Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Watching Him (Kink of the Week and Wicked Wednesday #349)

It's my first time writing something for the Kink of the Week. I just couldn't resist the mutual masturbation theme. I've also combined this story with the Wicked Wednesday "Social Media" prompt. As luck would have it, the first image I saw on Instagram was an enticing picture of red lace panties around a sexy pair of heels, courtesy of littleswitchbitch. And so, this story emerged.

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Warning: Some Daddy Dom/little girl role-playing and dirty talk with name calling.

Watching Him
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

I'd slipped off my heels before entering the apartment. Placing them on the floor just inside the entryway, I closed the door with the quietest of snicks, then tiptoed down the hallway towards our bedroom. As I got closer, I heard the familiar sounds of wild fucking and smiled to myself.

When I looked through the slightly open doorway, I found the sight I'd eagerly anticipated. He was stretched out on his side facing me, his hand slowly working up and down his hard cock. Since his gaze was glued to whatever porn he had playing on the laptop sitting on the bed beside him, he didn't notice me.

Leaning against the door jamb, I just enjoyed the show. I loved watching him pleasure himself, but I seldom got the chance to really take my time before it led to other erotic activities. I knew he sometimes masturbated when I wasn't around and hoped to catch him without him realizing it—at least for a little while.

His eyes heavy-lidded with lust, he was clearly enthralled by the video. I couldn't tell what was going on; all I heard was slapping flesh, male grunts, and a young female voice squealing with pleasure. He slid his hand down his shaft to cup his balls, lightly massaging them.

Fuck, that was hot.

I pressed my legs together to ease the growing neediness in my cunt. I was really tempted to sneak my hand into my panties and play with my clit, but I didn't think I could do it quietly enough to avoid detection. I wasn't quite ready to make my presence known yet.

He moved his hand back up and gripped his shaft fiercely, squeezing up the length. A stream of glistening pre-come drooled out over the head, making my mouth and cunt water. It always amazed me how seemingly rough he was with his cock. I wanted to wrap my pouty lips around the head and just softly suck on it for a while.

As I watched, his hand went over the head, palming it and doing that twisting motion I found so intriguing—like he was unscrewing a bottle cap. It must have felt really good, because his head fell back and he released a low groan.

My growing arousal seemed directly linked to his. I could feel my juices soaking my panties and my hard nipples pressing against my flimsy dress. I didn't think I'd able to resist touching myself for much longer—or jumping him and riding his cock until me both came all over each other.

Like he heard my thoughts—or maybe I made an involuntary sound without knowing it—his head snapped up and his gaze locked with mine. In a flash, he shut off the porno and sat up. He looked like he was going to reach for a pillow to cover his erection, but then stopped himself when realized how silly that would be. It wasn't like I hadn't seen it before—many times.

Having been found out, I walked into the bedroom. "Don't stop on my account."

He cleared his throat. "I thought you were at that bachelorette party."

"I ducked out early." I pulled one of the narrow straps of my dress over my shoulder. "Grown women getting hammered and trying to reenact a Girls Gone Wild video isn't my scene."

A slow smile spread across his face. "No?"

Shaking my head, I lowered the other strap, then pushed the silky material over my breasts. "No, but watching you jack off definitely is."

His gaze followed the dress as it skimmed down my body onto the floor. He slowly looked back up, taking in my red lace panties and matching bra. His eyes widened, then narrowed. "You wore that to a girls' night out?"

"No, I wore it to come home to you afterwards."

Seemingly appeased, he smiled again and started moving the laptop off the bed.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

He frowned. "Now that you're here, I don't need this."

"That's sweet, but I want to see what had you all hot and bothered."

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I don't know about that."

I laughed as I approached the bed. "Why? How bad could it be?"

I was about to climb onto the bed, but froze when he held up his hand. "Keep the panties on, but lose the fucking bra."

Grinning, I reached behind my back and unfastened the clasp. His heated gaze was locked onto my heavy tits as I pulled the lacy material away and tossed it aside. I know he didn't miss a jiggle or sway as I settled next to him, the laptop between us.

I reached down and started the video from the beginning. Leaning back, I watched as the unimaginative plot unfolded. Basically, while a man's wife was out of town, he came home late from work to find the babysitter getting herself off while watching his secret stash of dirty movies.

The girl was cute, petite, blonde, and barely legal. Was that what he was worried about? Okay, I wasn't in my twenties anymore and I was a curvy brunette. That didn't mean I was upset that he found the girl attractive. After all, I found the tall, dark, and domineering dad very arousing.

"She's hot."

He made a vague grunting sound, but when I looked over, his hand was working his cock again in firm strokes.

Unable to resist any longer, I shifted one leg up and out so I could easily slip my hand inside my soaked panties. When my fingers delved between my drenched slit and found my swollen clit, I couldn't help moaning.

As I circled my clit again and again, the naughty scene continued, getting dirtier by the second. The dad quickly had her gagging on his cock, eventually working up to him thoroughly destroying her tight ass—all of which she seemed to genuinely love.

"And he is a very naughty daddy!"

At his groan, I looked over again to find him watching my hand moving beneath my panties instead of the porno. Jerking his cock harder and faster, he shifted his gaze between my quivering tits and busy hand.

"I bet you want to be that dirty daddy."

His chest heaving, he looked up at me, his eyes burning with intensity. "Yes."

Since I had his undivided attention, I pushed the laptop aside and straddled his lap facing him. "You want to fuck her nasty virgin asshole, don't you?"

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back so my body arched, thrusting my tits into his chest. "I want to fuck your tight slut asshole."

Panting, I rocked my hips forward and back, grinding myself against the hand that was still stroking his cock. "I love it when you call me dirty names."

"Such a fucking filthy come whore."

"Fuck yeah." His knuckle rubbed my clit through the wet panties with every up and down motion, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. "I want Daddy's hot come all over my panties."

"You first, little cunt."

Moving my hips faster, I moaned as the sensations built until I went hurtling of the edge. I was still shaking from the jolts of pleasure ripping through my body when he released a long, low groan and shot his thick load all over my belly and panties.

Sometime later, we were sprawled across the bed with me mostly on top of him, his come a sticky mess between us. Our breathing had finally calmed and he was idly stroking my hair.

"We should do that again sometime."

"You have another girls' night out planned anytime soon?"

"No, but you just might come home one day and find me doing something very, very naughty."

He chuckled and slapped my ass. "Looking forward to it, dirty girl."

So was I.


  1. Hot story, and live that they both enjoyed the movie and masturbated together 😊

    Rebel xox

  2. O how delicious - there wasn't a thing about that which didn't push at least 1 button of mine! Wow - you've created something really hot here and it is very erotic. Yum and well done!