and again, occasionally swiveling my hips. I followed the rhythm of the song at first, but as my pleasure quickly grew, my movements became more erratic.

While I rode his cock, he pulled down the lace cups of my teddy, freeing my tits. We both watched them jiggle as I bounced up and down. Then he cupped them in his hands, fondling the abundant flesh. I gasped when he pinched my nipples, my hips jerking wildly as hedonistic delight jolted throughout my body.

He abandoned one nipple and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back. My neck exposed, he latched onto to the sensitive skin there, sucking and nibbling me while he continued tormenting my nipple. Decadent sensations assaulting me from all directions, I came all over his cock, a violent release tearing through me.

I was barely aware of him releasing me so I collapsed against him, my head falling onto his shoulder. As I quivered and quaked in his lap, he gripped my ass in both his hands and fucked me on his cock a few more times before he came deep inside me with a long, drawn-out groan.

I’m not sure how long we stayed locked together like that before I felt him kiss the side of my neck. “We should get one of those poles installed in our bedroom.”

Finally in control of my body, I sat up a bit and smiled at him. “Then I could dance for you anytime.”


“I’m glad we share the same dirty mind, because I arranged for one to be put in on Monday.”

Grinning, he shook his head. “Such a naughty girl.”

I gave him a long deep kiss. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s to you too, babygirl.”

Friday, February 7, 2020

Fever (Masturbation Monday #284)

This is another spur-of-the-moment idea. It doesn't really fit the Masturbation Monday prompt, but strike while the inspiration is hot and all that. For your musical enjoyment, there’s a song after the story that I think suits it perfectly.

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Hope you enjoy.

Ria ;)
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By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved.

I was a woman on a mission. I’d been working on a particularly hot sex scene for my latest book and I was on fire. As the chemistry intensified and the sparks flew in the story, the characters always became my man and me. For an hour, I squirmed in my seat getting hornier and hornier until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Sure, I could have just gotten myself, but I wanted him—I needed him—and I was determined to get what I craved.

I found him in his home studio—with the rest of his band. Fuck, he wasn’t alone. I was about to self-combust or cry, I wasn’t sure which. I briefly considered jumping him right there in front of the other guys, but sanity immediately prevailed.

Thankfully, he took one look at me and accurately interpreted my mood. “Take five, guys.”

A made a sharp jerking motion with my head.

“Ah, make that ten.” He put down his guitar and headed for me with a raised eyebrow.

This was one of the many reasons I loved the man. We seemed to have a telepathic link—especially when it involved anything sexual. He could read my mind like no one I’d ever known.

When he reached the door, I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall to the nearest bathroom.

He chuckled as I pushed him inside. “The writing went well, did it?”

“Yes.” The man knew me all too well. I joined him in the bathroom, shut the door, and locked it.

I didn’t waste any time pressing my body along his, my tits crushed against his chest, and attacked his zipper. I couldn’t free him from his jeans fast enough.

He nudged my chin up with his finger so I could see the smirk on his face. “We were about to record the new song.”

“As worked up as I am, this won’t take long. I promise.”

“You know, they know exactly what’s going on in here.”

“Don’t care.” I yanked his jeans and boxer briefs down over his hips. “I need your cock.”

His grin widened. “I might need time to catch up with you.”

I wrapped my hand around his semi-hard cock and stroked it from base to tip, teasing the underside with my thumb. I relished the feel of him hardening beneath my touch.

Groaning, he closed his eyes as pleasure washed over his face, his teasing grin long gone.

“That won’t take long either.”

His eyes snapped open and blazed blue fire. “Get your ass up on that sink and show me your horny cunt.”

Not hesitating, I released his cock and did as I was told. While writing, I didn’t bother wearing panties and often wore a short skirt for easy access. When you write erotic romance, getting horny was an occupational hazard.

My skirt slid up as I boosted myself up onto the vanity, my bare ass meeting the cold surface. I spread my legs wide apart, revealing my cleanly shaved pussy.

“Fuck, you’re ripe and ready, aren’t you, dirty girl?” He yanked off his T-shirt and tossed it onto the floor.

I looked down to see for myself. My sex was flushed with arousal and glistening with juices, my cunt lips puffy and slightly parted, my swollen clit peeking out, begging for attention.

