Friday, January 31, 2020

Bored Stiff (Masturbation Monday #283)

I hadn’t planned to write this—I’m actually trying to finish something else—but this idea came to me, then I saw the Masturbation Monday prompt. It was a marriage made in filthy erotica heaven.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: Some light domination and submission, bondage, spanking, and name-calling.

Bored Stiff
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2020. All rights reserved.

Stuck in another pointless work meeting, I was irritated and bored—not a good combination for me. The only saving grace saving was that I was sitting across from the love of my life. Unfortunately, because of a strict no-fraternization policy, we had to keep our relationship on the down-low.

Our connection was getting more intense by the day, so something had to give soon. One of us had to make a move—and it was probably going to be me. Honestly, it would be a relief. Being in this kind of restrictive environment was slowly killing my soul.

As our coworkers droned on like the adults in a Peanuts cartoon, I zoned out, my mind wandering off to indulge in familiar dirty daydreams. The object of my erotic musings appeared to be doodling on his notepad. I was entranced by his long fingers, remembering all the things they did the night before.

Despite all the wonderfully wicked sensations those fingers created on my flesh, the highlight of the evening was seeing his strong hand wrapped around his hard cock. He’d tied my hands to the headboard of his bed, then sat between my legs at the end of the bed. While he admired me spread out for him and completely exposed, he leisurely stroked his shaft from base to tip and back again, over and over.

My gaze glued to the seductive sight, I could only squirm, and whimper, and writhe…and beg. Oh God, how I begged. I should have been embarrassed about all the things I said—all the naughty promises I made—but I wasn’t. Seeing him pleasure himself lit a fire deep inside me that only he could satisfy.

Replaying the whole illicit scene ignited my desire right there in that infernal meeting. I felt like I had red hot lava coursing through my veins. Shifting in my seat, I could feel my juices sliding between my pussy lips and soaking into my panties. My cunt demanded attention, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Looking up at his handsome face, I tried distracting myself by studying his striking features. His strong jaw, aquiline nose, wide mouth, and high cheekbones weren’t model perfect, but they all worked together for a devastating effect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see his best feature because his eyes were focused downward.

Then there was his thick mane of silver hair, which I loved. He kept it neatly trimmed, but just long enough for me to grab handfuls of it when he expertly ate my cunt. Of course, with my hands bound, I wasn’t able to do that when he finally gave me some sweet relief last night. I was too lost in the pleasure of his clever tongue to miss that particular indulgence.

His gaze shifted upward and met mine. A slow sexy smile spread across his face. He clearly knew exactly what I was thinking. We often had an uncanny ability to read each other’s minds—especially if it involved something dirty.

As hot and bothered as I was, I thought his smile looked entirely too smug. Bored, irritated, and horny was always a recipe for mischief as far as I was concerned. However, my options were limited. The conference table was too wide for me to slip my foot up his leg and tease his cock with my toes. But where there was a will, there was a way.

I subtly tapped out a message to him on my phone.

Bet you wish I was underneath this table sucking your cock right now.

He looked at his phone, raised an eyebrow, then tapped out a reply.

Be good!

Oh, I would be. So fucking good.

Do not get me hard in this meeting.

Why? You know how much I love worshipping your hard cock. Nice and slow. My tongue leisurely tracing the thick vein underneath before I take the head in my mouth and softly sucking on it.

Ha! He shifted in his seat as his burning blue gaze met mine again.

Keep it up and I’ll spank your ass until it glows.

Promises. Promises.

And I won’t let you come.

That made me pout.

But I’m bored and horny!


What if I said I wasn’t wearing panties and I’m so fucking wet?

The smug smile was back.

Prove it.

The evil man was calling my bluff. Of course, I couldn’t prove it, because I was wearing panties—a skimpy black lace thong that was thoroughly drenched in my cunt cream. However, we both knew I couldn’t resist a challenge when he threw down the gauntlet.

With my phone in my hand, I stood abruptly and pulled my skirt down to make sure it was covering my ass. Everyone, including my boss, turned to look at me.

“I need to use the ladies’ room.”

Scowling, my boss made a sharp dismissive gesture, then resumed whatever he was saying.

Geez, it wasn’t like anything important was going on. I could have been doing some actual work instead of discussing an obvious decision to death.

I quickly left the conference room and headed straight for the ladies’ room. Safely ensconced in a stall, I slipped off my thong and sent him a series of pictures. Since I knew he knew I’d been bluffing, I sent him a shot of my drenched thong. Next, a close-up of my slick hairless pussy.

Setting my phone aside, I unfastened my blouse and opened the front clasp of my bra. Then I coated my fingers in my juices and painted it all over my taut nipples. I sent him a picture of a glistening nipple and another of one caught between my messy fingers. I also got a shot of two fingers on either side of my swollen clit. Finally, I took a picture of me licking my slick fingers.

