Thursday, August 23, 2018

On the Rocks (Friday Flash #19)

I should be working on other things (bad Ria!), but I just couldn't resist this week's Friday Flash prompt. You can see the gorgeous sculpture here. Many thanks to F. Leonora Solomon for hosting Friday Flash and Dr. J for the inspiring picture. The resulting story is a bit of a departure for me, but I hope you enjoy it!

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On the Rocks
By Ria Restrepo
Copyright ©2018. All Rights Reserved.

Half a world away and he still consumed me, a raging inferno in my soul. Even the gentle ocean waves undulating around me couldn't calm my torment.

I hoisted myself from the briny water onto a large rock. Closing my eyes against the brilliant sun, I stretched out on my back, the rough, craggy surface biting into my flesh. The discomfort didn't come close to equaling the wrenching agony of my self-imposed isolation.

As the midday heat evaporated the droplets clinging to my bare skin, I could almost hear his seductive voice on the breeze. Come back to me, my goddess, my queen, my Mona Lisa.

From the start, I knew he'd ruin me—my twin flame, my perfect complement, burning me from the inside out until I was nothing more than ashes in the wind, altering me forever. It scared me so much I ran from him, disappearing without a trace. But that didn't stop me from feeling him all the time, the longing and despair that mirrored mine, no matter how much distance I put between us.

On the rocks, both literally and figuratively, I knew I couldn't fight it any longer. The tension in the air around me seemed to relax, almost as if it was him sighing with relief at my surrender. A balmy zephyr washed over me like his warm breath teasing my skin. I melted into the stone, letting his presence overtake me, welcoming the building heat of his ardor.

My hands became his, sliding over my body, my arousal flaring as the flame of his touch licked every inch of me. I arched into him as he relearned my shape and reclaimed what had always been his. Breasts heaving, I endured him torturing my nipples, which were almost as hard as the rock beneath me.

Then he was between my legs, feeling my liquid desire flowing with abundance.

He moaned in appreciation, or I did, I couldn't tell anymore. Mine. Always.

"Yours." My strangled cry pierced the ether as his fingers made me writhe in fiery pleasure. Filling my needy sex, he possessed me all over again, the blazing passion only he created roaring throughout my body. When the conflagration went supernova, every synapse lit with pure bliss until I was engulfed in radiant white light.

I was so overcome I could've sworn his warm seed splashed onto my thighs. But it was just sea foam from the now turbulent ocean, the waves crashing against the rock. How I wished it was his essence marking my skin as indelibly as the rest of me.

As the intensity banked, glowing embers of certainty transformed my entire being. I knew what I had to do and where I belonged. My need to be with him was overwhelming. I'd do anything to earn his forgiveness for my lack of faith—beg, get down on my knees in supplication. Above all, I would relinquish the one thing I'd denied him, something I'd never given anyone else…my heart.


  1. Oh I do LOVE that - it reminds me of my man and me. I first knew him many years ago and the connection between us scared me so much I walked out of his life. But could never forget him - so after a decade and a half I returned to see if it felt the same. It did. Thanks for a great flash ;-)

    1. That's a wonderful story! So glad it worked out for you two. Thanks for your lovely comments! ;)