“T-shirt too.”

My gaze shifted to see him fisting his fully hard cock. Watching him stroke his cock fueled the fiery need consuming me. I pulled off my shirt—and quickly stripped off my bra too. I knew that would be his next command, so I was saving time.

“Eager little slut.” He squeezed the length of his shaft, milking out a line of clear pre-come.

“Fuck yeah.” We both knew I was only ever a slut for him, but I got off on the dirty names.

Unable to hold back any longer, I slid my fingers between my cunt lips and gave my clit the attention it desperately craved. Moaning, I circled it again and again, watching him while he watched me. I went lower and pushed my fingers inside my tight sheath, getting them thoroughly coated in my wetness.

Then I painted my taut nipples with my juices. Once both were as slick as my sex, I took them between my fingers and pinched them—hard. The pleasure-pain jolting through my body, I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against the mirror above the sink. The bittersweet sensation made my inner muscles tighten and my sex ache even more.

I heard a low rumbling sound, then he grabbed my thighs and yanked me closer to the edge of the vanity. I had to brace my hands behind me to avoid seriously banging my head. That caused my body to arch, thrusting my tits in the air.

He swiftly pushed himself deep inside me with one forceful thrust, filling and stretching me magnificently. I whimpered when he pulled out, but then he slammed back inside my cunt---again and again. It was just the good hard fuck I needed, my pleasure building at lightning speed.

While he steadily pounded my pussy, he bent over me and took one of my nipples in his mouth. Sucking and licking the tender bud, he devoured my cunt cream, then gave the other nipple the same treatment. I gasped when I felt his teeth graze the sensitive flesh.

We were both too lost in our urgent lust to engage in our usual repertoire of filthy dirty talk. The small room was filled with grunts, groans, and the sound of skin smacking against skin. When he lightly bit my nipple, I struggled to muffle a cry of intense pleasure. I was in sensory overload and so very close to coming all over his demanding cock.

Then he bit the other nipple even harder and I went careening over the edge, a devastating orgasm racking my body. It was so sudden and powerful I couldn’t stop the wail of exquisite release that escaped. I was too absorbed in the blissful sensations consuming me to care if anyone heard.

“Fuck!” With several hard thrusts, he joined me, his cock jerking inside me as he filled me with his come.

When I could breathe and control my limbs again, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the side of his neck. “Thank you.”

He chuckled. “It was my pleasure.”

With him still inside me, the vibration from his laughter renewed my arousal. Before I could consider a more leisurely round two, he pulled out of me and helped me sit up.

He grinned down at me. “I definitely want to read whatever got you so worked up.”

“When I’m finished, absolutely.”

To my everlasting disappointment, he tucked himself back inside his jeans and zipped up. “You going back to work?”

“I think I’ll call it a day and make you guys something to eat for when you’re done recording.”

“Thank you.” He abruptly squeezed his eyes shut and groaned.


“They’re going to give me so much shit when I go back in there.”

“I’ll give you a nice long cock-worshipping session tonight to make up for it.”

His breathtaking smile was back. “Just one of the many reasons I married you.”

And I thanked my lucky stars every day that I got to spend the rest of eternity with him.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Bored Stiff (Masturbation Monday #283)

I hadn’t planned to write this—I’m actually trying to finish something else—but this idea came to me, then I saw the Masturbation Monday prompt. It was a marriage made in filthy erotica heaven.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
Twitter: @RiaRestrepo

Warning: Some light domination and submission, bondage, spanking, and name-calling.

Bored Stiff
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved.

Stuck in another pointless work meeting, I was irritated and bored—not a good combination for me. The only saving grace saving was that I was sitting across from the love of my life. Unfortunately, because of a strict no-fraternization policy, we had to keep our relationship on the down-low.

Our connection was getting more intense by the day, so something had to give soon. One of us had to make a move—and it was probably going to be me. Honestly, it would be a relief. Being in this kind of restrictive environment was slowly killing my soul.

As our coworkers droned on like the adults in a Peanuts cartoon, I zoned out, my mind wandering off to indulge in familiar dirty daydreams. The object of my erotic musings appeared to be doodling on his notepad. I was entranced by his long fingers, remembering all the things they did the night before.

