Saturday, March 30, 2019

His Eyes Only (Kink of the Week & Masturbation Monday)

This past weekend I came down with something that absolutely leveled me. Usually, I'm able to suck it up and carry on, but this time I was fairly useless for a couple days. And yet, my dirty mind still came up with the general premise for this story and the title. I'd intended to write and post it earlier in the week, but then my brain decided to go MIA and I just couldn't focus on writing. I know Mercury in retrograde is supposedly not a real thing, but it damn sure feels like it sometimes.

I did manage to get my website updated, which had been long overdue, so yeah for that!

And although I wrote my responses to it a couple weeks ago, a discussion on writing erotica and gender appeared on Angora Shade's blog last Thursday, featuring yours truly, Sally Bend, Delilah Night, Reed James, M.S. Tarot, and Richard Bacula.

Of course, Angora Shade, Sally Bend, Delilah Night, and I are all contributors in the upcoming Chemical [se]X 2: Just One More anthology. I know we've been teasing it forever, but we finally have a release date and we will be announcing it very soon!

Anyway, I finally wrangled my muse into submission and wrote this filthy story, primarily for the Kink of the Week "love bites" prompt.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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Warning: contains dirty talk with name calling and anal sex.

His Eyes Only
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Standing naked in front of the bathroom sink, I looked into the mirror and noticed the purplish mark on my shoulder. I traced it with my finger, a surge of exhilaration renewing my previously sated desire.

I vaguely remembered feeling a slight sting as he sucked my skin the night before. I'd been so lost in the euphoria he created as he moved deep and hard inside me that I didn't realize he'd left a mark. His mark.

The thrill of seeing that physical evidence of his possession on my flesh was surprisingly intoxicating. Even though the pleasant ache of a thorough fucking lingered between my legs, my inner muscles tightened and I felt sure my come-stained thighs would soon be slick with fresh cunt cream.

He came up behind me—also naked—and met my gaze in the mirror. His eyes glanced down at the love bite I was still fingering. When he looked back up, a decidedly self-satisfied smile played on his lips. "Sorry, guess I got a little out of hand there."

I shrugged my shoulder. "I like it."

Realizing my reaction was something far different than the annoyance he'd assumed, his smile slipped and his gaze became more penetrating. "Do you?"

Nodding, I took a shuddering breath. "It's fucking hot."

Molten desire shimmering in his eyes, he moved closer, pressing his semi-hard cock against my backside. "Tell me why."

"Because it shows everyone I'm your naughty fuck slut."

Murmuring his approval, he fisted my long hair and used it to tilt my head to the side, exposing my unmarked shoulder. "Yes, all mine."

He trailed his lips down my neck, the tantalizing rasp of his stubble along my skin making me press my thighs together to ease the growing ache in my cunt.

It was becoming difficult to control my rapid breathing. "I wish I knew what you were doing last night. It would have made me come even harder."

He looked up from where he was nibbling along my collarbone. "Is that so."

"Knowing you were marking me? Claiming me? Fuck yeah."

His cock was now completely hard and nestled between my ass cheeks. "Want me to mark you again, dirty girl?"

"Yes," I hissed on a long, drawn-out breath.

Baring his teeth, he lightly scraped them over my skin. I gripped the vanity top in anticipation, but he barely sank his teeth in before releasing me completely and stepping back.

He grinned at me in the mirror. "Actually, there's somewhere else I've been dying to claim and leave my mark."

I licked my lips. "Anywhere."

"You sure?"

Nodding my head eagerly, I knew he already owned every part of me. "Yes."

He raised a challenging brow. "Bend over."

Oh! Evil man. I knew exactly what he had in mind. He wanted my ass.

We'd talked about it before, and I was open to the idea and curious—like I was about most things. He'd only used one or two fingers on me before, but it was enjoyable enough that I leaned over the vanity without hesitation.

My arms braced on either side of the sink, I maintained eye contact in the mirror until he looked away to leisurely take me in.

When his gaze landed on my ass, he moved closer and fondled one cheek. "Such a sweet ass."

Insinuating his foot between mine, he nudged them aside. "Spread your legs for me."

I moved them apart, but he said, "Wider."

This went on a couple more times until my legs were a little more than shoulder-width apart.