I was tempted to get myself off right then, but I really wanted him to make me come. Leaving my panties off, I made myself presentable again. With my thong balled up in one hand and my phone in the other, I left the restroom and went back to the meeting to see his response.

Just as I was about to enter the conference room, one of my coworkers came out.

“Oh, you missed the end of the meeting,” she said brightly. “We decided the initial proposal was the best.”

Clearly! Just like I said.

My blue-eyed avenger appeared from behind her and took my upper arm in his firm grasp. “Will you excuse us? We need to go over some details about the Anderson account.”

“Of course!”

He didn’t say anything as he guided me down the hall, but the barely leashed tension radiated off of him. My heart hammered in my chest with excitement, not fear. He didn’t lose control often, and I usually preferred being his good girl. But when I did push him to the edge, his reaction was always thrilling. All sorts of possibilities for naughty retribution raced through my head.

My office was the closest, so that’s where we went. Once inside, he closed and locked the door behind us.

He took me by surprise and pinned me up against the door. “Did you get your horny cunt off in the bathroom?” he rasped in my ear.

I shook my head. “No, I promise.”

Pulling back, he looked in my eyes for a long moment. “Why not?”

“I need your cock.”

“You’re a filthy little cock whore, aren’t you?”

Fuck, I loved it when he called me dirty names. “Yes. Just for you.”

“Damn straight.”

He took the phone from my hand and tossed it onto the chair by the door. Then he took the balled-up panties from my other hand, brought them up to his nose, and breathed in my scent.

Damn, that was hot.

“Open your mouth.”

I knew what he had in mind, but obeyed his command. He put the thong in my mouth and I could taste my own tangy-sweet essence on my tongue. The dirtiness of the act made the inner muscles of my sex tighten with need.

“Bend over your desk.”

Quickly, I did just that.

“Now lift up your skirt.”

I yanked the hem up to my waist without a second thought.

“Spread your legs wide apart.”

Again, I didn’t hesitate.

“Such an eager little slut.”

I murmured my agreement around my soaked panties.

When I heard the rasped of his zipper and rustle of his clothes, I almost wept with relief. A sharp smack to my ass cheek caught me by surprise once more. The bittersweet sensation went straight to my clit, making it throb even harder. I felt a fresh wave of cunt juice gush from my sex.

He gave the other cheek the same treatment and I thought he might continue, but then his large body was over me, his arm braced on the desk next to mine. “I’d spank you until had trouble sitting for the rest of the week, but someone might hear.”

I was actually disappointed that he wasn’t going to carry out his wicked threat.

“And right now, I just want to fuck you hard and fast.”

Before I could respond in any way, he shoved himself deep inside me, making me moan with pleasure. He didn’t waste any time setting up a steady pounding rhythm.

Tender love-making was out of this world, but sometimes I craved a brutal fuck. This was definitely one of those times. I was going to feel that fuck for days after and I welcomed the sweet ache that would be a constant reminder of his possession. I’d also cherish the marks the edge of the desk left on my hips.

His warm breaths and soft grunts teased my ear as he ravished my body, his balls slapping against my pussy lips with every thrust. The hedonistic sensations built quickly, pushing me closer and closer to what I knew was going to be a powerful orgasm.

“I shouldn’t let you come,” he said, reading my mind.

I whispered pathetically. I probably deserved that kind of punishment, but fuck, I really needed to come. Even without his permission, I didn’t know if I could hold it back.

“The filthy pictures saved you. Come for me, dirty slut.”

Thankful for my reprieve, I immediately let go and my orgasm ripped through me, fierce convulsions rocking my body. I was still quaking from the aftershocks when I heard his long, drawn-out groan. He slammed into me one last time and I felt the warm flush of his spunk filling me.

We stayed locked together like that for several long moments as our breathing calmed.

Eventually, he pulled the panties from my mouth, lightly smacked my hip, and got off of me. “Come on, we better get decent before we get fired.”

I sighed. “This has to end.”


His tone made me hurry up and turn to face him. The pained look on his face nearly broke my heart. How could the silly man think I meant I was breaking up with him? I was crazy in love with him!

“I meant us working together. I’m going to quit.”

He visibly relaxed and laughed. “I was going to tell you tonight over dinner that I got a better job offer from that firm across town.”

I grinned. “Congratulations!”

“So you don’t have to quit.”

“I am anyway. I’m going to become an independent consultant. Corporate drone life is not for me.”

Smiling, he stepped closer and took hold of my chin. “Now that’s settled, there’s still the matter of your punishment for being a wicked tease.”

That definitely didn’t sound boring, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had on his dirty mind.


  1. Sounds the way all corporate meetings should end. I know I would have been happier about staff meetings back in the day if this had been an option, lol.

    1. Isn't that the truth! Thrilled you enjoyed it! Thank you! ;)

  2. ooooh damn I love me some office sexing. Even better forbidden office fucking.

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  5. very inspiring!!! I’m on the edge as well!

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