Despite all the wonderfully wicked sensations those fingers created on my flesh, the highlight of the evening was seeing his strong hand wrapped around his hard cock. He’d tied my hands to the headboard of his bed, then sat between my legs at the end of the bed. While he admired me spread out for him and completely exposed, he leisurely stroked his shaft from base to tip and back again, over and over.

My gaze glued to the seductive sight, I could only squirm, and whimper, and writhe…and beg. Oh God, how I begged. I should have been embarrassed about all the things I said—all the naughty promises I made—but I wasn’t. Seeing him pleasure himself lit a fire deep inside me that only he could satisfy.

Replaying the whole illicit scene ignited my desire right there in that infernal meeting. I felt like I had red hot lava coursing through my veins. Shifting in my seat, I could feel my juices sliding between my pussy lips and soaking into my panties. My cunt demanded attention, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Looking up at his handsome face, I tried distracting myself by studying his striking features. His strong jaw, aquiline nose, wide mouth, and high cheekbones weren’t model perfect, but they all worked together for a devastating effect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see his best feature because his eyes were focused downward.

Then there was his thick mane of silver hair, which I loved. He kept it neatly trimmed, but just long enough for me to grab handfuls of it when he expertly ate my cunt. Of course, with my hands bound, I wasn’t able to do that when he finally gave me some sweet relief last night. I was too lost in the pleasure of his clever tongue to miss that particular indulgence.

His gaze shifted upward and met mine. A slow sexy smile spread across his face. He clearly knew exactly what I was thinking. We often had an uncanny ability to read each other’s minds—especially if it involved something dirty.

As hot and bothered as I was, I thought his smile looked entirely too smug. Bored, irritated, and horny was always a recipe for mischief as far as I was concerned. However, my options were limited. The conference table was too wide for me to slip my foot up his leg and tease his cock with my toes. But where there was a will, there was a way.

I subtly tapped out a message to him on my phone.

Bet you wish I was underneath this table sucking your cock right now.

He looked at his phone, raised an eyebrow, then tapped out a reply.

Be good!

Oh, I would be. So fucking good.

Do not get me hard in this meeting.

Why? You know how much I love worshipping your hard cock. Nice and slow. My tongue leisurely tracing the thick vein underneath before I take the head in my mouth and softly sucking on it.

Ha! He shifted in his seat as his burning blue gaze met mine again.

Keep it up and I’ll spank your ass until it glows.

Promises. Promises.

And I won’t let you come.

That made me pout.

But I’m bored and horny!


What if I said I wasn’t wearing panties and I’m so fucking wet?

The smug smile was back.

Prove it.

The evil man was calling my bluff. Of course, I couldn’t prove it, because I was wearing panties—a skimpy black lace thong that was thoroughly drenched in my cunt cream. However, we both knew I couldn’t resist a challenge when he threw down the gauntlet.

With my phone in my hand, I stood abruptly and pulled my skirt down to make sure it was covering my ass. Everyone, including my boss, turned to look at me.

“I need to use the ladies’ room.”

Scowling, my boss made a sharp dismissive gesture, then resumed whatever he was saying.

Geez, it wasn’t like anything important was going on. I could have been doing some actual work instead of discussing an obvious decision to death.

I quickly left the conference room and headed straight for the ladies’ room. Safely ensconced in a stall, I slipped off my thong and sent him a series of pictures. Since I knew he knew I’d been bluffing, I sent him a shot of my drenched thong. Next, a close-up of my slick hairless pussy.

Setting my phone aside, I unfastened my blouse and opened the front clasp of my bra. Then I coated my fingers in my juices and painted it all over my taut nipples. I sent him a picture of a glistening nipple and another of one caught between my messy fingers. I also got a shot of two fingers on either side of my swollen clit. Finally, I took a picture of me licking my slick fingers.

I was tempted to get myself off right then, but I really wanted him to make me come. Leaving my panties off, I made myself presentable again. With my thong balled up in one hand and my phone in the other, I left the restroom and went back to the meeting to see his response.

Just as I was about to enter the conference room, one of my coworkers came out.

“Oh, you missed the end of the meeting,” she said brightly. “We decided the initial proposal was the best.”

Clearly! Just like I said.

