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Midnight Blue (Wicked Wednesday #323)

I'm a little late, but this week's Wicked Wednesday "Passenger" prompt ultimately resulted in the story below after some meandering associations in my brain. When I saw "passenger," I thought "naughty road trip." And of course, that road trip would have to be in a classic Mustang. I'm dating myself here, but in my youth, I was fortunate enough to have a 1990 midnight blue Mustang convertible. So that lead me to the song "Midnight Blue" by Lou Gramm. Of course, the car in the video below is a Pontiac GTO, but this song worked better for my purposes than "Mustang Sally," which is what I called my 'Stang, by the way. I know, not terribly original.

Yes, I know the story is a little long. I just couldn't help myself. You can check out the other Wicked Wednesday posts by clicking on the badge below.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and the musical interlude (if you can get past the 80s hair),

Ria ;)
Twitter: @RiaRestrepo

Warning: D/s, dirty talk, name calling, spanking, and some risky car and public sex that probably shouldn't be tried in reality.

Midnight Blue
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

"Who doesn't have a satellite radio in their car these days?" Unable to find anything decent on the old AM/FM radio, I slumped down in the passenger seat and sighed.

He took his eyes off the road long enough to give me a crooked grin. "Someone with the proper respect for classic muscle cars."

I'd always fantasized about taking off and following I-10 from Jacksonville to LA, stopping to see the sights along the way. Especially New Orleans. Finally doing it with my dream guy in his '66 cherry red Mustang had seemed romantic in the extreme. However, staring at the endless black highway with nothing to listen to but the sound of the tires on the pavement was getting monotonous.

And my cellphone was useless, because we were apparently going through a dead zone. It was hard to believe that there still were dead zones in this day and age. Or maybe my cell service just sucked, which was entirely possible. Since the whole trip had been spur of the moment, I hadn't thought ahead to load up my phone with road music.

"Why don't you try again," he said, nodding toward the radio.

"I've been trying for the last hour. There's only static, gossip music, or that preacher screaming that we're all sinners who'll burn in the hell fires of damnation."

He reached over and squeezed my bare knee. "We'd burn together, baby."

The feel of his warm, strong hand on my skin immediately put me on high alert and jump-started my libido. My breath quickening, I looked from his hand to his face. I could barely make him out, the occasional streetlight momentarily highlighting his striking features and the cool Spring air streaming in from the open window ruffling his longish hair.

Just the sight of him made my heart beat faster, but then he shifted his hand, his fingers sliding down along the inside of my thigh. A flood of juices soaked my cunt in anticipation. Without any real conscious thought, my legs drifted apart, inviting him to explore further.

His gaze remained on the road and he showed no sign that he knew what he was doing to me. After several dozen heartbeats, his hand remained where it was and I realized he had no intention of relieving the growing ache between my legs.

I didn't know if he was purposely teasing me, but I was going to find out. I placed my hand over his and urged him further up my thigh to where I needed him the most.

Just before his finger touched my panty-covered pussy, he pulled his hand away and chuckled. "Oh no you don't, naughty girl."

"Please," I all but whined.

"I need to concentrate on the road."

Okay, if he couldn't drive and finger me at the same time, that didn't mean I couldn't have fun. I released my seat belt and sidled up next to him, pressing my tits against his arm.

"Babe…" he said in his warning voice.

"You just keep driving while I alleviate my boredom." I slid my hand up his jean-covered thigh and cupped his growing bulge.

He groaned when I slightly squeezed his cock, then I traced his length up to his fly. I'd just gotten the button undone when he grabbed my hand. "I definitely won't be able to focus on the road if you do that."

"Then pull over."

"If you want to experience New Orleans during Mardi Gras, then we should keep going for a while." He placed my hand on my own leg and patted it. "But I'll take a rain check."

"Please?" That time I really did whine.

"Get back in your seat, put on your seat belt, and be a good girl."

Seriously? He was turning down a blowjob? Yes, he was ultimately doing it for my benefit, but it still chafed.

I wasn't a huge believer in astrology, but I was a pretty stereotypical Aries, which meant I loved a challenge. And whether he meant to or not, he'd just thrown down the gauntlet. Normally, I'd be his good girl and do as I was told, but I was bored—and now very horny. That wasn't something I—or most Aries—tolerated very well. We are also creative, daring, impulsive, independent, very sexual, and crave attention.

So like any self-respecting ram, I picked up the gauntlet.

