Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Slow Ride (Masturbation Monday #257 & Wicked Wednesday #375)

When I saw the wonderful Masturbation Monday prompt, I knew I wanted to write a story for it. I'd just written a story about a very naughty walk-up call in "Talking in Your Sleep," so I wanted to do something different. I came up with this scenario, partially inspired by the Foghat song "Slow Ride."

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Warning: Some really filthy dirty talk with name calling.


Slow Ride
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

"Are you going to tell me what you're up to?"

I really was awful at hiding my giddy excitement when I was scheming something naughty. I'd had trouble sitting still through the show I'd wanted to see. He had to put his hand on my leg to make me settle, but that just added fuel to the fire.

Grinning, I took his hand and led him out of the theatre. We'd come to the city for the weekend for a mini retreat from our ordinary lives. I'd planned a special surprise to start things off with a bang.

A limo waited at the curb and I stopped in front of it. When I looked up, I wasn't surprised to see his furrowed brow. I knew he'd be confused, because this wasn't something we normally did. Actually, I'd never been in a limo before. I didn't particularly care about the extravagance of the whole thing. I was more interested in the wicked possibilities it afforded.

His eyebrows rose when the driver got out and opened the door for us. She was a petite blonde in a very short skirt and a matching jacket with a plunging neckline. Cleary, she didn't have anything on beneath the jacket, so it barely concealed her tits. It definitely wasn't standard chauffeur attire.

I smiled when he turned his questioning gaze to me. "This is my new friend Lori. She's going to take us on a ride around the city."

The corner of his mouth curved up. "Is that so."

"Oh yes, a slow ride."

He slapped my ass. "Then get in, naughty girl."

Only too happy to oblige, I got in and he followed, sitting beside me—right where I wanted him.

Soon we were on our way with Lori easily maneuvering through evening traffic. Since the partition was down, I made eye contact with her in the rearview mirror. "How about some music."

She smiled and nodded.

As something with a sultry beat filled car, I sidled up against him and placed my hand on his thigh.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, then leaned down to speak quietly in my ear. "So this is what had you all worked up? A limo ride?"

"No, I was anticipating what I'd do during the ride." I slid my hand up his leg to find him already firming up irresistibly. "And your reaction."

He looked towards Lori as I stroked him through his slacks. "Shouldn't we close the divider?"

Meeting Lori's gaze in the rearview mirror again, we shared a conspiratorial smile. "No, she likes to watch."

Turning back to him, I saw him smirking down at me. "I think I see where this is going?"

"Do you?" I unfastened his slacks and slowly slid down the zipper.

His lips grazed my ear. "My little exhibitionist wants to put on a show."

Reaching inside his pants and boxer briefs, I freed his mostly hard cock. "Mmmm, yes."

"Was that what all the squirming around was about at the theatre? You were getting wet?"

"Fuck yeah." With my hand wrapped around his cock, I stroked him from base to tip, loving the feel of him hardening even more in my grip.

"Show me," he hissed.

Reluctantly, I released his cock to push up the hem of my form-fitting dress until it was around my waist, revealing that I wasn't wearing panties. I leaned back and spread my legs wide apart, draping one leg over his so I could stay close to him.

As he watched with lust-filled eyes, I trailed my fingers over my shaved pussy. Even in the dim light, the glistening wetness clinging to my cunt lips was clearly visible. Delving between my folds, I coated my fingers in my slickness and showed them to him.

He took hold of my wrist, brought my messy fingers to his lips, and sucked them into his mouth. Humming with obvious pleasure, he licked my fingers clean, then lightly nipped my fingertips with his teeth.

I sucked in a breath at the sensation. My inner muscles tightened deliciously and a fresh wave of juices flooded my cunt. When he released my hand, I gathered up more cunt cream, making my hand nice and slick. Then I took his cock in my slippery grip and moved my hand up and down his shaft in long strokes.

His breathing quickened and his eyes closed as he relished my touch, but I wanted to turn him on even more.

"Maybe I should show Lori how you like your cock sucked?"

His eyelids snapped open and heated blue eyes burned through me.

"Or we could take turns sucking you off."

He groaned.

"Would you like two eager little sluts kneeling between your legs? Two tongues licking up your shaft. One of us sucking your cock while the other uses her mouth on your balls."


