Monday, January 28, 2019

Inspiration (Masturbation Monday #230)

Anyone who has been paying attention to my blog posts probably won't be surprised that I couldn't resist this week's enticing Masturbation Monday inspirational picture from sub-Bee. I took some liberties with it to suit my naughty purposes, but I think I retained the spirit of the picture.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Still blissed out after an intense orgasm, I lay on my stomach, slowly coming back to earth. I was barely aware of his warm weight sprawled out beside me and the mixture of our come seeping from my tender sex.

The bed shifted as he moved closer, then lightly trailed his finger down my spine. Murmuring contentedly at his touch, I smiled as he kept going past my lower back and over my ass to delve between my legs. I gasped when he grazed my cunt lips, still hypersensitive from the hard fucking he'd given me earlier.

His fingers slid between my folds, exploring my slickness. "Mmm, such a well-used little cunt."

"I love being messy with your come." I lifted one leg up and out, raising my hips slightly to give him better access.

He didn't waste any time accepting my invitation and slipped a finger deep inside my creamy sheath. I moaned as he worked it in and out, lazily teasing my inner walls.

Then he removed it and I felt his come-coated finger tracing a line down my back. Giggling, I tried to turn over, but he stopped me by placing his forearm across my shoulder.

"Stay still." I could hear the humor lacing his voice.

"What are you doing?"

"I have an idea."

My curiosity raged as he slid his finger back inside me, but I quickly decided to be a good girl and see where his dirty mind led. After a couple passes, not quite hitting the spot where I really craved his touch, he withdrew his finger and made another slick line down my back. And so it went, several more times, him renewing my arousal as he gathered our juices and used them to paint lines on my back—five in all.

Finally, it hit me. "A music staff?"


His finger was inside me again, curving upwards to gently stroke my G-spot ever so briefly. He left me craving more to scrawl the familiar shape of a treble clef between my shoulder blades.

"Wouldn't a pen and paper be more efficient?"

I struggled to keep still as he rubbed the front of my cunt with more pressure, but couldn't stop the whimper that escaped when he left me once more. This time he drew a sharp—just one, so G major—followed by the time signature.

"Since you inspired it, you should wear my come and my music."

My breathing quickened as he continued his sweet torment to emblazon his masterpiece on my skin. A quarter note, a couple eighth notes, another quarter note…

I couldn't really tell where the notes fell, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate as I got closer to coming all over his fingers.

"Hmm, I think I need more come for the next phrase."

"If you keep going, I'll give you enough cunt cream for a symphony."

He chuckled. "I have a better idea. Turn over."

I looked at him over my shoulder. "But that would ruin all your hard work."

He rolled his eyes. "It's already in my head. Now do as you're told, greedy girl."

I yelped when he slapped my ass for emphasis, then laughed as I turned onto my back.

When he straddled my chest, I saw he was big and hard, the head of his cock already glistening with pre-come.

His hand wrapped around the shaft, he guided it to my mouth. "Get it nice and wet for me."

That wasn't something I needed to be told twice. Lifting my head, I took him in my mouth, savoring the tangy, salty taste of both of us on his skin. He gripped my hair in his free hand and urged me to suck him deeper until he was nudging the back of my throat. I gagged a bit, drenching his cock in saliva.

After a few more strokes, he pulled himself out of my mouth. As I caught my breath, he shifted back and placed his slick cock between my tits. I knew immediately what he had in mind. He pushed my ample flesh together, completely enveloping his cock, and started fucking my tits.

Even though I was aching for another orgasm, I loved watching the pleasure wash over his handsome face and feeling his hard, hot shaft moving between my cleavage. I ran my hands up his thighs, enjoying the way his coarse hair tickled my palms and the play of his muscles under his skin.

"How does the song go?"

He looked down at me with heavy-lidded eyes and hummed a hauntingly sweet melody. I just listened of a moment, meeting his passionate gaze. Then I leaned forward to give the head of his cock teasing licks and sucking kisses every time it emerged from between my tits.

His voice faltered as his breathing got heavier, until he stopped humming entirely. He shifted his hold on my tits so he could pinch my nipples between his fingers, making me moan around his cock. My needy cunt demanded relief, but I could only press my thighs together.

Rocking his hips faster, he increased the pressure on nipples as his thrusts became harder, his balls slapping the underside of my tits. Suddenly, he released one breast and grabbed my hair to ease my mouth off his cock. With a series of low grunts, he shot his thick, abundant load all over my upper chest, neck, and my chin.

When his breathing calmed, he smiled down at me. "More than enough for the next phrase."

Chuckling, I watched as he shifted so he was kneeling beside me. He took a swipe of his come off my chin and drew a line along the length of my torso all the way to my shaved pussy. He continued what he started on my back, alternately coating his finger to write his music and tormenting my hard nipples. It was almost impossible not to arch my back and writhe beneath his clever fingers.

By the time the notes reached my lower abdomen, I couldn't take it anymore. "Please…"

"Please what, babygirl?"

"Please, let me come."

He feigned a sigh. "Okay, but you have to stay covered in my come for the rest of the day."

I nodded my head eagerly. "Yes, sir."

Moving to the bottom of the bed, he lay down between my legs, forcing my thighs wide apart. For a moment, his gaze met mine as he licked up the length of my drenched slit. But then his tongue found my clit and I was too lost in the sensations to keep my head up. Sliding two fingers deep inside me, he reminded me that he was talented in more ways than one.

My pleasure quickly built as he played my cunt like a virtuoso. Clenching the sheets in a death grip, I came apart beneath him, my orgasm ripping through me so fiercely I filled the room with my wailing cries. It took a little while for me to recover from that earth-shattering release.

Eventually, I looked down at him still lying between my legs, his chin resting on my thigh. "What will you call the song?"

His wet lips curved into a wicked smile. "'Leaving My Mark.'"

Sounded like a hit to me.


  1. Masterfully done Ria. I'm not sure I'd be so relaxed about getting messy but the couple in this are both loving it and that makes it very sexy.

    1. Thank you! It's a matter of taste, I suppose. lol ;)

  2. Oh I love how you incorporated the prompt here. So fucking sexy.

  3. A beautiful and incredibly sexy story, to incorporate the drawing of notes is brilliant and very exciting!

  4. This was soooo good. One of my favourite pieces so far this year.

    1. Why thank you! That's an incredible compliment! ;)