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Adult Product Review: The Paloqueth Lube Shooter

As an erotica writer and unabashed sensualist, I was thrilled when Paloqueth asked me to review their sex toys. I'll be honest, though, I was a little thrown when the first product they asked me to review was their Lube Shooter. But hey, lubrication is a must for most sexual activity and anything that aids in bringing people pleasure is exciting in my book.

The instructions that come with Paloqueth's Lube Shooter state that it's the "ultimate way to apply lube with no mess deep inside where it should go." It's basically a syringe. You remove the end cap, insert it in a bottle of lube, then pull the plunger to suck up however much lube you want. If you're not going to use it immediately, you can put the end cap back on until you're ready to use the lube.

The Paloqueth Lube Shooter comes as a set of two. Each one is even embossed with the scientific symbols for male and female. It's a little difficult to see the symbols in the pictures. However, the Lube Shooters can certainly be used by lovers of any gender combination. Or, if you're like me and playing on your own, one can be used to apply vaginal lubrication and the other for anal lubrication. Of course, for proper hygiene, you should never insert anything vaginally that's just been used anally without thoroughly cleaning it first.

Right out of the package, I noticed the end caps weren't very secure and tended to fall off the end of the Lube Shooter. I thought this might be a problem for the "no mess" concept if you planned to use it later. For my product testing purposes, I used Paloqueth's water-based personal lubricant, which is excellent. It's not greasy at all or too runny, has a very natural feel to it, and is easy to clean up.

The Lube Shooter was very simple to fill. Once I wiped off the excess lubricant from the outside of the Shooter, I held it with the opening face down for about a minute and didn't notice any dripping even with the end cap off. When I placed the end cap on, the lube itself seemed to cause a seal that kept the cap on better than when there was no lube.

Although the end cap didn't come off as easily, I wouldn't recommend placing a filled Lube Shooter in a purse or bag and carrying it anywhere. In my opinion, it would be too risky. The end cap could come off and/or you could accidentally depress the plunger. However, setting the Lube Shooter aside on a night table or the bed until you need it shouldn't be a problem. I didn't notice any leakage or dripping in the few minutes mine waited for use.

Lubrication for vaginal sex isn't usually an issue for me—especially if I'm highly aroused—so I tried the Lube Shooter without any warm up. Even so, I was pretty slick already and the Lube Shooter went in without any difficultly. The plastic is very smooth and comfortable going in. I had no problem depressing the plunger one-handed to get the lube deep inside my vagina. The result did make for a quick and easy full penetration with my favorite dildo.

I should point out that what goes in is surely going to come out. So even though filling the Lube Shooter and applying the lube shouldn't cause a mess—depending on how much lube you use and how much of your own lubrication you produce—there will undoubtedly be a mess on the sheets. In my case, almost immediately, but that's not unusual.

Being the thorough pleasure-seeker that I am, I also tested the Lube Shooter for anal sex. Again, the Lube Shooter went in very easily without any discomfort. Just like the vaginal application, the lube went in nice and deep. I was well lubricated enough to make good use of the dildo again.

Overall, the Paloqueth Lube Shooter is an excellent product. It does exactly what it's designed to do quite effectively. Simply put, it makes it easy to have some hot, sexy fun. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 9. I'm only taking a point off because of the uncertainty about whether the end cap will stay in place.

And speaking of naughty, sexy fun, if you don't mind a mess, you could also use the Lube Shooter like a water gun to shoot lube at your partner. Mischievous as I sometimes am, this wicked idea came to me immediately when I saw the name "Lube Shooter." I tested this aspect out too and the Lube Shooter doesn't have much range, but it can be done. And there's two of them, so lube fight, anyone?

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