Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dirty Pillow Talk (Wicked Wednesday #360)

Since I did the whole caught-home-alone-masturbating thing in "Watching Him," I wanted to do something a little different for the Wicked Wednesday"Home Alone" prompt. If you're curious, the porno I reference towards the end of the story is a gem called Desires Within Young Girls. Don't worry, everyone is of legal age.

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Ria ;)
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Warning: Contains dirty talk with name calling.

Dirty Pillow Talk
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

We were lying side by side, recovering from another passionate romp. Even as my breathing calmed, my body still vibrated with pleasure, my sex and inner thighs slick with the evidence of our desire.

Out of the blue, he asked, "How did you first discover porn?"

Questions like this weren't unusual—for either of us—and it made me smile.

I turned my head and saw him staring back at me. "When I was a kid, my parents bought this small two-bedroom house. It was on a pretty big lot, so they decided to turn it into their dream home. Themselves."


"Yeah, it was in a constant state of construction well into my teen years."

He shifted onto his side facing me, his head propped up by his arm. "Did they ever finish it?"

"No, but that's a whole other story."

"So how does this relate to porn?"

Turning onto my side, I mirrored him. "Well, there was only one bathroom."

He smiled. "Oh, I think I know where this is going."

I nodded. "There was a hole in the wall where a window had been. They boarded it up on the outside and hung a mirror in front of it on the inside."


"One day, I noticed the mirror was askew. When I went to fix it, I saw there was something in the hole. A stack of Playboys. I knew they had to be my father's."

Now he was grinning. "I bet that was a surprise."

"Oh yeah, and educational."

"How so?"

"My parents were both raised Catholic and were virgins when they married. Sex wasn't something that was talked about at all. The closest I had to an actual birds-and-bees talk was when I was little and got caught playing doctor—so to speak—with a little boy up the street."

He snickered. "What did they say?"

"I don't remember much about it, probably because I blocked it out. But I do remember my mom saying, 'You don't want to get pregnant, do you?' Being all of six, I sheepishly said, 'No.' That scared me straight for a long time."

"No more playing doctor?"

"Nope, but I did start masturbating rather young—quite by accident."

"By accident?"

"You know how curious I am."

"Oh yeah."

"Well, I was feeling around my pussy one day and found my clit. I quickly realized how good it felt to touch and rub it. I kept doing it, then I suddenly had my first orgasm. I was hooked and did it as often as I could. Which brought on the second and final humiliating sex talk with my mother."

"This I've got to hear."

"When she walked in on me one day, I jerked my hand out from under the covers and tried pretending I wasn't doing exactly what we both knew I was doing. She said, 'It's not good to touch yourself down there too much,' then left."

"Did you stop masturbating?"

I snorted. "No, I just got better about hiding it."

"So you looked at the Playboys."

"Yes, in very short sessions, so I didn't get caught. And I was always careful about putting everything back the way I found it."

"You didn't masturbate while looking at them?"

"No, I didn't want to risk it."

"But you did masturbate later."

"Oh yes, in bed, at night, in the dark, under the covers. Just me and my wicked imagination."

"What about porno movies? When did you first watch one?"

"Not until much later, but in much the same way."

He raised an eyebrow. "Explain."

"While attending a local college, I lived with my parents. They were away somewhere—I don't remember where or why—and I was home alone, bored, and curious."

"Uh-oh. Always a dangerous combination."

I grinned back at him. "You know me so well."

"What did you do, dirty girl?"

"I don't know what possessed me, really, but I went snooping in my parents' bedroom."

Lightning fast, he reached around and smacked my ass cheek. "Bad girl!"

The stinging pain arrowed straight to my still tender cunt, making my inner muscles tighten deliciously. Just like that, my low-simmering arousal flared into a raging need. I turned onto my stomach and lifted my hips, silently begging for more sweet punishment.

When nothing happened, I actually did beg. "More, please?"

"Let's hear what you found first." But he left his hand resting on my upper thigh—just to taunt me, I was sure.

