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Adult Product Review: Paloqueth Rotating Bunny Vibrator

I was excited when Paloqueth asked me to review another product for them. They let me pick whatever I was interested in from their website and I gave them a list of three possibilities. They generously gave me my first choice, which was a rotating rabbit vibrator with an anal stimulator. They’re calling it the Rotating Bunny Vibrator with Clit Stimulator.

Like the other rotating rabbit I reviewed, this one came in a beautiful box with a lovely storage bag. It also included an instruction booklet and a USB charging cable you can use with your computer. According to the instructions, it is completely waterproof, but I didn’t try it out in the shower or bath. The Rotating Bunny only took a few hours to fully charge and didn’t run out of juice the entire time I was using it, which was about half an hour.

The picture above is a close-up of the Rotating Bunny’s key appendages: the rabbit vibrator and the anal teaser, which resembles anal beads. This might be surprising, but I’ve never used any type of anal sex toy before, so I was curious and eager to try the Rotating Bunny. The little bit of anal play I’ve experienced, I found enjoyable, so I had high hopes.

You can see the Rotating Bunny Vibrator in action in the demo video (PG-13) I made below.

As you can tell in the video, it’s very quiet and easy to operate. While using the Rotating Bunny, I didn’t have an issue managing the controls by touch alone. You can also see that there are seven different vibrating modes that control the rabbit and anal stimulator simultaneously. The rotating shaft has three speeds.

Before trying out the Rotating Bunny, I spent some time warming up while watching some very dirty movies of the anal sex variety. I thought the theme was appropriate considering the toy I planned to use. If you’re curious about what I picked to watch, you can look here, here, and here.

When I was ready to use the Rotating Bunny, I made sure to lube it up very well, especially the anal teaser. It was a bit tricky inserting the rotating shaft and getting the anal teaser and rabbit in place, but I managed it.

Once I had everything situated, I turned it on and started it vibrating on the first setting. It felt incredibly good and I played around with the various modes. After a while, I settled on the third vibrating option, which is the fastest steady vibration. Then I turned on the rotating shaft.

After my first experience with a rotating rabbit, I was expecting fireworks, but didn’t get much of anything. I increased the speed, and increased it again, but still, I wasn’t feeling much vaginally. Perhaps I was too distracted by the vibrations on my clit and in my anus to register the shaft moving. However, I’m pretty sure this vibrator doesn’t rotate as much or as vigorously as the other Paloqueth rotating rabbit I tried. So that feature was rather disappointing.

To be honest, I was so focused on using the Rotating Bunny that I wasn’t paying any attention to the porn. I tried moving the vibrator in and out, but found it better to leave it all the way in and shift it around. After trying various angles, I eventually found the one that gave my G-spot excellent attention. Finally achieving the triple stimulation, it didn’t take long to have a powerful orgasm.

Overall, the Paloqueth Rotating Bunny is a very enjoyable toy and I’m sure with more practice it’ll get better and better. Probably even more so with a second set of hands. So, I’m giving the Rotating Bunny an 8 out of 10, mainly because I think the rotating feature could be more powerful.

If you would like to try the Rotating Bunny or any other product Paloqueth has to offer, they were generous enough to make a special promo code for me. If you enter Ria, you get 15% off your entire order!

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