Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Her Only Master (Friday Flash #25)

Oh, you had to know I wouldn't be able to resist this week's Friday Flash challenge by Beatrix B.! I really did try for fifty-five, but I just couldn't do what I wanted in so few words. But I did manage to get it done in only a hundred. I bow down to anyone who did manage it in fifty-five words. Please take a look at the glorious inspirational painting and click the badge below to read all the other Friday Flashers!

All the best
Ria ;)
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Her Only Master
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

I know what you crave…

Finger hovering over delete, she stared at the "unknown" text. Just a sales gimmick. Couldn't be him. He'd abandoned her long ago.

Same time. Same place.

Heart racing, she knew her choice.

His stately home unchanged, she let herself in, then followed the familiar routine: stripping down to bra and panties, clothes neatly placed on the entryway chair.

Soundlessly on bare feet, she went to the parlor and slid the doors open.

He lounged in his favorite chair, his devastating smile greeting her.

"Want to try again, pet?"

Kneeling at his feet was her answer.


  1. Well done, Ria! This is a great drabble. It has all the components of a solid micro story! Yes, the challenge pushed for the lowest count possible, but this was perfect at 100-words. Any less would have taken away from its execution.

  2. Ohhh I always torn on stories like this, it is sexy but then I have to wonder if he left her once.... well, maybe he will again. Great writing as you got my mind pondering all the possibly outcomes


    1. In my head, he meant enough to her to give him another chance. Will it work out? Who knows, but the romantic in me would like to think so. Thanks for commenting! ;)

  3. I’m. Very curious about the back story here. That pull was too strong to resist

    Cara T

    1. Oh yes! Sadly, not much room for backstory in a hundred words, but you can be sure it's a good one and hot--very, very hot. ;)