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Everything I've Got (Masturbation Monday #243)

This story started with the first couple of lines. Then I let my playfully devious mind run wild and it practically wrote itself. (wicked grin)

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Everything I've Got
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

He really shouldn't have said it.

Come at me with everything you've got, baby.

After all these years, he knew he'd waved a red flag in front of my face. He'd issued an irresistible call to action—giving me a dare I couldn't refuse.

We sat across from each other at an elegantly styled table, making polite conversation at a dinner party we felt obliged to attend. That was probably why he'd thrown down such a bold challenge—to liven up what was sure to be an otherwise dull evening.

The game was simple: I had to get him so worked up that he fucked me on the premises. No waiting until we got home, no finding a convenient spot along the way—right there and then. The prize didn't really matter to me. It was the principle of the whole thing.

He looked at me, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted. He was waiting for me to make my move. I was sure he was imagining a variety of seductive scenarios which were undoubtedly in my repertoire.

The most obvious possibility would involve making a provocative display of eating my dinner. It would be so easy to pick up a thick stalk of asparagus, wrap my lips around the tip, and lavishly suck on it like I would his cock. He might even get off on the other men at the table watching me be such blatant tease—knowing they had absolutely no chance. I was his and his alone.

Of course, I could always lean forward so my low-cut dress revealed more of my large tits. I might even subtly shift the silky material so a plump, pink nipple peeked out. They were already taut from anticipation and impossible to conceal with the flimsy fabric. Others would see that too, something that strictly belonged to him. It might even earn me a spanking later—not that I'd mind.

Maybe he thought I'd do something more surreptitious. I could slip off my heel, move down a bit in my seat, and reach my leg across under the table. Was he expecting to feel my bare foot sliding up his leg at any moment? When my toes reached his cock, would he already be hard? Was he planning to thwart my attempt by pushing my foot aside? Or did he intend to hold it against his crotch and enjoy my efforts?

Any of these options would surely arouse him—if he wasn't already—but I doubted it would be enough to break his steely restraint enough that he'd haul me off to somewhere private and fuck me senseless.

What he couldn't have anticipated was that I had an ace up my sleeve, so to speak.

Ever so casually, I reached into my handbag and retrieved my phone. I held in on my lap so no one else could see it and turned it on. When I opened the app for the nanny cam, I saw exactly what I'd hoped to see.

He didn't think I knew he lusted after our cute, blonde, nineteen-year-old babysitter, but I did. I really didn't mind his occasional lascivious glances, because I knew he'd never do anything about it. However, that didn't mean I couldn't take advantage of that knowledge.

I also knew that the babysitter liked going through my lingerie drawer and trying on my underwear. Her breasts weren't big enough to wear my bras, but every time she was over, I noticed the panties weren't as I'd left them. It was kind of a nuisance washing everything afterwards. I'd taken to hiding the really good stuff somewhere she couldn't find it.

However, that night, I left her a little present, hoping she'd unwittingly help me win a certain bet. Sure enough, there she was, sprawled out on our bed, her hand down inside my prettiest black lace panties, fingering her little pussy. How she thought I wouldn't notice her cunt cream saturating the fine material, I had no clue. But then, I doubted she was thinking too hard right at the moment.

Beside the tempting panties, I'd left a naughty DVD featuring barely legal schoolgirls fucking and sucking much older men. Her taste in porn was purely a guess on my part, but obviously a good one. Or maybe any dirty movie would have worked. I'd placed the nanny cam on top of the TV facing our bed, so I could see her heavy-lidded gaze was glued to whatever was on the screen as she slid her fingers up and down her slit beneath the panties.

I quickly sent him a text:

Check the nanny cam.

He frowned when his phone buzzed, then retrieved it from his pocket. When he read the text, he gave me a questioning look.

I let a slow smile spread across my face.

His eyes narrowed, but he looked back down at his phone. I knew the moment he saw what I wanted him to see. His mouth dropped open a little and an almost inaudible gasp escaped.

Just like always, his arousal triggered my own. I could almost feel the fission in the air as he watched the naughty babysitter playing with herself. Even from across the table, I could feel the heat and intensity radiating off of him. The whole wicked game had me pleasantly moist, but seeing him so turned on, made my inner muscles clench and my cunt flood with liquid desire.

He moved his phone out of sight, but kept watching. I looked back down at my own phone to see the babysitter was furiously frigging herself while tormenting one of her little nipples with her free hand. I really wasn't into girls, but it was a surprisingly hot spectacle—especially knowing he was getting off on it. Suddenly, her head fell back as an orgasm shuddered through her body.

When I looked up, he was staring back at me, his gaze burning through me like cold blue fire.

Shoving his phone in his pocket, he abruptly stood—his suit jacket hiding the erection I knew was there—and said to our host, "I'm sorry, we have to go."

"Already?" she said with a pout.

"Yes, there's a situation with the babysitter."

"Nothing serious, I hope."

"No, she just needs to leave early."

"Oh well, we'll have to do this again soon."

He forced a smile. "Looking forward to it."

Trying not grin, I put my phone in my bag and got up to follow his lead.

With a firm hand on the small of my back, he swiftly ushered me towards the front door. The closer we got to it the more doubts invaded my mind. Were we really leaving? Without him fucking me? Had I lost? Did I overplay my hand?

Just outside the front door, I asked, "Are we going home so you can confront the babysitter and have her suck your cock to make up for her transgressions?"

I'd never approve of any such thing, of course, but that didn't stop me from taunted him with the idea. Desperate times called for desperate measures, after all.

He pulled me around the side of the house to a dark corner and pushed me up against the brick wall, pinning me there with his body.

"No, I'm going to fuck your nasty slut cunt, right fucking here."

The thrill of victory caused adrenaline to surge through my veins—not to mention the wicked delight his dirty words always inspired. Then all thought vanished when his mouth crashed down on mine.

Kissing him back just as fiercely, I let my purse fall to the ground and attacked his slacks to free his cock.

He yanked up my dress and thrust his hand between my legs, groaning when he felt how drenched I was. "Such a filthy fucking cunt."

Feeling his hard, hot length in my hand made me ache even more. "Your filthy cunt needs your fucking cock."

Clearly just as ravenous, he hitched my leg up onto his hip and got between my legs. He easily tore away my sheer panties, then he pushed deep inside, making me moan with unadulterated hedonism.

I clutched the back of his jacket as he quickly set a demanding pace, fucking me hard and fast. The feel of him moving inside me, hitting all the right spots, rocked my body with intense pleasure. Then he sunk his teeth into my neck and I lost it, biting back a cry as I came all over his cock.

After a few more hard thrusts, he joined me with a series of soft grunts, filling me with his come.

"Okay, you win," he said, his breathing still heavy. "Where are we going on vacation?"

"The beach."

He pulled back to look at me. "But that's where I wanted to go in the first place."

"I don't really care where we go. That wasn't the point."

He smirked. "Then what was? To prove you could win?"

I smiled. "No, that I always give you everything I've got."


  1. h snap!! What a great twist. Naughty baby sitter. Naughty everyone

  2. Aaaand now I'm wishing sexy babysitters and nanny cams were a part of my life, lol.