With a sigh, I relaxed my body, resting my head on my folded arms. "Well, to my ever-loving astonishment, I found a vibrator in my mother's night table drawer—under a book on the Catechism."

He laughed. "You're kidding!"

I rolled my eyes. "How could I ever make that up?"

"Did you use it?"

"Ewwwww!" I slugged his arm. "No! Of course not!"

Chuckling, he held up his hand. "Hey, I had to ask."

"You really didn't."

He put his hand back on my thigh, his fingers sliding between my legs, tantalizingly close to my cunt lips. "What did you do with it then?"

"I put it back just the way I found it and tried to forget I ever saw it."

I tried subtly shifting my hips to force the contact I craved, but he skillfully evaded my efforts.

When I huffed in frustration, he grinned wickedly. "But that wasn't the end of the snooping, was it?"

I grinned back. "Nope. In the corner of the room, they had a TV/VCR setup on a cart with a small cabinet."


"Yes," I hissed as his fingers lightly traced my hypersensitive cunt lips. "The cabinet was filled with pornos."

"And you watched them." The tip of his finger delved between my creamy slit ever so slightly.

"Yes, but not there." I froze, not even daring to breath, hoping beyond hope that he'd keep going.

"Keep talking, or I'll stop."

I groaned. "I knew my parents weren't due home any time soon, but I was too nervous to watch them there. So I grabbed one and took it back to my room."

He clucked tongue and gave my other ass cheek a smack. "Snooping and stealing!"

I moaned at the sensation. "Technically, borrowing, but yes, I was a very naughty girl."

Since his hand was gone, I ground my thighs together, trying to give my aching cunt some relief.

"Oh no you don't." He swiftly pushed me back onto my side, lifted my top leg, and got between my legs so he was straddling the lower one.

As he rested my ankle on his shoulder, he leaned forward and his hard cock grazed my thigh, making me whimper. "Please? I really need to come."

He shook his head. "Let's hear exactly what you did, little slut."

"I got my horny little slut cunt off while watching those dirty movies!"

I was rewarded with just the head of his cock easing inside me. It felt so fucking good, but wasn't nearly enough.

"What kinds of movies?"

"All kinds. Pornos from the 70s that were hot, but hilarious."

He slid a little deeper into my drenched snatch. "Hilarious how?"

Panting at the heavenly feel of his cock filling me, I could barely follow the conversation. "One had a girl getting fucked doggie style in a haystack and she goes into a sneezing fit."

He chuckled, then groaned as he hilted his cock in my cunt. The vibrations nearly made me come, my inner muscles tightening around his cock.

"What else?" he grunted.

"Facial compilations."

"I bet you loved that, didn't you, little come whore?" He slid out, then rammed back in.

"Fuck yes."

"Did you imagine it was you getting doused in thick come while you finger-fucked yourself?"

Intense pleasure rippled throughout my body as he fucked me hard and deep. "Yes!"

"How many times did you get your slut cunt off?"

"Too many times to count."

"Greedy." On the next inward thrust he slapped my ass cheek. "Dirty." Then the other one. "Nasty. Cunt!"

He kept spanking me, alternating cheeks with each thrust. The pleasure-pain combined with the thrill of him calling me such dirty names quickly pushed me over the edge and I came with a strangled cry. Gripping the sheets in my fists, I was so lost in the sensations racking my body that I was only distantly aware of him pulling out and shooting his spunk all over my rosy ass.

That was the end of the dirty pillow talk for a while.


  1. Oh yeah great dirty dialogue! love a bit of word humiliation x

  2. This was lovely - you managed to make it sexy and fun, just like the 70s videos 'you' were describing. My friend found her Dad's playboy collection which we scoured avidly,so I can relate (O those big 70s bushes!!)

    1. I know, right? Someone I know once called it a "fuck jungle," which I thought was priceless. Thanks for the awesome comments! So glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  3. I love this sexy conversation!

    Rebel xox

  4. Great bold dialogue...touching is all well and good...but dirty talk done well is just so hot :-)