Friday, February 8, 2019

The Sex Pizza (Friday Flash #40)

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The Sex Pizza
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

"I'll have the sex pizza."

Yet again, I was flabbergasted—partly because the strange request came from a prim older woman dripping in Chanel.

"Sorry, there's no sex pizza."

She literally harrumphed. "The margherita then."

I put in the order, then turned to the college girl I hired as cashier. "Why is everyone asking for the sex pizza?"

"You don't know?"


She yelled for one of the guys to cover the register, then dragged me out the front and down the block. When she turned me around and pointed up, it all became clear.

Above the sign for my pizzeria, there was a sign for the unisex salon next door, but a fire escape partially covered both signs, leaving "sex" and "pizza."


"It's brilliant, really. Just add a sex pizza to the menu. Sex sells, baby."

After closing, I was alone, waiting for a delivery and considering those words of wisdom. When the backdoor buzzer sounded, I quickly straightened my hair before letting in the guy I'd been crushing on since I opened the place.

"What on earth is in these?" he asked as he rolled two heavy vats to the storeroom.

"Water from New York."


I shrugged. "That's supposedly why their pizza dough is the best."

"Huh, go figure."

Before he could leave again, I blurted out, "What should be on a sex pizza?"

He turned around slowly, grinning down at me. "You. Naked."

My cheeks flaming, I explained the situation. "Could you help me test a few ideas?"

"Free pizza from a knockout? How could I refuse?"

Trying not to swoon at his feet, I went to work preparing several small sampler pizzas.

"This guy I knew used to say pizzas are like blowjobs."

Looking over my shoulder, I saw him leaning against the counter behind me, his eyes glued to my ass. "How's that?"

He met my gaze, not the least bit ashamed. "There's no such thing as a bad one."

I laughed. "That guy was you, right?"

His eyes gleamed with mischief. "Maybe."

Once ready, I laid out the samples on the counter next to him. Watching his sensuous mouth move had my panties soaked by the time he got to the last pizza.

Eyes closed, he groaned. "Damn, that's good."

I swear I had a mini-orgasm.

Wanting to try it myself, I snagged a bite and moaned as the flavors exploded on my taste buds.

Before I knew it, he lifted me onto the countertop and stood between my legs, causing my skirt to ride up to my hips. "I want to cause you to make that sound."

His hand gripping my hair, he devoured my mouth. He tasted like tomatoes, basil, and the most alluring ingredient of all—him. Ravenous, I freed his cock, and then he was moving inside me, creating one delicious wave of pleasure after another.

The sex pizza was a bestseller. It came with a creamy white dipping sauce inspired by the new man in my life.


  1. FGS! This is funny and hot and sweet because it's a first-time, romantic thing too! I'd like to try the sex pizza too (but hold the dipping sauce!)

    1. Thrilled you enjoyed it! As for the pizza, me too--with extra sauce! ;)