My blue-eyed avenger appeared from behind her and took my upper arm in his firm grasp. “Will you excuse us? We need to go over some details about the Anderson account.”

“Of course!”

He didn’t say anything as he guided me down the hall, but the barely leashed tension radiated off of him. My heart hammered in my chest with excitement, not fear. He didn’t lose control often, and I usually preferred being his good girl. But when I did push him to the edge, his reaction was always thrilling. All sorts of possibilities for naughty retribution raced through my head.

My office was the closest, so that’s where we went. Once inside, he closed and locked the door behind us.

He took me by surprise and pinned me up against the door. “Did you get your horny cunt off in the bathroom?” he rasped in my ear.

I shook my head. “No, I promise.”

Pulling back, he looked in my eyes for a long moment. “Why not?”

“I need your cock.”

“You’re a filthy little cock whore, aren’t you?”

Fuck, I loved it when he called me dirty names. “Yes. Just for you.”

“Damn straight.”

He took the phone from my hand and tossed it onto the chair by the door. Then he took the balled-up panties from my other hand, brought them up to his nose, and breathed in my scent.

Damn, that was hot.

“Open your mouth.”

I knew what he had in mind, but obeyed his command. He put the thong in my mouth and I could taste my own tangy-sweet essence on my tongue. The dirtiness of the act made the inner muscles of my sex tighten with need.

“Bend over your desk.”

Quickly, I did just that.

“Now lift up your skirt.”

I yanked the hem up to my waist without a second thought.

“Spread your legs wide apart.”

Again, I didn’t hesitate.

“Such an eager little slut.”

I murmured my agreement around my soaked panties.

When I heard the rasped of his zipper and rustle of his clothes, I almost wept with relief. A sharp smack to my ass cheek caught me by surprise once more. The bittersweet sensation went straight to my clit, making it throb even harder. I felt a fresh wave of cunt juice gush from my sex.

He gave the other cheek the same treatment and I thought he might continue, but then his large body was over me, his arm braced on the desk next to mine. “I’d spank you until had trouble sitting for the rest of the week, but someone might hear.”

I was actually disappointed that he wasn’t going to carry out his wicked threat.

“And right now, I just want to fuck you hard and fast.”

Before I could respond in any way, he shoved himself deep inside me, making me moan with pleasure. He didn’t waste any time setting up a steady pounding rhythm.

Tender love-making was out of this world, but sometimes I craved a brutal fuck. This was definitely one of those times. I was going to feel that fuck for days after and I welcomed the sweet ache that would be a constant reminder of his possession. I’d also cherish the marks the edge of the desk left on my hips.

His warm breaths and soft grunts teased my ear as he ravished my body, his balls slapping against my pussy lips with every thrust. The hedonistic sensations built quickly, pushing me closer and closer to what I knew was going to be a powerful orgasm.

“I shouldn’t let you come,” he said, reading my mind.

I whispered pathetically. I probably deserved that kind of punishment, but fuck, I really needed to come. Even without his permission, I didn’t know if I could hold it back.

“The filthy pictures saved you. Come for me, dirty slut.”

Thankful for my reprieve, I immediately let go and my orgasm ripped through me, fierce convulsions rocking my body. I was still quaking from the aftershocks when I heard his long, drawn-out groan. He slammed into me one last time and I felt the warm flush of his spunk filling me.

We stayed locked together like that for several long moments as our breathing calmed.

Eventually, he pulled the panties from my mouth, lightly smacked my hip, and got off of me. “Come on, we better get decent before we get fired.”

I sighed. “This has to end.”


His tone made me hurry up and turn to face him. The pained look on his face nearly broke my heart. How could the silly man think I meant I was breaking up with him? I was crazy in love with him!

“I meant us working together. I’m going to quit.”

He visibly relaxed and laughed. “I was going to tell you tonight over dinner that I got a better job offer from that firm across town.”

I grinned. “Congratulations!”

“So you don’t have to quit.”

“I am anyway. I’m going to become an independent consultant. Corporate drone life is not for me.”

Smiling, he stepped closer and took hold of my chin. “Now that’s settled, there’s still the matter of your punishment for being a wicked tease.”

That definitely didn’t sound boring, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had on his dirty mind.