Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting it Written

[In one of my early posts on my old (now deleted) blog, I mentioned a quote that is significant to me. I've rewritten that post, because I believe it's important and deserves repeating.]

An article I read a while ago -- I can't remember which one -- provided some inspirational, writing-related quotes. There was one that spoke to me so much that I have it written on a dry erase board on the wall I sit in front of every day. The quote is from James Thurber, of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" fame, and it states:

"Don't get it right the first time. Just get it written."
I have no idea in what context he related this brilliance, but it speaks to a major problem of mine -- I have quite a few, by the way. This problem is that I try to write things perfectly the first time. And wanting to "get it right the first time" tends to paralyze me as a writer. I'll have read and reread what I've written here so far probably a hundred times, looking for mistakes and trying to make it perfect. No joke. I probably have a touch of OCD (Obsessive-compulsive discover). Can you have a touch of OCD? And no offense meant to anyone with OCD.

This probably goes back to me doing my high school math homework in pen. It made me work out the problems in my head before putting anything down on paper. Not the best way to write, I’m finding out.

So, every day, I try to live the quote and JUST WRITE!

Meaning, I'm trying to get the characters, stories, scenes, etc. out of my head and just write them down, then worry about editing and perfecting it later. It's hard not to agonize over every word, but I write more when I focus on "just getting it written."

However, I’m not completely over my crap yet, so that’s why I’m first writing these posts on a word processor. So I can edit and fine tune them all I want before posting. Hey, one step at a time.

All the best,

Ria ;)

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