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Dreaming of You (Wicked Wednesday #354)

The first story I posted for Wicked Wednesday was for another "Dream" prompt, so I couldn't resist writing a story for this one. If you want to read the story that started it all, have a gander at "Only in My Dreams."

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Warning: Contains really filthy dirty talk with name calling, bondage, and domination and submission.

Dreaming of You
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.

They all started and ended the same way—with him, always him.

This time, we were at the end of a long pier extending into a lake rimmed in green mountains, the still water reflecting the endless blue sky. It was a living Ansel Adams photograph in vivid color.

Naked, I lay on a beach towel covering the weathered planks. My wrists were bound together above my head with coarse rope and secured to a boat cleat. He stood above me, magnificently nude, backlit by the midday sun, his cock hard and proud.

He gripped the base of his shaft—something that never failed to make my cunt clench with longing. "You know, everyone can see you. Laid out like a wanton slut, completely at my mercy."

My heart pounding for an entirely different reason, I lifted my head as much as I could, straining my neck as I looked around. It was a secluded area and I couldn't see anyone, but that didn't mean someone wouldn't come along. Or there might've been someone watching from the tree line out of site.

Surprisingly, I wasn't anxious or embarrassed by the idea. I was excited. The neediness in my cunt only increased and I could feel my juices oozing from my pussy lips down between my ass cheeks.

When I looked back at him, he was grinning like a fiend, his eyes gleaming devilishly. In that moment I really didn't care if anyone could see. Actually, I hoped someone was watching me submit to him in every way I could.

Relaxing, I spread my legs open so he could see how wet I was. "Let them watch."

His grin slowly vanished as his gaze traveled down the length of my body and focused on my dripping snatch. Licking his lips, he squeezed his cock from base to tip, drawing out a long line of pre-come that went over the head and dripped onto my thigh.

Instinctively, I tilted my hips, trying to guide it towards my needy sex, craving even that little bit of contact. But it didn't quite make it before rolling down towards the towel, much to my disappointment.

Seemingly taking pity on me, he knelt over me, straddling my hips. I thought he'd move forward to fuck my tits like he had so many times before, but he rested his hot, heavy cock on my belly and cupped my breasts in his hands.

As much as I loved feeling him touching me in any way, he was careful to avoid contact with my nipples and I needed so much more. I tried twisting my torso to force the issue, but he evaded my greedy ways.

"Who do you belong to, dirty girl?"


"And what can I do with you?"

"Anything you like."

"So be a good little slut and stay still or I'll spank your tits."

I debated that for half a second before acquiescing and relaxing my body with a pathetic whine. Knowing him, even if I did enjoy him spanking my tits, he would do it a way that gave me no satisfaction. And I really wanted to come. Hard.

"Good girl."

Sliding forward, he released one breast to take hold of his cock. I struggled to control my excited breathing, but my tits still quivered as he pushed the drooling head of his cock to my nipple and circled the fleshy bud. It felt so incredibly good, but wasn't nearly enough. He repeated the tantalizing process on the other nipple so they were both slick.

A wild and warm summer breeze whipped through the valley and teased my wet nipples into stiff peaks. He grasped them between his fingers, squeezing and twisting lightly at first. Then with more and more force until I was writhing beneath him and uttered a plaintive, "Please."

"Please, what?"

"Please, fuck me."

"Not yet, little cunt."

He moved forward even more so his dick was almost touching my lips. I wanted to lift my head and take his glistening cock in my mouth, but I knew I had to wait. I glanced up to see him looking down at me with heavy-lidded eyes.

The corner of his mouth quirked upward as he fisted his cock again and slid his hand along his shaft, milking out more pre-come. It drooled down onto my lips, then he spread it around with the head of his cock.

Unable to resist any longer, I snaked my tongue out and licked his salty essence from my mouth, moaning at the taste of him. He didn't move away, so I captured the tip between my lips and lightly sucked, gliding my tongue along the sensitive underside.

Groaning, he closed his eyes and let his head fall back. "Fuck!"

Encouraged by his reaction, I sucked him deeper. Worshiping his cock always made me hornier and this time was no different. My clit throbbed in time with my pounding heart, demanding attention. Without meaning to, my hips were lifting with each sucking motion, silently begging for relief.

When he got to the back of my throat, I hummed around his cock, nearly pushing him over the edge.

Growling, he gripped my hair and eased my mouth off his cock. "Naughty little slut."

I was afraid he'd prolong my torment—more so than of someone watching me be his filthy fucktoy—but apparently, he'd had enough teasing.

In several quick motions, he got off me, flipped me onto my stomach, and yanked my knees up under me so my backside was raised higher than my head. He sharply spanked one ass cheek and then the other, the stringing jolt making my inner muscle tighten deliciously.

Lifting my ass, I invited more sweet punishment, but he got behind me and thrust hard and deep inside my eager sex. I groaned at the feel of him stretching and filling me completely. Braced on my forearms, I gripped the cleat in my hands as he started moving along my tight sheath.

He leaned over me, resting one arm near mine while the other hand wrapped around the front of my neck, gently squeezing. It wasn't enough to cut off my air, but enough for me to know he was in complete control. He was everywhere—over me, around me, inside me. I almost came right then, but somehow managed to hold off.

"You're mine." His warm breath caressed my ear as he trusted into me again and again. "You will always be mine."

"Yes. Always," I panted.

His chest hair tickled my back as he claimed my greedy cunt, the syncopated slapping of his hips against my ass overwhelming the soft lapping of the water against the pier. The intoxicating scent of sex mixed with the clean mountain air filling my lungs with each gasping breath. The rough rope rubbed against my wrists with every push and pull, surely leaving marks I'd cherish later.

Along with the intense sensations of his cock pounding that mind-blowing spot deep inside me—and the lingering idea that someone might be watching—I was barely keeping myself from coming all over him.

"Come for me, little fuck whore." Then he sunk his teeth into my shoulder and that was it.

My orgasm tore through me, wrenching my muscles in pained ecstasy, my strangled cry filling the air.

He slammed into me a few more times as my cunt rippled around him, then froze as his cock jerked and pulsed, filling me with his warm come.

Suddenly, a train horn jarred me back to reality and I realized the car was stopped at a railroad crossing.

Looking over at the man in the driver's seat, I saw him smiling at me, sunlight gilding his brown hair in golden highlights. "What was going on in that dirty mind of yours?"

I grinned back at him. "Just dreaming of you."


  1. Nice, hot story. What a dream!

    Rebel xox

  2. phew! I was so transported by that saucy tale that I forgot she was dreaming! Delicious fantasy x