I felt a stream of pre-come run down his shaft as I stroked him faster. "I know what you'd really like."

He gripped a handful of my hair and tugged it gently. "Tell me."

"You'd love it if I took hold of her hair—just like you have mine—then fucked her mouth on your cock. If I made her gag and slobber all over your big hard dick."

A low masculine sound rumbled up from deep in his chest. "You're such a nasty little cunt."

"Then I'd jack you off until you shot your thick load all over her face."

That snapped his iron control. Lightening fast, he grabbed me and hauled me over him so I straddled his lap. His hand in my hair again, he pulled me down and claimed my mouth in a fierce kiss. I rubbed my horny sex along his shaft as we thoroughly explored each other's mouths.

We were so lost in each other that neither of us noticed that Lori had pulled into the garage beside our hotel and parked the limo—or that she got out. It wasn't until she opened the back door and slid in with us that he pulled back and looked at her.

"Is she joining us?"

He sounded a little too enthused by the idea for my liking, so I gently sunk my teeth into his earlobe. "No, she's going to watch us while she finger-fucks herself."

Did you think I was working up to a threesome? Maybe some girl on girl action? That really wasn't my thing, but I wasn't opposed to playing with the idea—bend my own rules a little for his pleasure.

Shifting back a little, I looked at him. "You can look, but not touch."

A slow smile spread across his face. "That's fair."

Still rocking my hips against him, I sucked in a breath when the head of his cock grazed my swollen clit. "I might be okay with you coming on her tits. After you fuck me. Hard."

He groaned again. "You're such a filthy fucking cock whore."

The dirty talk and filthy names made me even hotter. "Your only filthy fucking cock whore."

"You know it."

He reached down and guided his cock to my drenched hole. We both moaned as he pushed deep inside me, stretching my tight snatch sublimely. He shifted his hands to my hips and guided me to move up and down, riding his cock in time with the music pulsing through the limo.

I heard a whimper and looked over my shoulder. Lori was sprawled out on the seat opposite us. Her skirt was pushed to her hips and her hand was between her legs, her fingers furiously circling her clit. Unlike me, she had a narrow strip of dark blonde hair on her pussy.

She also had her jacket open and her free hand was tormenting one of her nipples. I wasn't into women, but even I had to admit that it was a hot scene. It was especially thrilling that she was getting off to us fucking.

Facing him again, I saw that he was also watching her. "She has great tits, doesn't she?"

"Mmmm, very perky." He looked back at me. "But not as big as yours."

Taking the hint, I lowed the straps on my dress and pushed it down, freeing my tits.

"Fuck yeah." He shifted his hands to me ass cheeks and urged me to a faster rhythm. As I bobbed up and down up his cock, his gaze shifted back and forth from my bouncing tits to Lori pleasuring herself.

The rippling sensations of him moving inside—and the illicitness of the whole scene—drove me closer and closer to orgasm. "When you cover her tits in your spunk, maybe I should lick it all up like a good little come slut."

His hand came down hard on my ass cheek. "Nasty fucking cunt."

The stinging smack combined with the deviant delight I got from the filthy name-calling made my inner muscles clench hard around his thrusting cock. My chest heaving, I was a breath away from coming.

"Or maybe you'd rather fill me up with your come, then watch her eat me out."

"Fuck!" His other hand slapped my opposite cheek and he bit my shoulder.

The pleasure and pain pushed me over the edge, a powerful orgasm tearing through me until I was a shuddering mass sagging against him. Tightly gripping my ass, he thrust into me a few more times, grunting as he shot his hot come inside me. I was faintly aware of Lori's struggled cry as she also climaxed.

After a while, he kissed the side of my head. "Say goodbye to Lori. I have a surprise of my own waiting up in our room."

My curiosity went into overdrive, creating renewed energy surging through my veins. "What?"

He flashed a wicked grin. "You'll have to wait and see."

It was a very slow ride in the elevator up to our room, but the heavenly sensation of his come trickling down my thighs made it bearable.


  1. You never fail to captivate with the sexiest of tales! 😁

  2. This ticked all my exhibitionist boxes. So damn sexy and hot!

    Rebel xox

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    1. My pleasure! Glad you liked it. And thanks for commenting! ;)

  4. You make me want to go rent a limo.

  5. Such a great story particularly loving all the dialogue x