Friday, February 14, 2020

Dance for You (Masturbation Monday #285)

I’d originally planned to call this “Dedicated to the One I Love,” but “Dance for You” seemed more appropriate. For your musical enjoyment, there’s a video after the story featuring the BeyoncĂ© song I imagined accompanying this Valentine’s Day surprise.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: some light spanking.

Dance for You
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved.

My heart was doing the lambada in my chest while I waited for my guy—which was appropriate. We were supposed to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, but I had a special surprise for him. I’d been secretly taking pole dancing classes and wanted to give him a private performance.

Headlights flashed across the front window and my heartbeat went into triple time—from both nerves and excitement. It had to be him, because no one else was supposed to be there that time of night. Sure enough, he got out of the car and walked up to the door. He was breathtaking in his gray slacks and a dress shirt the same color as his blue eyes.

I let him in, then shut and locked the door behind him.

When I turned around, he was taking in my slinky red wrap dress and killer heels. His gaze slowly traveled up my body and finally meet my eyes. “Why did you text me to meet you here when are reservations are across town?”

His slight smile let me know he was more curious than annoyed.

“I have a pre-dinner surprise for you.”

He grinned. “Is that so?”


I took his hand and led him to one of the back studios without windows. There were a dozen stripper poles at one end of the room. I’d set up a chair a few feet in front of my pole of choice. I motioned to it. “Please, sit here.”

He chuckled. “Okay.”

Once he was seated, I dimmed the lights, then started my song and put it on repeat. As the music began, I sashayed over to the pole. For a moment, I just let the music infuse my soul, unleashing my innate sensuality, and my body started to move.

With one hand on the pole, I circled it, swaying my hips to the slow, sultry beat. Facing him again, I saw that his smile was gone and I had his full ardent attention—which I loved. I hooked my leg around the pole and performed the simplest spin I’d learned.

Surrendering to the music, I relaxed a little more with every move—so much so that I felt myself getting aroused. It was thrilling performing for him like that, being his private exotic dancer. I wanted to sexy for him. I wanted to be naughty for him. Just him.

After a couple of circuits, I stood in front of the pole, still moving my body to the music, and unfastened the tie on my dress. Opening it, I revealed the red lace teddy I wore underneath. Even in the low lightening, I could see the heat flaring in his eyes, which made me even hotter.

I shrugged off my dress and tossed it aside. Then I turned around and grabbed the pole with both hands. Bending forward, I let him get a good look at the narrow strip in back that exposed more of my round ass than it covered. I rocked my hips from side to side and heard him groan.

Getting lost in an erotic fugue state, I continued my seductive dance, doing more elaborate spins. The aching need in my sex got stronger and stronger. My wetness soaked the crotch of my lacy teddy. At one point, I ground myself against the pole, giving myself some relief, but not enough. Raw desire was a wildfire surging through my veins.

Jumping up, I grabbed the pole higher up and did the most difficult move in my repertoire. Flipping upside down, I did a split in the air, held it for a moment, then wrapped a leg around the pole again and managed to get right-side-up again without falling. Then I spun down onto the floor.

Writhing with the pole between my legs, I arched my back while I squeezed my tits. I turned my head in his direction and he crooked his finger at me. I’d pretty much finished my dance, so I eagerly obeyed his command. Rolling onto my hands and knees, I crawled to him like the horny pussy I was.

When I reached him, I slid my hands up his legs and traced the obvious erection in his slacks. “Want a lap dance, Mister?”

“Fuck yes. And to see that sweet ass up close.”

Getting on my feet, I turned around, bent over, and rocked my hips from side to side.

He smacked one cheek, making me gasp with delicious pleasure-pain. “Back that ass up, dirty girl.”

Straddling his legs, I braced my hands on his knees and twerked right in this face.

“Fuck that’s hot.” He smacked the other cheek, making me moan and thrust my ass back even more.

“Dancing for me got you all hot and bothered, did it?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

His fingers traced the strip of lace between my ass cheeks down to the drenched crotch—and found the snaps there. “Mmmm, that’s convenient.”

He unsnapped the teddy and slid his fingers along my slick slit.

Moaning, I quivered when he found my clit and massaged the tender bud. I greedily worked my hips faster, grinding myself against his fingers.

Before I could get close to coming, he pulled back and painted my asshole with my juices. “Such a pretty little asshole.”

Even though his touch felt oh so good there, I craved his cock in my cunt and hoped he wasn’t thinking about fucking my ass.

He smacked my ass again. “Come on, naughty girl. Turn around and give me that lap dance while you fuck my cock.”

One of the many things I loved about the man was his ability to read my dirty mind. I couldn’t obey him fast enough. When I was facing him again, he already had his cock out and in his strong hand. As much as I loved the sight, I was too aroused to take time to properly admire it.

Straddling is lap again, I braced one hand on his shoulder and slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, whimpering at the sweet sensation of him filling me so perfectly.

He groaned. “Fuck, you always feel so good, baby.”

My breathing quickening, I rocked my hips so my clit got much-needed attention. “I was thinking exactly the same thing.”

His lips curved into a sexy smile. “Let’s see how well you work this pole.”

Never one to resist a challenge, I lifted my hips and eased back down, moaning at the exquisite feeling of him moving inside me. As the music played on, I repeated the motion again and again, occasionally swiveling my hips. I followed the rhythm of the song at first, but as my pleasure quickly grew, my movements became more erratic.

While I rode his cock, he pulled down the lace cups of my teddy, freeing my tits. We both watched them jiggle as I bounced up and down. Then he cupped them in his hands, fondling the abundant flesh. I gasped when he pinched my nipples, my hips jerking wildly as hedonistic delight jolted throughout my body.

He abandoned one nipple and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back. My neck exposed, he latched onto to the sensitive skin there, sucking and nibbling me while he continued tormenting my nipple. Decadent sensations assaulting me from all directions, I came all over his cock, a violent release tearing through me.

I was barely aware of him releasing me so I collapsed against him, my head falling onto his shoulder. As I quivered and quaked in his lap, he gripped my ass in both his hands and fucked me on his cock a few more times before he came deep inside me with a long, drawn-out groan.

I’m not sure how long we stayed locked together like that before I felt him kiss the side of my neck. “We should get one of those poles installed in our bedroom.”

Finally in control of my body, I sat up a bit and smiled at him. “Then I could dance for you anytime.”


“I’m glad we share the same dirty mind, because I arranged for one to be put in on Monday.”

Grinning, he shook his head. “Such a naughty girl.”

I gave him a long deep kiss. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s to you too, babygirl.”


  1. Loved your story! Her heart wasn't the only thing doing the lambada as I read this sexy piece, Ria. Good choice in song.

  2. Fabulous tale, very vividly told, I could see it in my head and it had my pulse thumping too. Great video clip Ria - made a fun finale.

  3. "an erotic fugue state" -- love that! Also, this is soooooo hot.

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