He made an appreciative noise and I knew he could see my glistening cunt lips and my slick thighs. "Lovely."

Then he disappeared out of my sightline as he bent down behind me. His warm breath teasing my lower back, he took the globes of my ass in his strong hands and manipulated them for a moment.

One hand moved away and my heart pounded as I wondered what he'd do next.

That question was quickly answered when he eased a finger in my messy cunt—both from last night and this morning. Moaning, I struggled to keep still as he gently stroked the still tender walls of my sex.

He slipped another finger inside me, and although he kept his touch light—avoiding that sweet spot that would quickly send me over the edge—my inner muscles were already tightening around him, the ripples of sensation building deliciously.

Then his mouth was on my ass cheek, sucking and softly biting my flesh. The pressure built as he drew me harder and harder against his teeth, the slight pain mingling and melding with the pleasure of his fingers moving in me, pushing me ever closer.

I was on the brink of coming all over his fingers when he withdrew them and ceased his oral assault. Whimpering, I pushed my horny cunt back, begging him to finish what he started.

"Not yet, greedy girl."

His slick fingers circling my asshole, he released my other cheek and reached into the vanity drawer. I knew he was retrieving the lube we kept there. As I listened to the unmistakable sounds of him opening the bottle and squirting out the slick substance, I tried relaxing my body, even letting my head fall forward into the sink. Was he coating his fingers? His cock?

Once again, I soon found out when he slowly pushed a wet finger into my asshole. I focused on staying unclenched, letting him in that most forbidden of places. Just like before, it felt different, but good, really good.

He moaned. "So hot, so tight, so fucking nasty."

As another finger worked its way past that taut muscle, he sucked on my unmarred cheek, placing his mark there too. It was all so overwhelming, the feel of his fingers carefully preparing my asshole for his cock, the faint sting of his teeth on my flesh, and knowing he was laying claim to me in such a primal way.

Even without him touching my cunt or my throbbing clit, I could feel the orgasm welling up, getting closer and closer. But yet again, he withdrew his fingers and mouth, pulling me back from the edge.


He chuckled, then I heard him get more lube. Before I could complain any further, the head of his cock was nudging my asshole. I pushed back against him, desperately craving his final possession.

Fisting my hair, he pulled my head up. "Look at me. I want to see your face as I take your slut asshole."

Meeting his fiery gaze in the mirror, I watched as he reached down and pushed his cock past my anal whorl, filling and stretching me like never before. We both groaned at the intense sensation. It seemed he had as much trouble keeping his eyes opened as I did.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but as I relaxed more and allowed him deeper and deeper, the pleasure quickly returned. Leisurely, he moved himself in and out, slowly building speed and I started rocking my hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Once he'd established a steady pace, he released my hair and leaned forward, covering me. One arm braced next to mine, he reached down with the other and found my clit. I moaned as he circled the nub in counterpoint to his fucking strokes.

The irresistible waves grew and grew, flooding my body with the most decadent of pleasures. I was so impossibly close to what I knew was going to be the mother of all orgasms. And then he sunk his teeth into my pristine shoulder and sucked hard.

That was it. A strangled cry tore from my throat as I shattered beneath him. Ecstasy still rippling throughout my body, I was barely aware of him coming with a final thrust, his cock jerking as he filled me with his warm seed.

I don't know how long we stayed there locked together as our bodies calmed. But eventually, he placed a lazy kiss on my shoulder, then gently lifted himself off of me and out of me. My body didn't really want to cooperate, but somehow I managed to push myself up from the vanity.

He smacked my ass as he turned towards the shower. "Wear something off the shoulder today, so everyone can see you're my wanton little slut."

Smirking, I twisted around to see the marks he left on my backside. "Shall I wear something assless, too? So everyone can see you own that, as well?"

He winked at me over his shoulder. "No, that's for my eyes only."


  1. Very hot!! Ompressed you cold get all that dirtiness out while sick even!

  2. That was fanny gallop inducing - wonderful subtle build up so that my intellect and emotions were very much engaged.
    I'm glad you're feeling better, sometimes feeling a bit delirious I get some manic sexy dreams. xx

    1. Wow, I've never received that particular compliment before, but I love it. Thrilled you enjoyed it. And yes, I'm fine now. Thank you!