Monday, September 23, 2019

Even Though (Masturbation Monday #264 & Friday Flash #67)

Inspired by the Friday Flash and Masturbation Monday prompts, this is a rare sequel to “That Touch of Arrogance.” However, I think it also works on its own.

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Ria ;)
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Even Though
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Just inside his apartment, we were locked in a passionate embrace, his body pinning mine to the door. Moaning as he fiercely reclaimed my mouth, I rocked my hips against his obvious erection.

Much to my frustration, he pulled away, breathing heavily. “So, I’m forgiven?”

“As long as you have a damn good reason for leaving the way you did.”

“I really do.”

“Good.” I slipped past him and headed for the bedroom. “You can tell me later.”


“Yes.” I turned around and smiled at his confused expression. “Right now, I need you to fuck me. Hard.”

“Just like that?”

“Yes.” I lowered one spaghetti strap, then the other, and let my dress slither down my body until it pooled on the floor. “I missed you. Desperately.”

His eyebrows rose when he saw my red lacy underwear. “You sure you weren’t planning to pick up a guy tonight?”

I grinned. “You know, the whole jealousy thing is hot.”

He frowned. “That’s not an answer.”

I rolled my eyes. “If I tell you, you’re going to think I’m weird.”

“Try me.”

“My mind wandered while I was getting dressed. A wave of desire washed over me and I felt compelled to wear something sexy. For you.”

“You knew I’d show up?”

“No, but I wanted to hold on to that feeling.”

His gaze followed my hands as I slid them over my body from shoulders to hips.

“I thought I’d come home and strip out of the dress.” I reached around, unfastened my bra, and tossed it aside. “Just like you always want, I’d lose the fucking bra, too.”

His heavy-lidded eyes met mine, then ogled my tits.

“I’d planned to leave my panties on.” I stroked my hand down my stomach and cupped my lace-covered pussy. “I knew I’d be wet from thinking about you all night.”

I slipped my fingers beneath the crotch and delved between my creamy slit. Avoiding my tender nub for the moment, I got my fingers thoroughly coated in my juices, then held them up for him to see.

He groaned, but stayed a few feet away, just watching me. I could sense the tension building in him, though—like a coiled snake poised to strike.

I returned my hand to my cunt, pressing the soaked lace into my folds. While I used the wet fabric to tease my clit, I cupped my breast with my other hand and pinched my nipple.

The sensations crashing through me, I moaned as my head fell back. I furiously frigged my clit and squeezed my nipples painful until I was vibrating with pleasure—oh so close to coming.

He made a deep growling sound. Then I was hanging upside down over his shoulder as he charged into the bedroom.

It was a hard and fast reclaiming, but highly satisfying.

Still panting, he looked down at me. “Why did you wait for me?”

I brushed a lock of silver hair from his face. “Because I love you…even though.”


  1. Sizzling. I love it when they stand back and watch but then can't wait any longer!!

  2. Ooh, I like this! It's very sensual and there's a delicious build throughout the piece.

  3. That was dirty and sweet - such great dialogue as always x

  4. Got to love a story of teasing and then they just can't hold back any longer. Love it! xx

  5. This is such a sexy interlude. Love it!

  6. So wonderfully playful, I was smiling as I silently stood, hiding from their eyes, enjoying the game going back and forth until...

  7. I love the tension between these two - makes everything feel so urgent and real.