Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Red Balloon (Friday Flash #52)

Earlier in the week, I had another story in mind, but I had some trouble getting myself to focus. When F. Leonora Solomon posted the Friday Flash prompt, I wasn't sure what if anything I could do with it. But then I had this far-out-there idea and my muse decided to cooperate. Go figure.

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Hope you enjoy,

Ria ;)
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The Red Balloon
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2019. All rights reserved.

Once upon a time, there was a red balloon like so many others, yet different. A spark of passion swelled inside her and she longed to be free. The bright blue sky beckoned her, but try as she might, she couldn't break loose. She was hopelessly knotted to the rest.

The others of her kind didn't seem to mind their inhibited fate. Sometimes, one or a group would go off to places unknown, but always remained tethered. Maybe that was the best she could expect—to travel the world in a tightly controlled fashion. She knew the mundane existence would slowly drain her vitality until she shriveled and died.

Then, one day, something miraculous happened. A wild and warm wind blew through with a liberating force, tearing away her oppressive bonds. It was terrifying at first, being carried away on a slipstream into the firmament.

But the zephyr whispered reassuringly and she quickly relaxed, relishing her sudden freedom. All her impossible dreams were finally coming true. Sailing through the air, she rose higher and higher. Joyous and free, she gave herself to him completely, surrendering to his every delightful whim.

The wind rewarded her submission affectionately. He caressed her with light drafts, creating sensations she'd never imagined. He surrounded her, stroking her, gently building her pleasure until she shuddered in ecstasy, lost in the nirvana only he aroused.

Savoring the afterglow, she slowly realized the wind was gradually taking her lower. She was confused and somewhat disappointed when he carefully set her down in a summer field. Was he abandoning her?

Before she was overcome with agonizing grief, he swirled around her, guiding her in a seductive dance. Blades of cool green grass tickled and teased her delicate flesh, stimulating her desire all over again. Relief and rapture swiftly overtook her. He only wanted to give her a new experience to cherish.

And so she became devoted to the wind, the friend that freed her, the lover that filled her with unbridle bliss. They were two of a kind—different in many ways, but alike in all the ways that mattered. Irresistibly drawn to each other despite all the odds.

It wasn't all sunshine and clear skies, though. Occasionally he led her into a storm cloud or two. The thunder and lightening were frightening initially, but he kept her safely out of reach, showing her the magnificence of the volatile spectacle. She quite enjoyed the rain that often accompanied these tempests. There was something cathartic and sensual about the deluge washing over her.

Drifting along in the night sky, below a sea of stars, also filled her with awe. Thanks to her rescuer, there was a whole new world for her to explore. When she inevitably lost some of her buoyancy, he filled her up and gave her new life.

Thus, the wind and the red balloon continued on, forever joined in love and passion—seekers wandering the earth, reveling in blue skies, the darkest nights, and everything in between.


  1. Oh I loved this. I think it's one of those tales that people will interpret differently base on their own situations and I always think stories like that are absolutely gift. Wonderfully done x

    1. Thank you! That's an awesome compliment. Thrilled you enjoyed it! ;)

  2. That's an excellent extended metaphor. I've always imagined balloons yearning to be's why they try so hard to get away.

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's pretty much where the idea came from. ;)

  3. A very beautiful story, and such a lovely idea!

  4. Masterfully done. I agree with Floss's point, I know how I've interpreted the story but others may have a different take.
    Love how you took the metaphor and thoroughly & creatively explored it.

    1. Thank you so much! Thrilled you enjoyed it! ;)