Thursday, January 8, 2015

Take Two: A Reintroduction

A couple of years ago, I started another blog as a way to get my writing butt in gear. My plan was to post my writing progress every day to motivate me. Well, that crashed and burned after only two posts -- for a lot of reasons that would probably bore you.

But now it's 2015, a brand new year with brand new goals -- which I think are more realistic. As far as this blog is concerned, I hope to update it regularly with my thoughts about writing romance and erotica, writing in general, my works in progress, and any publishing success.

Now, for my reintroduction . . .

Hi, I'm Ria Restrepo (pen name) and I'm a writer of romance and erotica -- or a combination of the two. Under other names, I've written everything from literary fiction to political humor and have had some modest publishing success. I've also done some editing. My writing/editing career thus far has had its ups and downs, so I'm basically starting over. As Ria Restrepo, I'm focusing on writing what I love to read, which is mainly romance and erotica.

My new pen name not only gives me a fresh start, but it also better reflects my ethnic heritage -- which is half Hispanic and half almost everything else -- so I plan on sticking with it.

I live in Florida and have spent most of my life here. Despite its many idiosyncrasies -- or maybe because of them -- I love Florida. You can't beat the weather (most of the time) and I have a thing for palm trees. Many of my stories are set somewhere in the Sunshine State.

Now for my writing goals for this year:

  •  Submit at least ten works (short or long) for publication.
  • Finish one novel (60k-100k words) and/or two novellas (10k-60k).

That should be entirely doable, but we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck -- and good writing!

All the best,

Ria ;)

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