I slid back into my seat, but I didn't put on my seat belt. Instead, I reached up underneath my sundress and wiggled out of my panties.

He glanced over. "What are you doing?"

"Don't worry about it."

I tossed the panties onto the dashboard where he couldn't miss them. Then I leaned back in my seat and kicked off my sandals. I hitched my leg up onto the car door, my foot wedged in the corner of the open window and the windshield. Turning towards him slightly, my back resting partly against the door, I bent my other leg out and lifted the hem of my dress. My bare cunt lips glistened in the intermittent highway lights.

When I looked over, his heated gaze was fixed on my cunt.

"Shouldn't you be watching the road?"

His eyes met mine briefly, then he jerked his attention back to the road.

Smiling, I slid my fingers over my hairless slit.

"I know what you're fucking doing."

"I would hope so." I sucked in a breath when my finger grazed my clit. "You've seen it often enough."

His hands tightened on the steering wheel. "You're taunting me."

Circling my clit again and again, I moaned. "I'm just amusing myself since you won't play with me."

He groaned. "Don't make me stop this fucking car."

With my free hand, I lowered the strap of my dress, baring my tit. While I worked my clit with my thumb, I fondled my tit and slid a finger in my tight wet hole. Waves of pleasure quickly built, making me close my eyes and toss my head against the seat. Pinching my nipple sent a sharp jolt of sensation ricocheting throughout my body and I couldn't help whimpering. I could hear his heavy breathing and mine and the scent of my arousal filling the car. I was so close to coming…


The car suddenly jerked to the side, throwing me against the door, and then forward as we came to an abrupt stop. Luckily, I braced my arms against the dash before I flew into it. My eyes snapped open to see that he'd pulled over onto the shoulder and was out of the car, charging around to my side like a raging bull.

Adrenaline surged through my veins, not from fear, but excitement.

He yanked open my door, grabbed my arm, pulled me out of the car.

I bit my lip to stop my grin as he bent me over the hood of the car and pulled up the back of my dress. The sharp smack to my ass caught me by surprise.

"Owe! Fuck!"

This wasn't one of our just-of-fun spankings. He really meant business.

He hit the other cheek just as hard. "Are you bored now, greedy slut?"

"No, sir!"

Another two hard slaps came down on both cheeks. "Did you do what I told you?"

"No, sir!"

I was gasping for air as the pain morphed into the most intense pleasure I'd ever felt. My clit was throbbing and I could feel my cunt juices oozing down my thighs.

"Did I say you could play with your cunt?" he asked after another round of smacks.

"No, sir!"

The heat from my abused ass seemed to seep down into my cunt, intensifying my need to be fucked hard.

"Who owns this cunt?" He punctuated the question with a slap to my pussy lips—not as hard as the smacks to my ass, but hard enough to make me cry out in pain and pleasure.

"You do, sir! Always!"

"And who gets to decide if you get to come?" There was no slap this time, just the sound of his zipper being wrenched open.

"You, sir!" I sobbed, more in relief that he was going to fuck me.

Then he rammed his cock deep inside me, making me cry out again in overwhelming pleasure. He fucked me hard and fast, his thrusts unrelenting, his hips slamming against my tender ass, mixing pain and overwhelming pleasure. It took every fiber of my being to stop myself from coming, waiting for his permission, praying that he would let me come.

His body fell over mine and he growled in my ear. "Come for me now, little slut."

I went careening over the edge and shattered into a million pieces. He joined me almost immediately, filling me with his hot come.

Completely spent, I don't know how long we stayed locked together like that, but I became aware again when a car sped past us blaring its horn.

"Fuck, we better go before the cops show up."

He got up with a grunt, tucked himself away, then helped me into the car since I could barely walk on my shaky legs.

I hissed in pain when my sore ass touched the car seat.

He chuckled. "That'll give you something to think about for a while."

Yes, it would, I thought with more amusement than chagrin.

After he closed my door, he leaned into the window, his eyes dancing with mischief. "Put your panties back on so that messy cunt doesn't leak onto the upholstery."

This time I did as I was told.

As he got back into the driver's seat, I pulled my phone out of the glove compartment to check the time.

"Oh, I have bars!" I turned on my radio app and Lou Gramm's "Midnight Blue" filled the car. "And they're playing our song."

Grinning, he got us back on the road. "Well, I did paint your ass cherry red."

And my heart too.

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