Monday, October 8, 2018

Prelude to Round Two (Masturbation Monday #214 , Wicked Wednesday #332 , & Friday Flash #26)

This post is mostly inspired by this week's Friday Flash prompt with a little Wicked Wednesday thrown in. But I'm also linking it to Masturbation Monday, because it's still Monday and it does involve masturbation of a sort. I know the post doesn't have to fit the prompt, but I think it's more fun that way. Never fear, though, I have a paranormal post in the works that I can hopefully make fit next week's prompt—or not. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Please click on the badges below to read all the other amazing blog posts.

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Prelude to Round Two
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.

"Why an octopus?"

Perched on his finely toned ass, she lightly traced the elaborated tattoo on his back. It really was a work of art—just like the rest of him.

His shoulder lifted slightly, but he otherwise remained silent. Seemingly content from their recent lovemaking, he lay on his stomach, head resting on his folded arms.

A tropical breeze from the bungalow's open French doors stirred the humid air, caressing her bare, heated flesh. The setting sun painted their private beachside paradise in golden shadows. This was their break from harsh reality, a chance to get to know each other better, so she wasn't letting him off easy. Not like the other times.

"Tell me, or I'll have to guess."

His eyes remained closed, but the corner of his mouth curved upward. "Go for it."

Her finger continued stroking his smooth, stained skin. "It symbolizes the eight women who broke your heart."

Laughter vibrated his body, creating ripples of pleasure in her still messy cunt.

"Not hardly that many." His amusement died gradually, his body tensing. "A buddy in the Teams was into them. When he was killed, we all got the same tattoo."

She knew he didn't like talking about it and she didn't need to hear any more. That he endured the pain for such a large, intricate memorial said it all. To soothe him, she did what she did best—made him forget the darkness for a while.

"You know what it reminds me of?"


"That Bond movie. Octopussy."

He chuckled, his muscles already relaxing. "Were you even alive when that came out?"

"Yes, but I was a kid."

Sliding down into the groove at the small of his back, she ground her slick sex into his spine, then giggled.

Looking back at her, he raised a brow. "What's funny, naughty girl?"

"I'm rubbing my pussy against your pussy."

He groaned, but smiled.

Moving further up his back, she leaned forward, bracing her arms on either side of his. "Remember when I told you I wasn't into girls?"


"This is the closest you'll get to seeing me fuck another pussy."

His breathing quickened as she rocked her hips, rubbing her clit against him again and again.

"You'd love to watch that, wouldn't you?" Panting in his ear, she increased the pressure on her needy cunt. "I'd be filled with your come just like I am now, grinding my snatch against another pussy until we both came so fucking hard."

He moaned. "Fuck yeah."

"Then I'd lick her clean, lapping up her come, my come, your come. Just for you. Only for you."

She shuddered as her orgasm overtook her, collapsing on his back.

Before she knew it, he flipped them both over, her body under his, pinning her arms above her head.

Grinning down at her, he prodded her opening with his impossibly hard cock. Then he slammed himself deep inside her, claiming her once again. "Time for round two, dirty girl."

"Yes, please!"


  1. She is a dirty girl! very nice indeed!

  2. mmm really hot... so hot!

    Rebel xox

  3. So you said tentacles and my mind went to porn, but I like that explanation better.

    1. Tentacles don't really do anything for me, but a studly SEAL with an octopus THAT does all sorts of things for me. (wicked grin) Glad you liked it! ;)

  4. Very arousing and sexy. Has left me tingling . . . and squirming . . . at my desk. And this is supposed to be a short, calming, lunch-break !!!
    Xxx - K

  5. Great story and very erotic xx